2011 11 02 A Five For Your Thoughts

Log Title:
A five for your thoughts…

The Thing , Phantasm

RL Date:
2 Nov 2011

IC Date:
2 Nov 2011

Baxter Building - 35th Floor

Brief log summary::
After the phone call with Selene, Mike seeks out Ben to ask some questions.


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-==[ Landing - 35th Floor Fantastic Four HQ ]==-----

This is the top of the Baxter Building, the hangar of the world famuos Fantasticar. You can tell you're actually inside the humongouos 4s on top of the building due to the sloping interior of the room. There is an automatic door, opened via signals from the vehicle leaving or entering, and even some auto-timer buttons to open them for a short period for departing flyers. A pit area is against the far wall, and there is a full mechanics station there, ready to service any flying vehicle ever made, lacking only spare parts.


The Thing

Obvious Exits:

[EL] - Private Elevator - Fantastic F [UP] - Heart of the City - Rooftops -

After a phone call that brought up more questions than actually answered them, Mike ignores the task of packing his duffel for a few minutes more as he wanders out of the guest room and starts wandering around the Headquarters. Lips set into a concerned frown, his search is a quiet one and lingers little in rooms that prove to have no one in it. Eventually he takes the elevator up to the last floor to check. Floor 35. As the elevator door slides open, he steps out, peering around for any of the faces that have grown familiar to him since he started to crash here.

And as you step off the elevator your greeted by the sound of metal skittering across the floor followed by Ben Grimm cursing under his breath. Ben seems to be mounting an access panel back on the 'Flying Bathtub' Fantasticar when he knocks over over the cart hold in the bolts and sends them skittering across the pavement. Ben starts crawling after them swearing as his big fingers have trouble picking up the pieces. "Dammit Reed… always have to find the smallest freakin hardware he can."

Having come in time to see the cart get knocked over. Mike scoots over a bit quicker than initially planning to. Crouching down, Mike starts to collect them more quickly than Ben should be able to. "I'm guessing if the Fantasticar was in scale to much larger bolts, you'd need a larger place to park it." the musician comments, he manages a small smile, holding out a handful for the larger male, "Do I have good timing or do I have good timing?"

"Thanks." Ben says as he catches the bolts in his hands, "I used to just gather 'em up with a magnet when they fell, but Reed's since taken to building the Fantasticars out of 100 non-ferros metals so Magnetic Manipulating punks Like Magneto have a harder time messing with the car. Ben turns and starts to finger tight the bolts into the panel. "So how you holding out?"

Mike glances towards the vehicle at the explanation "That's… probably a good idea." He glances down to see if he missed any other bolts, smile fading and hands already shoving into his pockets as he tries to relax. "I'm pretty much healed up. About ready to head back to the apartment." Mike replies, "Well, not tonight but maybe tomorrow." He looks over towards Ben curiously, "Hey uh… Before Baker decided to become an Avenger. What'd he call himself?"

"He went by the Alias Flint Marko. s'what I first knew him as." Ben says as he gets all the bolts thumb tightened then gets a small airpowered impact wrench to really bolt them down tightly. "Why do you ask?"

"Ah." Mike glances towards Ben, watching as he tightens the bolts, but not really paying that much attnetion to the action, "Because he at least introduced himself as Flint to others twice at that restaurant. The first time he corrected himself but I don't think he did the second time around."

The Thing's big ridged brow furrows as he thinks about this and then says, "Well… yeah I guess that is kinda odd, but He was pretty excited and he already had a few rounds, and he was tryin' to impressed that lady that was all legs and long black hair. You saw how he got bent out of shape when the barkeep was gonna put the drinks he ordered for the lady on my tab." Ben clears his throat, "I mean I wasn't tryin ta embarrass him yanno! I didn't realize he was gonna start mackin on a stranger. Wuz that who he gave the name Flynt Marko ta? Maybe he was trying to impress her an' be all 'bad boy.'"

"Is that's what caused him to hit the bar?" Mike asks, brow lifting. He frowns, shaking his head, "Uh nevermind that." He shakes his head again, "I don't think him and her would be a good idea."

"I swear by all that I hold holy Mike….." Thing says as he taps the panel, happy that it seems to be secure. "I will give you five bucks if when you /clearly/ have something on your mind you want to talk about you just start comin' out with it!" Ben sighs and turns to the cart and starts putting up the his tools. "So why do you think him and her would not be a good idea?"

At the mention of five bucks there's a flicker of an expression similar to that of a child being given the 'chore' of cleaning up the mess of pennies their visiting grandparent left on the dresser in the guest bedroom. But Mike's hand clenches, "Well, for starters while she was flirting with him she was also busying herself by having a conversation with me in my head and considering how jumpy that one girl in the bar was after she left, I wouldn't be surprised if I wasn't the only one."

The Thing sighs, "Fuckin' telepaths." Ben says with a shake of his head, "They are no good. Well what was she telling yah? Was she making it clear she's trying to manipulate Bill?"

Mike shakes his head, "It's a feeling, Ben. Sometimes you just go with it. Maybe she was just flirting. She was quick to leave when I said I'd talk to her if she'd leave him alone so even if she's not, it's probably not going to end well if he keeps it up." He pauses, "What do you know of the Hellfire Club?"

"The Hellfire Club? I'm gonna makea phone call." Ben shakes his head, "If she was getting into your head that probably means she wants to mess with you two. Did you get her name?"

Mike shakes his head, "Uh no… most I got was her being called a Black Queen from the girl who answered the phone." He pauses. "She uh, gave me a number to call and some map in my head before leaving last night," He explains.

The Thing sighs and shakes his head, "Well what ever you do, don't go walking into the spiders web." He sighs and shakes his head, "Look just… don't go visiting her until I find out who this Dame is." And that said, Ben starts heading towards the Elevator and towards the FF offices.

Mike turns to look to Ben and being that he's not really having much reason to stay up here, he too ends up going towards the elevators, "Well, yeah. When you agree to talk to a telepath, talking to them via phone is NOT a bad decision."

"It is when everyone and their dog has Caller ID these days." Ben says as he hits the down button. "Just… let me call some people that can tell me more about this lady and avoid her in for a day or so so I can get back with ya."

"That's of course assuming she didn't pluck my name and address already at the restaurant." Mike murmurs, giving a shrug, "Alright then! Avoiding BQ it is."

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