2011 11 01 Shots Papers And Phone Numbers

Log Title: Shots, Papers, and Phone Numbers
Characters: Darklight, GoGo, Phantasm, Sandman, Selene, She-Hulk, and The Thing
RL Date: 1 Nov 2011
IC Date: 1 Nov 2011
Location: Nick's Restaurant - New York City
Brief Log Summary: A group gathers to have a belated celebration of Sandman's becoming an Avenger. Sandman has some issues with his name.
Rating: PG-13
There is no TS in this log: Yes


-==[ Nick's Restaurant - New York ]==-------

A classic romantic atmosphere, combined with a modern touch, the restaurant has a mixture of old and new. A few lights drop down from the ceiling, kept dimmed during the evening hours, and a bit brighter during the day, they illuminate the room, offering just enough light for dining, while leaving the tables and booths shadowed in minute darkness. Each table holds a small candle lamp, during the evening hours, the flames flicker inside, casting a pale glow to each table.

The restaurant is split into two sections; non-smoking, and smoking, each having the same number of booths and tables. The floor is a tiled mixture of black and white, strips that criss-cross along, creating different designs of lines and circles. The walls are painted in a dark brown, made to blend into the floor. A few paintings are situated around the walls, different scenes and settings, from the works of Thomas Kinkade (which are illuminated with lamps located under the painting), to other more modern artists.

Waiters and waitresses move between the tables, bringing menus, drinks, and orders with a quick, and quiet efficiency. Even though the restaurant is located next to the nightclub, the throbbing beat of the club's music doesn't filter through the thick walls. A more classical approach is offered through the speakers, a soft, and dim sound that filters into the room, accentuating the calmer atmosphere.


Despite yesterday's battle with Mysterio and the false Avengers, Sandman has opted to celebrate his official recognition as a full Avenger from the United Nations and so has reinvited the Thing and Mike to join him. He wanted to do more than the usual beer drinking at a bar, so has picked Nick's Restaurant without ever having been there. So upon arrival, he begins to regret his decision, but shrugs. The maitre'd leads him to the bar as he awaits his friends to join him. Ordering three beers for himself and his friends, he sits and waits as he thinks over what Mysterio said about true friends and sighs as he sits and waits. Dressed for the surprisingly cold weather that has hit New York early this year, William Baker is dressed in a fancier version of his usual garb. A button down green and black stripped shirt and actual khakis.

Annie (Gogo) steps inside and after a quick talk with the hostess she walks over to the bar. She is uncharacteristically dressed up, wearing a little black dress and carrying a purse. Oh, and she's got jewelry on. Granted, it is very simple stuff, but still unusual for the large orange woman to be wearing. She carefully slips onto a stool at the bar and nods to the others there before she orders a "Greyhound please."

Darklight slips into the place and heads up to the bar. She does glance around for a moment and she didn't stop to talk to the hostess at all, "Could I get an application?" she asks when she eventually does get waited on.

Second time's the charm, right? With the cold weather, Mike uses it as an excuse to dress in a bit more layers, which does well for hiding his body frame, the thicker knit cap works well for hiding the signature locks as well. So much so that he has managed to make his way here with little trouble. Even without the large orange rock of a guy for company. As he comes into the door, he glances around, ignoring the maitre'd as his head turns. Spotting the Sandman, Mike gives a smile, brow lifting as he sees something else large and orangeish that's definitely not male. He glances to the maitre'd long enough to tilt his head in indication and see the maitre'd indicate to his hat. The smile fades as Mike lifts up a hand to remove the cap, letting the long hair fall out. But he does eventually move over towards the bar area, giving a nod to William as he grabs a seat next to him, "Hey Baker." Mike greets, grabbing a seat, "Ben got sidetracked by some thing that came out of the lab again. How're you doing?"

The bartender nods to Darklight as he goes to grab her an application and asks Gogo, "What will you have?" Noting the entrance of the orange woman with green eyes, Sandman blinks. In a world where he can turn to sand and fights both heroes and villains, Annie still stands out. He smiles and is about to start a conversation with her, when Mike makes his arrival. Sandman gets a big smile on his face and looks to see where Ben is. When Mike explains that Ben could not make it, the smile disappears. He mumbles, "Maybe Mysterio was right." He exhales and forces another smile, "I'm ok. I already ordered drinks for us." Sitting back down at the bar, he gestures for the bartender to give the third beer to Gogo as Sandman studies her some more and then gapes, "You're a wrestler?" He says loudly. Being a television junkie, Sandman realizes he recognizes Gogo. The bartender then hands Darklight the application, "Here ya go. Want anything to drink?"

