2011 11 02 Keeping To The Deal

Log Title:
Keeping to the deal

Selene, Phantasm

RL Date:
2 Nov 2011

IC Date:
2 Nov 2011

Baxter Building / Hellfire Club

Brief log summary::
True to his word, Mike calls up Selene to talk


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The evening after the Nick's Restaurant outing finds Mike in one of the F4 Guest rooms. Seated upon the bed, the musician glances over to a duffel which is nearly packed full save for the travel sized 'laundry' bag resting next to it. Frowning and with the realization that he can't really pull off the pay phone bit while things are as they are, he shakes his head, turning as he leans back against the headboard. A hand reaches over to the nightstand, retrieving a written upon napkin before he brings out his battered POS cellphone, likely one that uses analog signals as well. Eyes flick between paper and keypad, pressing the digits in as he ignores the smushed screen that does nothing more other than light up a blob of whatever the heck used to pass for a display screen. When the dialing completes, he hits the send button before bringing it to his ear.

A sweet voice is heard on the phone "Hellfire club this is bliss how can I help you? ".

Mike is quiet for a moment, not quite placing the voice on the other end of the line. "Um. I was given this number." He pauses, "…she didn't give me her name though."

The sweet voice "Oh Blond or Raven haired? " She asks softly " And don't worry you still called the right number " .

Given the options, Mike glances to the phone curiously but getting no explanation in turn. Instead he brings the phone back to his ear, "Raven haired."

A light angelic giggle " Right you want to talk to the black queen please hold " . There is the familiar emo music of Evanescence before that familiar sultry voice is heard " Hello "

As familiar sounds play in the earpiece, Mike considers the giggle and response. "Black Queen?" Puzzling puzzling indeed. As he is eventually greeted with a voice he heard just last night in his head, he leans back. "You left him alone, so, here you go. What did you want to talk about?"

You can almost hear the smile on the phone " Talk really ? You want to talk you and I booth know speaking with your mind is so much better and pure " . Her voice is heard " Let me send a car come talk with me let me show you what I'm talking about young mutant " .

Mike shakes his head, giving a bit of a smile, although not quite so audible, "I'm not sure that'd be possible at the moment. My physically coming to wherever you are."

Her voice is slightly surprised " Oh really and why is that how would my sending a car to get you prevent you from coming over unless you happen to be under arrest , if that's the case let me know I'll send a lawyer with the car " .

Mike chuckles, "It's not /quite/ under arrest." He shakes his head, glancing up to the ceiling, "Regardless of the arrangement there's no more poking into my head in order to /talk/." His tone becomes a bit more inquisitive, "So, will by phone do?"

Selene Sighs on the phone before you hear her sultry voice " If I must , it's not easy to tell you what I wanted to tell you or even showing you what skills you might have access too via the phone.. but lets just say I know you're a mutant I also know your powers are psychic based much like my own and I can teach you how to use them. "

"What a cross you bear. Speaking on the phone." Mike deadpans, eyes rolling before he looks to the wall for a moment, "I already have friends who are helping me test out what I can or can't do. And being that I've been managing this for 13 years now, I'm not exactly hurting on the control bit either."

Selene again sounds surprised " Oh you've found other mutants to be with and learn about your powers that's wonderful , or at you talking about those who's powers come from another source who might not understand the difference between getting powers and being born with them " . She smiles " I am glad you have a teacher though but tell me why haven't they told you how to tap into your mental powers it's clear to me your powers are mental based and I only met you once , teaching young mutants is what me and my sister do dear we teach and protect them until they can do it themselves " .

There is yet another pause as Mike starts to consider Selene's words. "Yes. And No." He answers, not specifying much further than that. He frowns "I'm not big on segregation. If that's what you're preaching, consider me not part of the church."

Selene laughs " I don't teach that mutants should be among the normal of the world you can't learn about the world and be ready for it if your not part of it , I do want to keep them safe while they learn to control their powers so they don't hurt themselves and others " .

Mike is quiet for a few more moments, lips pressing together in consideration, "So, what you're saying is you look for mutants and train them. Out of the goodness of your heart?" Although asked, there's a bit of tone of disbelief lacing the words.

Selene laughs brightly " Yes and no " she says softly " I have recently realized that I need to help my people or I will be the only mutant alive again and that was terribly boring , I would form a team to Do missions but your participation in that team is voluntary " .

"Ok, that. I can believe." Mike murmurs, shaking his head. "I don't have you pegged as another Mother Theresa." He pauses, considering her words, "Are you sure you want to be mentioning that on the phone?" As if the other stuff wasn't sensitive enough.

Selene Smirks " Your talking to me from the fantastic four building who's anti intrusion technology almost matches my own , I'm not worried about people hearing me " . She chuckles " But I would like to talk more about this in person , keep my number next time you call it just give your current address the girl will send a car for you " .

"Does it have to be where you currently are, this talk?," Mike wonders, "Because, there is a reception area here…"

Selene Chuckles " That doesn't sound very private , if you prefer I can meet you outdoors somewhere but I very much doubt I can walk into he baxter building without mr fantastic trying to spy on me just as I would him should he invade my space " .

"In that case," Mike considers, "It would have to wait." He looks towards the napkin once more, eyeing the restaurant logo off to a corner of it, "I do have another question for you."

Selene Smiles " Go ahead and ask if I can answer I will " . She grins " I can wait till your free of your confinement if you want to stay if not I will come get you " .

To the invitiation to continue, Mike does so. However his question is a bit different from the others. "What are your intentions towards Will Baker?" For the one sentence, his tone of voice seems to twist, not so much conversational as it is, blunt.

Selene Laughs a reall one a deep rich laugh " Oh my I was only flirting with him dear nothing else , He seems conflicted though despite his big boast of being an avenger , he clearly has to work out the demons of his past , but on a whole I have no plans at all with him I was just having a bit of fun " .

Mike's frown deepens as he turns, legs settling to the floor as he brings a hand to his head, running the fingers through his hair, "What name did he give you?"

Selene sounds curious now " He called himself flint if memory serves me why is that important? " She asks

"Flint." Mike repeats. Frowning, he steps off of the bed, "It's probably nothing. Anyways, I should probably go now."

Selene clucks her tongue " Of course I look forward to you calling again or better yet coming over least to see what I have to offer , Do come see my school " .

Mike nods, despite that not being something that can be conveyed over the phone. "I'll see what I can do. Good night."

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