2011 11 02 Being In X Factor

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Being in X-Factor

Lifeguard & Havok

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Xavier Mansion

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Havok details what it means to be a member of X-Factor and tells Lifeguard about her place at the Mansion.


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Walking from the kitchen to the office suites of the mansion, Alex is flabbergasted at the most recent conversation with the new student. He chuckles as he rhetorically comments, "Where the heck has she been, under a rock? Who the heck /hasn't/ heard of the X-Men. I mean I realize that Norman Normal doesn't know we've saved the world at least a half dozen times.. but wow, to not …" and he pauses as he opens the door to Scott's office knowing that his brother won't mind them using it for an improvisational meeting. And if he did, Alex wouldn't care.

Following Alex as he complains, Heather chuckles to herself. It is an interesting and amusing side of Havok and of mutant hero life that she has not seen. "Well, Kisha does seem somewhat odd in general. I just figured she has had a sheltered life." Heather shrugs as she follows Alex into the office and takes a seat, "After I left home, I lived in a pretty small area of Australia, Surfer's Paradise. We spent more time surfing the waves than watching them on TV. But even I heard of the X-Men. Though admittedly, I thought I remember seeing them die in Dallas." She looks at Alexâs face and hmmmns, "And weren't you there too?" She smirks, "Still things to get used to in this life."

Flopping on the leather sofa <making up the desc as I go>, Alex doesn't follow the thread about Kisha, he's more interested in dropping it and never facing that conflagration again. Instead, he answers, "No…" in a quieter tone while reflecting back to those days. "A few of us were in Australia at the time. There was a lot of crap going on." he does NOT mention the costume he was wearing during Inferno under the influence of the Goblin Queen. Bad days.

"Wow, what part of Australia? You guys never came to visit me?" Heather fakes mocked offense then smiles, "Well, I didn't even know I was a mutant back then. I guess I will learn about the crap later." She exhales as she looks around the office and notices different pictures Scott has up in the office including one of himself and Alex. "This guy is your best mate or something?" She goes to look at the pictures and the various incarnations of the X-Men.

"Brother." Is said dryly in response to the question.

"Anyway…" trying to change the subject. "I forgot to mention that in X-Factor we're paid by the government."

Noting the change and rolling her eyes at it, Heather shrugs and allows it this time. Still perusing the pictures and the layout of the office in general, her ears perk up, "Paid?" She grins widely and takes a seat onto the sofa that Alex is on and pays full attention, "Really? We get paid to be heroes. Oh that is good. Is it the more lives we save the higher we get paid?" Clearly she is joking.

His left arm is rested on the arm of the sofa, his right is upon the back stretched out over the next cushion. Alex is kicked back and relaxed. Moreso than the standard super team leader. He's been through months of therapy to get over his issues… not that it helped - but he's pretty good at trying to be relaxed. When she joins him, he shifts some to face her. "We're paid per mission and based on the threat assessment. Meaning we earn more if it's more dangerous. Originally, when we were full timers, we were paid a salary. But since we've got a new deal, it's per mission."

Nodding her head as she listens attentively, but she also notes his body language, stance, and mood. "So why was there a new deal and who are the actual team members? Are we a mixed X-Factor/X-Men thing? And who exactly lives here? I get it is a school and houses two teams: X-Factor and X-Men. But it seems like there is something more." She hmmmmns and then gets a serious somber tone, "Has anyone ever died on a mission?"

Alex smiles, seeing her plethora of questions, "Slow down there tiger. Let's go at this piece by piece. First off, the /new deal/ was proposed by Val Cooper. She's our government laison. She handles the mission stuff. She's an old friend of Professor Xavier. Right now, it's you, Siryn, and my self. Siryn has sound generation, screams really loud and flies." he pauses there and then says, "What was the next question?"

Taking a deep breath and fanning herself a bit, "Tiger. I like that nickname." Getting serious again she repeats her other questions, "Well, I guess I just want to know am I an X-Man now too? Whatâs the real deal with his place? And has anyone ever died on a mission?" Heather offers a smile, but is also slightly nervous to hear the response to the last question.