Is it cold perhaps it is Selene doesn't' seem to notice or even care but she has changed from her normal grab . A black bodyshirt covers wrist to neck to waist tightly in cotton, before reaching down into tight, black leather pants that end in dark brown, casual boots. A black leather coat reaches down to just past her waist, with silver buttons unused as it hangs open. A black, wool scarf is wrapped about her neck, and part of it falls in front of her right shoulder. Two silver chains hang about her neck, along with a few simple silver rings on her fingers. A mix of casual and stylish attire, it accents her appearance quite nicely. Of course she walks up to the maitre'd " Smoking please table for 2 " her rich sultry tones are heard as she speaks and of course slips the maitre'd 100 dollar bill.

Mike sets down, giving a tilt of the head as he looks to the drink, "Thanks." He rests a hand on side of the glass, "He said he'd come by once they got the thing pushed back in. Well, more shouted."

Annie offers up a quick smile to the bartender, "A greyhound. Vodka and grapefruit juice. Pink if you've got it." She then looks at the beer set in front of her and takes a gulp, "Thanks. Yeah. I am. You're a wrestling fan? Not many people recognize me. I've not done a lot of wrestling in New York. It's hard to break into the leagues around here."

Darklight glances around the place and realizes she might stand out a bit, but then she just looks like any other college student out to have a good time, though she did get an application after a moment and folds it before putting it into her purse. "Thanks." she says and grins just a little before she turns to look about the rest of the bar once more. She nods, "Lynchberg Lemonade." she says and then glances over towards the others. Okay, not exactly what she expected to see in the bar when she came in.

Selene Lifts an eyebrow when she's told to go to the bar since there are no tables but she's sure she will get one soon, so She moves towards the bar eyebrow going on as she spots a familiar face as well feels some rather odd minds .

The maitre'd leads Selene to the bar. Taking the $100 bill, he bows his thanks, "You will have the best service this evening, young lady." He bows his head and walks off. The bartender goes to work on Annie's and Darklight's drinks when she turns to speak to Sandman. Sandman smiles to Annie, "Yes, I am. I am a huge wrestling fan. Nameâs Flint…er, William. But people call me Sandman." Turning to Mike, he whispers, "Forget about Ben. Mysterio had it right last night." before turning his attention back to Annie, "I'm an Avenger." He says that pretty loudly, proud of the accomplishment and hoping to get some attention. Which he does, when some patrons look over, the bartender returns with the drinks for the ladies and asks Selene what she would like.

"Look… Stretch…" Echo's a deep voice that sounds like it originates somewhere below the ground, audible from just the other side of the door as he it opens to reveal the large rocky orange frame of one Benjamin J. Grimm. "…I'm sure you're organization system makes perfect sence ta /you/ but some labels wouldn't hurt! I mean Troop 132 almost gott eaten by a giant roach man from the Negative Zone." There's a pause as ben holds his fingers to this com unit thingy that is held to the side of his head by some unknown power (or spirit gum) no doubt listening to Reed's response. "Just take it under advisement! I got some celebratin' with a friend to do." Ben scans the crowd quicly finding Mike, and Sandy, and doing a double take to tall orange woman standing right by him. As he passes the maitre'd Ben pats him on the shoulder and ponits to the Sandman, "Hey, tell the barkeep his money ain't no good tonight and he needs ta be puttin' his drinks on my tab." He crosses the room and gives a wave, "Hey Sandy! Sorry I wuz running late."

Annie offers smiles in passing to Selene and Darklight as they join the bar area. She then turns to the bartender and thanks him for the delivery of her greyhound. She eyes it, "Pink!" then she takes the obligatory sip before offering the man a smile and his money, "It's perfect. Thank you." The mixed drink is set down in order to offer one of her huge hands to Sandman, "Nice to meet you Mr. Sandman. An Avenger? Really? Congratulations. That is quite the feat." The way he said it, and the fact she had never seen him on TV with all the other Avengers made her think congratulations were in order. She nearly drops her beer when The Thing shows up, "Holy shit! Thing!" There is definitely some blatant admiration going on.

