2011 11 01 Living Under A Rock

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Living Under a Rock

Lifeguard, Havok, Wolverine, Kisha

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Xavier Mansion, Kitchen

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Lifeguard and Havok have breakfast. Kisha and Logan arrive to join the moment.


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Fully dressed, but still revealing enough, the newest mutant to reside at the X-Mansion, Heather Cameron is dressed in a form-fitting red bodysuit with blue trim along the side. Her blond hair hanging loose as she stands at the fridge, door wide open, pondering what to eat. She sticks her head into the fridge, "You'd think in a big mansion like this, there would be a butler or something to make me whatever I want." Her thick Australian accent almost echoing from within the fridge as she moves things around to search for just the right meal.

Alex pushes through the swinging door into the kitchen. Presently he's dressed casually in jeans and a black t-shirt with a white circle upon the chest.

Alex notes the new arrival and says, "Hey." without wanting to surprise or otherwise harass. He continues to move through the kitchen toward the pantry.

Hearing the 'hey', Heather pops her head up from the fridge, "Oh hey, Alex." She pauses a grimaces, "Oh should I call you, Mr. Summers or Havok?" She rests her arm on the fridge door and then rests her head on the same arm, "And does being leader of X-Factor mean, you are also responsible for making for your mates?" She asks with a funny little grin.

"Alex is fine." he says opening the pantry with the intention of pulling down a large box of cereal. "Being team leader means I get to boss you around. But if you'd like some.." he reads the box, "Toasty-O's; then I'll be glad to pour you a bowl."

Reaching for the milk from the fridge, she closes the door and sits at the table, "That would be lovely, Alex." Heather gives a wink and taps the table a bit. "So this is a big place. Too big. I need a map or I will get lost or something." She laughs

Alex grins carrying over two bowls, "I had a student tell me that last week. Reminded me of my first week here. I ended up walking into doors that were best left closed. But yeah, it's all good. You'll get the hang of it." He pours after sitting them down on the table, takes a seat and offers a spoon.

After the bowls are placed and the cereal is poured into the bowls, she pours milk into hers and into Alex's. "I guess, it will take some time to get used to. I grew up in a mansion, but nowhere near the land and size of this one. Professor Xavier must be one of the wealthiest men around." Heather shrugs, "Must be to finance both teams." When Alex mentions that he was a student, "So the students here. Are we their teachers?"

"That's up to the Professor. I've done my best to avoid that whole scene. I really can't stand kids. But if you've got the interest, some degree or practical knowledge, I'm sure it can be worked out." Alex states before stirring and then taking a spoon full.

Sighing a bit in response to if she wants to be an actual teacher, "Well, I never finished my high school education. When I was still a teen, my brother and I left home. So no degree, but even anyone wants to learn how to surf." Heather smirks as she pokes Alex in his ribs, "I'm willing to teach. Defeating shark-men costs extra though."

Alex flenches and laughs, "Shark Bait, hoo ha-ha." he says in response to her jab. "I totally had him. I was gonna take him down, but you got in the way." is added in a comical 'yeah I know better' tone.

Alex and Heather are seated at the kitchen table next to one another having delicious Toasty-O's cereal. The box and milk jug are in front of them on the table and they seem casually joking with one another.

Dressed as if she has just come from some kind of engineering project, complete with oil smudges on her face, comes Kisha. The petite teen seems to be carrying a messenger bag crammed with assorted vials and test tubes and has a chrome plated smart phone which is taking up the majority of her attention. "I wonder if the school has lab animals. Buying my own will cost more than I can spare from my budget," she mutters without looking up as she breezes into the Kitchen.

Acknowledging Alex's 'yeah I know better' expression, she laughs as she starts eating the cereal, "Well, if being on the team means more encounters like that, then I will like it. I enjoyed the thrill of the moment and the aftermath." She gives another wink and as Kisha walks in, Heather offers a, "Hello, there." Her thick Australian accent comes out. When she hears the question, she turns to Alex, "Well, I don't know, but I would think if it is for biology or something, don't see why not."

Before he can answer, and really not wanting to comment on certain subjects in front of mixed 'non team company' Alex is distracted by the new arrival talking about lab animals, he comments, "Look, it's a new girl." then addresses her in greeting, "Hey there, new girl."

"Hi there man who I hope is a teacher because otherwise his being in a school is suspect," Kisha offers, tilting her head and frowning. "I don't want them for an official school project, I just need to check nothing in the food is unexpected. Like poison or psychotropic agents used for brainwashing."

Smirking and shaking her head as Alex refers to Kisha as the new girl. Heather stands up, "How about a different approach?" She says to Alex as she introduces herself, "I'm Heather Cameron. Just moved in yesterday." Looking at the bowl of cereal before her, she takes another large scoop as she tastes it, "Seems fine to me." Then she drops the spoon into the bowl and stands and begins to walk like a zombie towards the fridge and stops, "I bet this place has like a chef or something, perhaps meeting with him or her may calm your fears of such things being put in the food?"