Alex smirks, "No, you're not an X-Man. But we will gladly give them support and they'll do the same if we need. Right now, there are two X-Men teams - Blue and Gold - living in the mansion alongside us and there are … 4 or 5 young mutant students who attend school here. It's a high school thing and it's how Scott and the original X-Men started out. Essentially a secret base posing as a prep school for special kids. Not/ publically known as a mutant school, home of the xmen, or a mutant haven. And yes, people have died on missions."

Getting the gist of everythinig Alex has said, Heather absorbs the answers and nods, "Well, ok then. So no sharing about who is here and where this place is. Though I wonder…" She hmmmns again, "I kinda just up and left Australia. I haven't contacted my brother yet and was hoping to eventual speak to him. Can family member know or not?"

"You'll want to talk to the professor about that. I think we generally tell people as little as possible about current living situations. Mainly because it can be used against us or them. The more they know, the more danger they could get into."

"I understand. I look forward to eventually meeting this Professor Xavier. I'm all interested in how he knew of me. I have heard of Charles Xavier, but I didn't know he was a mutant." Heather then smiles, "So what else do I need to know?"

"Training. We've got to do work out a schedule and get on it. If a team doesn't work together, we fail together." - He'll regret it if Scott ever heard him say that.

"Ok, well what is the schedule? I pretty much have a ton of free time. And where do we train? Here?" Heather ponders, "And what does âtrainingâ refer to exactly? Like working out and staying healthy or is there like combat training or something?"

"Both." Alex states as he gets a glimmer in his eye, checks the clock face for the time and says, "Come on, I'll show you where we train. You're gonna love this."

Through the elevator down into the sublevels, Alex talks about the depth of this facility. It's improved with alien technology and when the doors open she's allowed to see the metallic hallways of the sublevels.

Following Alex through the mansion, she stares open-mouthed when reaching the sub-basement and then once again when she enters the Danger Room, "Wow."

-==[ Danger Room - Xavier Mansion ]==-------

The Danger Room, when active, can look like anywhere and anything. When inactive, this most recent incarnation of it looks just like the last: a very large, circular room with four entrances equally shaped around the walls. The floor is dished, lowest in the center, with walkways leading down to a raised dais in its center. Set into the ceiling, directly above that dais, is the observation and control booth - its walls and floors transparent, so that every spot in the room below can be watched.

OOC: Please remember that students aren't supposed to be in here without a faculty member - if you're a student and want to be in here on your own, please contact an IC staff member to negotiate thieving a keycard for the occasion… and the cameras watching you.

Within the observation deck, the entire large metal box that is the danger room is laid out below. Alex takes a seat and hits the power button(s). The console illuminates and reads "HELLO" prompting Alex to think of Lionel Richie's voice about if it's he that she's looking for. He even hums the tune while flipping switches.

Once power is installed, he says, "Ok, so see that room down there?"

Still staring in amazement, she only stops when she hears Alex whistling, "Lionel Richie fan? Really? I would have thought you were more Britney Spears." Heather laughs as she looks into the room below, "So why is this called the Danger Room and should I be concerned?"

He pushes a button and toggles a lever. The room suddenly changes into a beach - what she may recognize as one of the lovely beaches of Surfer's Paradise. The beach is empty, just long stretches of sand and surf. There are lifeguard stands and all the standard items found, but no surfers. Two boards appear stabbed in the sand and the sun is high in the sky. The waves look perfect." Alex stands up and remains quiet letting her have her flip out moment. "I'm gonna change, I'll meet you down there."

Her eyes widen when the empty metallic chamber suddenly transforms before her eyes into the sunny idyllic hamlet of Surferâs Paradise. "Holy sh…" Heather stands stunned for a moment and does not acknowledge Alex as he goes to change as she just stares out at the new environment, "What happened?"

Alex smiles, "I'll meet you down there." and he disappears heading toward the locker room.

Shortly thereafter, Alex walks out onto the beach wearing his shorty and pulls the tether to zip it up. His feet are bare and he wears sunglasses shielding his eyes from the false sun.