Darklight shakes her head and pauses for a moment and seems to think it might just be a good time to finish the drink as she pulls some cash out, wadded up of course and pays for her Lynchberg Lemonade and then starts to drink it rather on the quickside.

As the only person he knows at the bar turns to talk to the orange woman wrestler, Mike tilts his head forward curiously. The glimpse of Selene approaching does distract him slightly as he looks to her for a couple unapologetic moments. That's a lot of black for off stage attire. And if Mike's thinking that. Yes, it is. Mike glances quickly towards William as he starts to call himself Flint, head tilting a bit before hearing the whisper. He frowns slightly. "Don't fall for Mysterio's act." Mike murmurs back. Another flash of orange draws the musician's attention to the doorway and he lifts up a hand in a wave, "Ben! Wow! You took care of that mon- other thing fast!"

When he hears the familiar voice, any sulkiness that he may have been feeling is gone. Turning when Ben pats his shoulder, "Did I just hear you tell Richards, youâre celebratin' with a friend?" He blinks and smiles and hmmmns. The bartender nods when Ben comes in and prepares a new round for Ben, Mike, Sandman, and Gogo. When Gogo reacts the way she does for Ben, he shakes his head, "Ben, meet Gogo. You two got stuff in common, wrestlin' and shit." He gives Mike a knowing look and nods concerning his Mysterio statement.

Selene Grins as she sits at the bar " A Bloody hero please " she says it loud enough for sandman to hear it before she tilts her head to look his way turning that stunning beauty to look at the man . The bartender of course moves off to make the order though her attention now lingers on a few key people in the room most likely Darklight and Mike.

"Well yah." Ben says as the barkeep arrives with his beer in a great big mug. "Look it's not everyday that yer friend gets reconized as a full on honest ta god Avenger /and/ you get to beat-up evil robots with him! If that ain't cause to celebrate I just don't know what is. Cheers Sandy, You showed alot of people just how wrong they wuz about you." And he holds up his mug in Sandy and Mike's direction hoping they'll join the toast. he looks then to Gogo and says, "Gogo huh? Nice to meetcha. You've been working shows for some of hte local indy promoters haven't yah? You've definatly got a future, Kid. I've been pretty impressed." he looks around and then raises his other hand and makes a circular motion, "I don't think everyone's celebratory enough enough. Barkeep everyone's next round is on me." Man Susan is giong to /scold/ him when this expense report comes in.

Darklight bites her lip and looks a little woozy after downing that drink in one go. She shakes her head a bit and sets the glass down where someone will pick it up and inches a little towards the door for a moment. She does blink and pause as she hears some of what is being said.

Hearing Selene's drink order, Sandman makes eye contact and catches her gaze. Holding up his beer, he nods and lifts his glass in a mock toast, "Right wid ya, babe." He half-smiles and looks up at Ben's toast and extends his smile. Everyone begins to order drinks courtesy of the Ben's offer to pay. Looking between Ben and Gogo, he smirks, "I wonder who would win between ya two? Huh, Ben think she can beatcha the way Thundra did." Sandman gets a sneer as he remembers when she laid the smackdown on Ben from when he was a member of the Frightful Four.

Mike glances back, pale blue eyes looking towards Selene, the narrowing eyes causing for them to get darker as they dilate to accommodate for the lessening light alloted to them. But his head turns back to the group, his own mug lifts at Ben's indication as he gives a smile to William, expression lightening. "You also made a good catch with the car yesterday. And congrats on being an Avenger." At the mentiom of there being a second round courtousey of Ben, Mike makes quick work of his drink. Heh. Free beer. He loves these guys.

From afar, to (Darklight, Mike): Selene Into your minds a voice is heard .oO Hello Young mutants how nice to meet our kind in this quaint little bar Oo.

Selene Smiles sipping her drink lightly the raven haired woman lifts her glass to sandy and mouths slowly " To when you were fun " . Taking a drink slowly before she looks back to the mirror though perhaps her mind is elsewhere a moment.

Annie is a fan of the Everlovin' Blue Eyed Thing obviously. She stands up from her stool when she's introduced and offers up a big orange hand to shake with the superstar hero. "It is an honor to meet you sir. A real honor. I…I'm a big fan." She straightens up a moment and adds, "Maybe your biggest." She then looks over at Selene and shakes her head, "Oh, I wouldn't stand a chance versus The Thing. I might be able to not look too stupid, but it would be about all I could do." Seeing Darklight moving away from the bar she steps to one side, "Sorry. Didn't mean to block the bar."