With furrowing brows, Alex looks at Kisha with his own suspicions. Wondering if he was that paranoid when he first came to the place.. nah, he was just angry.

Alex observes Heather's display and smirks letting her dictate the tone of the engagement with the new girl. He doesn't comment much other than to add, "Yeah, I'm Alex. Not a teacher nor a pedophile - X-Factor."

Funny thing about Alex's position is that he's one of the more recognizable mutants around, being the team leader of X-Factor (a government mutant hero team) and having a very public maskless face, it's funny how hardly any one seems to recognize him.

"Oh. Does that pay well? I would imagine it must considering the risks involved," Kisha wonders, blinking a few times at Heather. "I'm not afraid of anything. I simply wish to confirm this place isn't in some way a poison chalice. Only the foolish take offers which are too good to be true at face value." She finally shrugs and adds "My name I Kisha, I've been brought here to study as of… a week or so. Give or take. I don't tend to count the days like other people as they're largely irrelevant to me."

Listening to the exchange between the two, Heather inputs, "Iâm also part of X-Factor. And it is good you are not afraid and that is a sage piece of advice, Kisha. More people should follow it." With that she reaches into the fridge for some juice, "Would you at least like some juice or something, Kisha?" And turning to Alex, "And what about you, pedophile?" She maintains a straight face and tone though she is clearly kidding.

Alex seemingly is reminded of something when Kisha asks about it paying well, "I forgot to talk to you about that." he says directly to Heather, but won't have interest in talking about it presently in present company. Just something to remind him of later when they have a chance to discuss professional matters.

There's a smirk that crosses Alex's face when he's offered pedophile juice. He silently shakes his head and denies the offer. Instead of commenting further along random rabbit trails of ramblings, he fills his mouth with cereal and chews.

"I'm fine," Kisha notes, shaking her head. "I just came to take random samples of the things on offer for lab testing. Although come to think of it juice would make a sensible delivery vector, I should probably take a test tube full." She idly taps on her smartphone, googling X-Factor and seeing what information pops up. "Out of interest have either of you attended here as students?"

Browsing between which type of juice to drink, her facial expression lightens up when she pulls out a jug of pineapple juice, "Nice." Heather squeals loudly and moves it to the counter and reaches for a glass and pours herself some. Turning to Kisha, "Well, if you got a test tube on you, I can pour some of it into it for you. And I wasn't a student here." Pointing to Alex, "He was, so he can tell you more about it than I can."

Alex chews. He's inclined to let them talk but having the conversation directed toward him he reticently swallows and answers, "Yeah." with a definitive answer to her question. Elaboration will come if his arm is twisted. He takes another bite.

"Then perhaps you can explain why the school ceased teaching?" Kisha asks pointedly. "It seems suspicious to me that an establishment like this wouldn't open and then close on a whim."

Laughing at Alex's body language and reaction to being singled out as an alum, Heather just sips her pineapple juice. When Kisha asks her question, Heather goes along with it as she moves back to the table next to Alex, "Yes, that is a very good question. Why is that, Alex?"

Logan trudges in, rubbing his eyes blearily. His clothes are just a little bit ragged, as if he's been fighting. Or wrestling maybe, given how dirty the clothes are in places. Logan moves over towards the giant fridge and opens the door, reaching in so that he's partially obscured from view. There's a hsss-POP! followed by a ping as a bottle cap hits the floor by his feet. When he finally closes the door and reveals himself again, he seems visibly more energetic. "Hi folks," he nods, eyeing Kisha briefly and giving Lifeguard a longer look.

Seeing Logan enter the room is always impressive to Alex. The two of them have never seen eye to eye - mostly because Logan is short - but Logan has always commanded respect from his peers. Also over the years, Alex has learned how to shift blame or the topic. In this case, he does both.

"Hey Logan, Kisha wants to know why the school closed and reopened. Seems she's not gotten to that part in the X-Men history where the mansion gets blown up every other year. Maybe you should enlighten her on the most recent destruction." <atomized by Mr Sinister prior to the Muir Island Saga>

Kisha raises an eyebrow and then hrms. "I've been busy with my other reading," she offers. "They failed to mention frequent explosions in the indoctrination material." Finally she begins setting up the assorted test tube racks and portable lab kit she's got in her bag. "I don't envy you your new job Miss Cameron."

Surprised by the entrance of the small man, Heather meets his gaze and returns it as she looks him up and down. "Hey there." Her thick accent reveals she is Australian. "I'm Heather. And you are?" When Alex calls him 'Logan' she then nods, "Nice to meetcha Logan," and continues with her juice. When he mentions that the mansion gets blown up biannually, she blinks, "What?" She nearly spits out the juice and can suddenly empathize with Kisha's suspicious nature and gives a nod in accordance with Kisha's not envying her new job.