Looking at the X-Factor leader when he walks in dressed for the beach, she smirks, "Am I going to teach you how to surf or is shark man going to make a reappearance?" Looking down she feels a bit overdressed, but shrugs it off, "I'm a bit overdressed. But this getup is tight enough to be a wet suit. Are we going to do this the way it is done in Surfer's Paradise?"

Alex considers her over'dressed'ness as he eyes her after the comment, "It'll do and tell me, 'how is it done in Surfer's Paradise'?"

Running into the water to get a headstart, "Rough! Let's see if this Danger Room can make the waves as real and as thrilling as back home." Kicking off her boots, Heather tosses her board into the water and hops onto it, swimming out far. Very far and very fast, "Catch up, boss man?"

Alex will follow, his intent is to grab the board and then hit the water and paddle hard. He's not inclined on letting a newbie girl beat him at anything. But she likely will, since this is her skill set.

The waves are just as they should be. Swells in the right place, breaks at the right time, and lots of strong surges.

Alex talks smack, "Yeah, what does rough mean? Does that say that I can knock you off your board if given the chance?"

Alex will follow, his intent is to grab the board and then hit the water and paddle hard. He's not inclined on letting a newbie girl beat him at anything. But she likely will, since this is her skill set.

The waves are just as they should be. Swells in the right place, breaks at the right time, and lots of strong surges.

Alex talks smack, "Yeah, what does rough mean? Does that say that I can knock you off your board if given the chance?"

She takes off and begins to ride the first crest wave and doing some rather impressive surfing moves. In response to Alexâs question, "You're more than welcome to try." Heather grins as she rides the wave. Leaning forward and grabbing the tip of the board she manages to flip it and land rather gracefully. When the wave reaches the shore, she swims back out, "How about a wager? I'll bet youâll be the first person to fall in."

In riding the next wave to shore, he accepts her wager, "You're on." and will begin paddling back out to the break point. "What do I get when I win?" is asked once he catches back up.

"Other than bragging rights over a hottie like me?" She hmmmns, "I cook for you. Or get your food." Heather grins, "I can make you some Aussie treats." Her accent seems thickened or stand out more as she rides the wave and also seems to be at home in 'Surfer's Paradise.'

Alex smiles and he says, "Hope you know how to cook." he says watching for the next wave and starts paddling. "You should know, the Danger Room isn't a toy. It's for combat training. So our time here is all about learning."

"Yeah yeah yeah… Not a toy…combat training…just don't fall into the water." Heather rides the wave with a certain confidence that only someone who grew up surfing would have. The water is her second home, if not her first.

Without answering, he concentrates on what he's doing. Alex is close behind and he's got something up his sleeve. He cuts right and gets angle on her current position. With the control of power he's practiced most of his adult life, Alex releases a stream of non deadly plasma toward Heather's board with the intent of cutting off the tail. It's his intent to reveal the nature of the danger room with a little fun.

Even though this is a room for training for powers, combat, & teamwork and is has safety protocols in it, it is called the Danger Room. Despite the image of her home, it is still unfamiliar to the mutant neophyte and so when the blast is fired without her knowing, instinct takes over. And as much as surprise to Heather as to Alex, when the tail of the board is cut off, her body becomes golden semi-gel like form and begins melting into the board, her legs forming a new tail on the board as she is literally one with the board and continues riding the wave, "HA! I didn't fall in."

Astonished, Alex is in awe of her power set and he begins to laugh. That's his undoing and he goes into the water. His board flips up into the air over the wave. Somewhere beneath the tide, he's laughing while moving up to the surface.

In her board form, the golden Aussie makes it to shore and her body begins to morph into her regular feminine blond human form and this time her costume reforms along with her. Gotta love unstable molecules. She looks herself over, "Wow, that was fierce." Heather grins as she peers out into the water to see where Alex has fallen in and despite sensing that he is not in any danger, she still seeks him out.

Alex surfaces, grabs his board and starts paddling in, he'll get back up briefly and make it to shore. The smile still on his face he notes, "That was totally cheating."