"Eh, well that was no big deal." Sandman brags about regarding saving Mike's life yesterday. He says it loud enough as he looks to Selene. With Gogo admiring Ben, he looks to Selene instead with a smile. When he catches what he says, he turns to his friends, "'Cuse me, boys. Gogo." Lifting his glass to everyone present, he moves away from the larger group and moves to take a seat next to Selene, "Hey."

Mike's mug lowers to the countertop, head turning away from Sandman's seat as he seems suddenly distracted. His glance starts to skim across the room for anyone who might be looking their way. A brow raises curiously.

Long distance to Selene: Mike .oO(The fuck?)

Ben is kinda suprised to see Sandman leaving and says, "Ahh well.. yeah ok…" But then he sees where he's going to sit with some raven haired hottie and he makes an 'ahhhhhhh' sound as if he's just masterfully put together some devious puzzle. "Kid yer gonna make be blush. I'm just good ole Benji from Yancey Street. And don't sell yourself short, I'm sure you'd do just fine." And that said he throws back his beer, and also makes way, as Gogo does to amek room from Darklight to get the bar, "Yeah I don't think you've collected your round on the house yet. Get to it kiddo."

Darklight goes pale for a moemnt and glances around like she suddenly got a bit scared. Anyone looking right at her might for a second see that she looks like someone shined a black light on her for a moment, but her fist clenches and it must have been a trick of the light. She doesn't change from looking startled. She looks at Annie, "No..you weren't blocking.." she stutters a little.

Selene pages: .oO Oh my you are new to this aren't you a young psi mutant at that , looks like somebody needs lessons on how to use his power Oo.

Selene Turns and offers a careful look over the sand man as she slowly crosses her legs " Hello there , buy me a drink? " She asks as she looks at sandman playfully even though her own drink is barely touched " Perhaps then we can talk about when you were fun " .

Mike pages: Selene won't keep their fingers to themselves.

You paged Mike with 'Selene won't keep their fingers to themselves.'

Annie moves back to make room for Ben, and presses up against Mike for a moment, "Oops. Sorry." She gives the fellow room, eyes drifting to follow Sandman, "Gosh. Rude on my part, he was being so nice and then I totally went fangirl." she mutters to herself before forgetting it for the moment in order to smile at Darklight, "You need to get yourself some of those free drinks." Then she says to Ben, "Benji? Seriously? Well Benjie, call me Annie. Oh, I've watched you fight in and out of the ring."

"As you wish." Sandman grins, almost sinisterly. He orders a drink from the bartender. "Another bloody hero for the lovely lady on me." Once the drink is brought is over. The bartender waves his hand, "Courtesy of the Thing." Sandman looks to him and growls. His fist changes momentarily to its pssamic form which he hits the bar, "I said I'll pay for it." It is a strong enough blow to shake the bar, but not break it. The bartender gulps and takes money from Sandman. He smiles and looks to The Thing and Mike and mouthes, "Don't worry about it. I got this." to them.

Mike's still glancing around, not noticing Annie moving up near him until after she bumps into him and he ends up shifting. Blinking a bit, he glances to her, "Uh no, you're ok." He glances the other direction, frowning, eyes narrowing.

Long distance to Selene: Mike .oO(Mo- No not her.)

Running out of people to look at, Mike's frown deepens.

Long distance to Selene: Mike .oO(Who's this?)

Mike blinks as he looks to what hit the bar. Blinking again, he looks back towards Sandman, and Selene.

The Thing holds up a hand in Sandy's direction. Defering, by all means, pick up the tab to impress the lady. He does a bit of a double take towards Darklight as briefly looks all lit up, but it quickly fades. Yeah… trick of the light yah. That said, he gives a quick look around, as if looking to see if anyone else noticed, before asking, "You ok kid? Non-Alcoholic drinks are on my tab too, if'n yer passing yourself." he offers with a wink before looking to Gogo, "Well you should come down to the next UCWF show. I'll be we could get you an undercard match get you a chance to show your stuff." Ben says with a nod. "Dontcha think so Mike?" He looks over his shoulder to see Mike just kinda looking around, "Hey um… earth to Mike."