Logan snorts. "We don't always advertise what happened to the mansion and why. No sense airing all our dirty laundry. But if you're gonna be studyin' here, you need to know the truth. The mansion was blown up by Sinister. And Alex's dead on, it ain't exactly the first time something like that has happened." He scowls now, takes another swig from his bottle - of root beer, the X-kitchen is stocked very carefully now that students have begun trickling in again - before going on. "And I don't expect it'll be the last."

Alex remains quiet, letting it be hammered out between Logan and Kisha. He'd rather eat his cereal than try to add anything to what was just stated. However, he's curious to see the looks on Kisha and Heather's faces. Definitely something he'll have to explain to Heather later on.

"It seems like that's a common trend with schools," Kisha notes indifferently, starting to take random samples of things. "Another reason why reading the news is more depressing than fiction. Are there any more depressing truths I should know?"

"Well, I guess that is good to know." Heather says in reference to the annual explosions. Shrugging towards Alex, "So I should thank you for recruiting me to the team?" She smirks as she is clearly joking. "Well, I guess I am lucky with my ability." Turning back to Logan, "So you are on X-Factor too? Or are you one of the X-Men? Or a teacher here?" Not really able to answer Kishaâs question as she has been here just 24 hours, she looks between Logan and Alex as the old men of the team to answer any more questions.

"I'm an X-Man," Logan replies to Lifeguard. Then seems to consider his own answer. "More or less. Chuck's asked me to teach a take a few classes this time, so I guess I'll be earning my keep this time around." He shrugs and then gives Lifeguard a longer look. "How 'bout you, Heather? You here to teach…or to learn?"

Alex realizes that he needs time to fully brief Heather on the going's on around here. He also believes that she's not yet met with Xavier.. then again Alex did just fly her in yesterday afternoon

Alex realizes that he needs time to fully brief Heather on the going's on around here. He also believes that she's not yet met with Xavier.. then again Alex did just fly her in yesterday afternoon. Instead of going into detail, he states, "The professor sent me to get Heather yesterday. Shes with me." meaning she's on his team <X-Factor>.

Kisha sniffs at one of the juices and then pours a measure into a vial. "What's an X-man when it's at home and what do you teach?" she wonders. "I may end up taking some of your classes if I have nothing better to do. Studying for the standard subjects isn't taking up much of my time. How does 'the professor' find all these people anyway? Spies?"

"What Alex said." Heather smirks and puts her arm around his mockingly, "I guess I am spoken for, huh." She looks to Alex and pthbs. "I'm not really qualified to be a teacher and am a bit older than Kisha and I suspect the other students. But life is about learning. Even the older generation like you and Alex can learn a thing or two. So who knows maybe I can teach you a few things, Logan?" She laughs a bit and then offers in a serious tone, "But if you need a teaching assistant or something. Sign me up." When Kisha asks her questions, Heather nods as she too is interested in those particular answers.

Logan raises his bottle slightly in a vague toast to Heather. "I'll keep that in mind." Then he proceeds to take another swig, wiping the back of his mouth with his other hand. Glancing at Kisha, he muses, "Stick around here long enough, and you'll find out what an X-Man is. But as to what exactly I'm gonna be teaching…I think I'm on the hook to teach some of the newer students self-defense, and make sure everybody else is keepin' in shape. Endurance, maybe some weight training, whatever it takes." He shrugs casually. "Just think of me as the gym teacher."

Alex is about done with the whole cereal thing and after the mock embrace from Heather, he will move to deposit both bowls into the washer.

He makes no mention that Kisha knows nothing about the X-Men, a hero/mutant terrorist team (depending on the observer) that has been around for over a decade and well known when it comes to bad publicity.

Instead, he leaves it to Logan to stab her later. None the less, he glances about and looks for the exit. Then to Heather, so I guess we need to get to business."

"Teach gym… I suppose someone has to," Kisha mutters, shaking her head in dismay. "They won't be mandatory will they? I tend to find such things are a waste of my time. I have so many projects in the works, like building myself a forcefield generator."

Returning the toast with her pineapple juice to Logan, "Cheers, mate." With that she finishes the juices and follows Alex as she puts the glass into the washer. "Well, I guess we are off." Heather gives a nod to Kisha and Logan, "Logan, I can help out with the gym stuff. I keep it shape and might be able to help you with the defense stuff. I can take a hit or two and bounce right back. Literally sometimes." Turning to Kisha, "Well, I hope you like the school and get from it what you need." She eyes the exit as well, "Whenever you are ready, boss man."

Logan gives Alex and Lifeguard a brief nod. Then he shakes his head at Kisha. "Kid, not much around here's 'mandatory'." Then he gestures at Lifeguard. "You can always — what do they call it? Place out?" He shrugs. "All depends on how far you are on the subject already."

Alex exits.

Lifeguard exits as well giving Logan and Kisha a nod as she follows Alex.

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