"Cheating? Says the man who fired a plasma blast at my surfboard." Heather furrows her brow, but lightens the mood. As he paddles in, "Oh I so love the fact that you agreed to the wager without knowing what I was going to request if you fell in…which you did." She claps her hands together and strokes her chin in pensive thought as she waits for him to come to shore. "What should I get for my victory?"

Alex knows he's in error, and finds it totally amusing. Moving alongside her he will let her contemplate and not argue the fact that he fell in first. Though he could argue that she touched the water first… but neither here nor there, he submits, "What do you want?" is asked in regards to her winnings.

Looking him over once he is out of the water, Heather walks around him circling with an evil grin, "Well, oh noble leader, I am happy to see that you are indeed a man of honor who sticks to his word and acknowledges a victory over him by one of his underlings." Heather is enjoying the moment as she circles him and contemplates, "I suppose I could make it a fair wager and have you prepare a meal for me. But you, Americans, make horrible fatty foods unfit for most creatures on this Earth." Stopping as she is standing behind him completely and getting an evil grin, "But I suppose I must be fair…and in accordance with fairness and being that we are teammates who have and will face dangerous situations together. We must trust each other completely and know each other inside and out so…" The grin growing wider almost sinister, but in a playful way, "When we first met, I saved your life and ended up showing my fanny to the world. So, boss man." She points towards his rear. "Only fair, you saw mine. Let's see if leader-man is all that." She purses her lips playfully and stands and awaits the view.

There's a sudden moment of awkward silence as Alex pieces together what she just requested. He stiffles his laughter and wipes his face with his right hand pausing over his mouth as silent chuckles escape through fingerslits. Removing his hand, he looks down at what he's wearing, a shorty with a zipper in the back. He tries to imagine how it'll all work without him revealing the full Monty. "Oh hell." he says and chuckles more. Then reaching back he grabs the zipper tether and pulls, "I know this is gonna come back and bite me in the …" then he pauses realizing the pun.

Turning, resolved that he's going to show her his bum, he unzips fully and looks up at the control booth to make sure no one else is watching.

Giggling like a schoolgirl, Heather covers her eyes, "Oh my gosh! You actually did it!" She moves her fingers and peers to stare and nods impressed to herself. "You are indeed a man of your word, Alex Summers." She looks up to the Control Booth. Confident that no one is in there she presumes that the room must have security tapes or some sort of recording device for people to review after the scenarios. Turns to face the man, "Kudos, Havok. But you must know. I am a stinker and notorious prankster." Standing in front of him, she gets another evil grin and attempts to yank down the shorty to reveal his Monty and then run off.

Luckily it's tight and wet… otherwise there would be some reveal. "HEY!" he yelps as he grabs the sleeves in an attempt to keep his suit on. He twists to the side and then she's running off. He laughs and is clearly going to erase the recording of the events before anyone sees it. He doesn't give chase, but he should. Instead he goes about zipping to secure and then walking toward the booth.

Running a safe distance to avoid retribution, Heather continues laughing, "Well, I got see one side of you, I would think Siryn or the others haven't seen." Heather keeps laughing, but stops to catch her breath. "So how exactly did this room create Surfer's Paradise? It feels like we are really there."

Eventually walking up, he'll answer, "It's a projection of light, force fields, and holograms. The whole design is Shi'ar in nature."

"Shi'ar?" She asks when he approaches, "I am not familiar with that country." Heather blinks about feeling a bit stupid, "And I am sure it is not. Unless it is some kinda scientific term or something. Science isn't my thing."

Pausing to look and motion around the danger room, "Oh, heh, Shi'ar. Not a country, but an alien empire that spans an entire galaxy. Chuck is the consort of Lillandra, the deposed emperess."

Loving the fact that words like 'alien' 'galaxy' and 'deposed empress' are thrown around like nothing, Heather will have to adjust. "Ah, so aliens do exist. I thought so. Shi'ar?" She stresses the words, "Hey, do we ever have missions on other planets? Have you been to other planets and worlds and stuff?"

Alex smiles, a silent chuckle escapes his throat and he gives a nod while heading up to the control booth, "A few times, yeah." which is said just as casual as she has noted. "It's not as fun as you might think."