Selene Smiles as she traces a finger down sandman's chest " Ohhh that I like " she says eye's bright leaning forward towards sandman " So I hear you sold out and went goodie goodie , You were so much fun when it was all about you , not evil just had a correct view of the world " . Her eye's seem to be on sand man though she looks to mike for just a moment and smirks before looking back to sandman.

From afar, Selene .oO Hello there nice to meet you cutey , we should talk Oo.

Darklight looks over as someone talks to her and then shakes her head, "No, I…I am alright, just hearing things." she mutters to herself and then she tenses again and then glances around the room and then towards Sandman and his friend. She cocks her head to the side and does seem to relax just a little bit. "Just drank the first one two…fast." she says as if trying to explain it away.

Clearly enjoying the attention from Selene, Sandman seems to ignore everyone else at the bar and as she speaks, he seems to moves his face down closer towards hers, "Now now. Who said I sold out?" He gets a grin and in a low key tone, "No one ever thought I was smart enough to try to infiltrate the Avengers. Maybe I am trying to destroy them from within." He looks back up and signals for the bartender to give him another drink, "Ya never know, babe." He looks over her lasciviously, "Call me, Flint. And you are?"

Gogo jumps a bit at the slam of the fist, and looks a bit taller after the scare. She looks over at Sandman and when it is clear that violence isn't going to break out, she shrinks back down. A shake of her head and she focuses on Darklight, leaning closer so she can introduce herself. "I'm Annie. Have you met The Thing? …and…" She looks over at Mike, "And Mike?"

Mike indeed does catch the glance, and his look towards the pair lingers for a bit. Not catching Ben's comment, nor Annie's, his head tilts still looking towards the pair.

You paged Selene with '.oO(If you want to talk, leave him alone.)'

He turns back towards the bar. Frowning. Not at all appearing happy as Mike grabs his mug.

Selene Snaps up a card and puts it into flints shirt " Call me " she says " We can talk more about that later " . She walks off with a sultry walk moving towards the door she pausing to look at mike then to Darklight each one in turn for a moment before she seems to be getting ready to leave .

From afar, Selene into your mind .oO Done and done dear I have other things to do call me Oo. She sends you a map to a club and a phone number to call .

Darklight nods. "Um, dar…Xian." she says starting to say something and then changing it mid word. She glances towards the departing Selene and blinks for a moment. She rubs at her brow and shakes h er head again.

Mike doesn't even turn around to witness Selene's departure as he simply closes his eyes, tensing for a few moments. When he hears what he assumes to be the sound of the door closing, he lets out a sigh, grabs his mug and downs most of the contents. He sets the mug down. "Anyone got a pen?"

The Thing, Mike, Gogo (Annie), and Darklight (Xian) are all at the bar. Ben and the girls are socializing, though Xian looks a bit uncomfortable. Mike is being chatted at by the others, but his attention has been focused away from the group and instead on a table shared by Sandman (Flint) and Selene, though that seems to shift a bit after she slips out.

Ben nods to Darklight and says, "Good… nice to meetcha Xian." He actually only slightly butchers the ennunciation of her name! Ben Claims one of the large stools at the end of the Bar. Clearly installed because this is not the fist Ben, or Hercules or some other big freakin hero like them has visited. "Seriously though Annie, Call up the UCWF offices and tell them Ben Grimm referred yah. They'll get you a try out. I've seen yah perform before. I got no doubts you'll be someone they'd like to see fight more often. I know they need someone to fued with the Grapplers since they're al so chummy." He looks to Mike and says, "Seriously chum, you ok?"

She-Hulk There is a sudden sound of incredible impact along with vibration into the very floor of the club that is before She hulk pokes her head in looking around " I heard there was a party for a newbie ? ". She grins brightly as she saunters into the place ignoring the small man trying to ask her about a table and moving towards ben and Flint .

Annie nods to Darklight with a smile, "Nice to meet you Xian." then she turns to Mike as he seems to come back to reality. "Yeah. I've got one." She digs into her purse and comes out with a large pen, offering it to the man. "Need something to write on?" She fishes out a small memo pad, just in case. She turns to Ben, "You really think they'll give me a shot? That would be great. I was going to try out last time I was in New York but I got a job doing disaster cleanup and that took all my time." Then her eyes go wide at the sight of She-Hulk. "Wow!"

Returning from the bathroom, Sandman stretches a bit when he spots his teammate. "Shulkie, you came out for my party?" Sandman says that as if he is surprised an actual teammate (other than Ben's reserve status) would actually come. "Seems like I am a full member now, Jen." He brandishes a smile as he pockets the card Selene left for him and goes to get another beer. Looking at the small group of powered people, "I say we all do shots."

Darklight blinks a little and nods her head, "The pleasure is mine, not often I get to meet people like you all." she says and is stuttering just a bit. She looks towards Sandman and pales at the mention of shots.

"That we are!" Ben says to the She-Hulk as she joins the Shin-Dig, officially making it a party now. Turning to Sandy, as his company leaves and says with a smile, "One day a full fledged Avenger and already your having to beat the ladies off with a stick. C'mon on back over here and let me start buying yer drinks again Bill. It's the lease I can do." He looks to Gogo then and nods, "Yeah I'm pretty sure you can get a few matches to show what you can do no problem. Ask She-Hulk, I'll bet she'll agree with me." Ben says as he cocks a thumb over his houlder, Looking back to Sandy he says, "I dunno man… Last time I did shots I woke up in a confessional in Newark. It was apparantly the best night of my life that I'll never remember."

Mike blinks, looking towards Ben, "Uh yeah I'm…" He glances back towards Flint's table before turning towards the bar once more, taking Annie's hand, "Hi, Mic- uh Mike." He shakes his head. Lowering his hand before looking towards Ben and lowering his voice for Ben, "If you see that woman approaching Baker again, let me know." He reaches for a napkin as the bartender's kind enough to loan a pen to him.

She-Hulk Smiles brightly as she walks over and gives ben a big hug before she looks to annie and blinks " Wow , nice to meet you " . She smiles " Lemme finish something first and we can party , okay sandy I have some papers for you to sign and were good to go , you forgot to sign the copy write papers and the insurance to protect you against lawsuits while your enforcing the law " . She winks " besides if you do these papers we can go after the toy company for the royalties for all those sandman villain dolls " .

Annie puts her pen and notepad away when Mike gets his supplies from the bartender instead. She shakes his hand then laughs a bit before draining her greyhound. She sets the empty down and grins at Darklight, "Heh. These folks are all famous and important. I'm not with them. I'm a construction worker and a part time wrestler. Not even close to important Xian."

Genuinely surprised to see an Avenger here at the party, Sandman pulls a surprising move and goes towards the center of the bar. His arms suddenly take a pssamic form and his arms extend out. One towards She-Hulk and the other towards The Thing. Wrapping his sand arms around them, he lifts them and brings them towards him and gives them both tight hugs, "Aw…we're a family." He puts them down, "Damn, you're both heavier than I thought, but I got yas."

Darklight nods and shrugs, "I am just a waitress." she says and shakes her head, of course there is more to that, but she isn't al that comfortable saying it.

Gogo looks at She-Hulk, surprised that she's actually taller than one of her idols. "You're even prettier in person than in pictures Ms. She-Hulk. It is an honor to meet you." Then Sandman is doing his thing and her glowing eyes get even bigger, "Holy hell! Is everyone famous here except me and Xian?" She leans down towards the smaller woman, "We need to circle the wagons Xian."

Ben exchances a 'meaninful look' (tm) with MIke but it's interupted by the big hug from Jen, and then the big'ole group hug from Sandy. Ben oofs as he's bodily lifted of the ground, and at the comment of weight, He says, almost defensively, "Well that's cuz I've been workin' out and muscle mass weights more…" especially when you are naturally like what? Denser than a normal human by factor of like 50? And lets not forget all coarse and sandpapery. In any event it's a good thing you can't tell when he's blushin' "Hey, for what it's worth Sandy, I'm proud as hell of you. Don't let anyone ever tell yah different."

She-Hulk Blinks " WOAH " She laughs and smiles " Awww ya big softy " she says hugging sandman " but honest you need to sign these papers before I can party with you " she points to the pad of paper . She grins " I'm proud of you too sandy you've come a long way along a very very hard road " .

Darklight nods and shakes her head, "That or slip away without anyone noticing." she says and giggles just a little. She looks at each in turn and is feeling just a bit insignificant.