"Oh wow. I guess not. I presume this room can make alien worlds and things like that too. It might be interesting to feel like I am not on Earth. Even if I am really." Heather notes, "So at times X-factor can get all Star Wars like."

"I really don't see the government sending us into space - maybe the Blue Area of the Moon, but they rarely have stuff like that for us to do." - He doesn't have the forward thinking of things like a Skrull Invasion and where that may take our heroes. -

"We can totally set up an alien world to practice on." he notes about the Danger Room configurations.

Tilting her to the side, "True. I figure most of our missions will be on American soil with a few covert missions elsewhere?" Heather asks, "Oh and will we be privy to super secret confidential government stuff?"

"Not really. They'll give us a mission, Val will tell us the parameters, and then we'll take care of what ever needs taking care of. Kinda boring, not really any spy stuff. Our powers are more on the overt side. A girl that screams really loud; a guy that flings plasma, and then you… which I'm really not even sure what you /can't/ do yet." - Alex takes a seat in the booth and will shut down the paradise and wipe the tapes.

"Well, I don't know the official name for my power. I'm guessing the professor will be able to tell me. And to be honest, other than you and I presume Logan and Kisha. Yaâll are the first mutants I've actually met. Oh an dI guess Shark-Man. Speaking of which, what can they do?" Heather asks out of curiosity.

"Oh hell.. what can't they do." Alex responds. "You'll be given access to files after you meet the professor. Way more stuff than you want to know or learn. But seriously, you need to be knowledgeable on every mutant here and every mutant out there. We've got thousands of files that Scott makes his X-Men study weekly."

"Wow, so the Summers brothers are the leaders? Your parents must be proud. Who is the cooler one? You or Scott? I mean, really, have any of the X-Men seen Scottâs rear." Heather laughs. She then hmmmns, "So I will be getting homework and assignments. Dang, I really am in a school."

Alex shakes his head in silence as he clicks a few keys and the room changes back to the big metal box. Five figures form in the room. Some she should recognize. Magneto, Sinister, Apocalypse, Stryfe, and then behind them all, a 30' Sentinel. All standing quite still. "The danger room also gives us the ability to fight our enemies. And believe me, they hit hard. So yeah, you've got a lot of homework to catch up on. Below is Magneto, Stryfe, Apocalypse, Sinister, and that's a Sentinel."

"Well, I have heard of the mutant messiah that is Magneto. I actually thought I heard on the news some time ago that he was an X-Man?" She looks out and peers through the control booth window and looks over the others, "Wow, they sure are ugly." Turning to look at Alex, she is perplexed. He is fun-loving and clearly not afraid to let loose, but speaking about his brother causes him to close up. She makes it a point to meet Scott Summers.

"There are hundreds of these jerks. All wanting to be better than their predicissors - all wanting to take over something, often the world. Put it this way. You're not in any contract, you have the opportunity to back out. I think I've tried to make it clear that we're pretty serious when it comes to getting down to business. But we can also cut loose and have fun. I just want you to know that before we go into this… it's gonna take a lot, but in the long run, it's worth it. We make a difference and save a lot of lives."

Understanding the seriousness of this conversation and the seriousness of joining X-Factor and joining in this team and this life, Heather nods, "I understand, Alex. For every fun moment, there is something serious, typically gravely serious that we are risking our lives. I understand and that is one of the reasons I have chosen Lifeguard as my moniker. I have always understood the sanctity of life and the needs for guardians. Not just for mutants or even aliens, but for everyone. Whether it is Magneto, a sentinel, some alien race, or whoever/whatever. I get it. I understand and I would not have come with you, if I didn't realize that. The minute we fought the shark guy. He was trying to kill us and would have killed more if we hadn't stopped him." She repeats, "I know what I am getting into."

A moment of silence passes before Alex clicks the power button on the danger room and the lights go out within the big metal box. He stands, intentionally getting close to her as he passes and whispers, "I'm the cooler brother." then walks toward the exit.

Surprised by the whisper, but a smile forms on her face, "Well I guess I will just have to decide for myself." Heather grins as she looks back over at the room and stares in wonder before running out and following Alex. "Good first day."

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