Hearing Ben's words, Sandman simply smiles. When he lets his teammates down he then turns to the others within the group, "Well, Gogo and Xian, you're not famous yet, but will be soon. I'm sure of it." With his arms turn into a pssamic form again and a third arm pops out from his chest. The arms elongate out and snare Gogo, Mike, and Xian. And pull them towards him and gives them a group bear hug and puts them down, "Y'all been hugged by an Avenger." With that he nods to Jen and heads to the bar to sign all the paperwork.

The Thing says, "Man…. you should seel that to MTV as a Reality Show."

After recieving the look, Mike nods, glancing down to the napkin, writing down a phone number upon it before returning the pen to the barkeep. He then slides the napkin into his pocket as he turns to watch the hugging of the three superhero powerhouses in the room. When the arm comes and snares him from his seat, Mike opens his mouth in a sudden "woa-" but before he can finish that utterance he is hugged and set down. Looking over towards Sandman he is a tad quiet, before looking towards Ben, "Did I hear something about shots?" Ah delayed reactions.

Annie blinks in surprise at the appearance of a third arm from Sandy's chest and even more surprised when she and Darklight are grabbed up. She starts to grow in surprise, but keeps it under control and gives Sandy and everyone a hug as well. Once she's set down she tugs at her dress to make sure it is covering everything important after the sandy hug and lift. "Shots for the newest Avenger!" She looks over at Darklight to see how she handles the hug.

She-Hulk laughs at the group hug " Hey ask people before you glomp em " she says though she looks over at ben and whispers something into his ear . She enjoys the hug though " I'm down with shots now that he's done the paper work she beams a bright smile " .

Darklight eeps as she is scooped up and pulled in from a hug and the startlement just pushed her over the edge, after being communicated with mentally earlier. There is a flash of violet light and she looks much different afterwards. Sandman finds himself hugging a blue-blackskinned girl with white hair and eyes that seem to almost glow and surrounded by a violet glow. "Um..warn a girl." she stutters. After she is put down she glances towards them all and then does start towards the door again. Her application that she got earlier is pulled out and set on a table as she passes.

Done filling out all the paperwork, Sandman passes it to his teammate, "I wonder what the rest of the team is up to." He hmmmns and shrugs, "Theyâd be here if they could." He says that with some uncertainty and exhales and reaches into his pocket to look over Selene's card. "Good night. And I will have to follow up with the lovely lady." He grins and pockets the card again and turns his hand into a hardened sandy tray which the bartender puts the shots on and he elongates his hand tray to everyone to grab the shots. He watches Darklight rush out and he extends his other arm now sandy to stop her. He offers, "Hey, no need to be ashamed or anything. Mutant, altered human, whatever, tonight we are all friends. And if ya haven't noticed. I turn to sand, there is a rock man and two literally colorful women here. Don't run out. You are with Avengers and a member of the Fantastic Four and a wrestler. We are friends now, so stay."

Mike looks to the shots on the tray, "Before I grab one. How did everyone get here tonight?"

Annie catches the light show put on by Xian as her powers flicker on with the trigger of the sort of scary hug from Sandman. When Xian starts for the door she is a step behind Sandman in going after the woman, "Hey…Don't head out Xian. Come and hang out." She nods to what Sandy says then she offers, "Pretty cool looking power you've got. Pretty."

Suddenly a phone rings and Sandman picks it up. After a few minutes, he sighs, "Sorry guys. I got some old business to attend too." He turns his whole body into a sandstorm and literally blows out of the place.

Darklight looks like she is emitting a blacklight, as anything touched by her glow looks like it has been shined on. She shakes her head, "Not tonight, but soon." she is just too upset. She makes it too the door and then with a burst takes off into the air, leaving a trail of violet hued light in her wake.

"I came in a Fantasticar with a sentient auto pilot, so I can get people home if needs be." Ben offers as the shots start getting set up, Of course that probably means that from here the drinks are had and stories are shared and people go their seperate way, Looking Xian, Ben says Apologetically, "He normally doesn't get into people's territorial bubble like that… he's just very excited tonight."

"Oh ok." Mike looks to the shots that were abandoned by the Sandman and sighs, "Well, I guess they're not going to just drink themselves." Alas, what a cruel fate. He sets about working on that for until it's time for folks to stumble into the Fantasticar to head back.

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