2011 10 31 Shark Bait Hoo Ha Ha

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Shark Bait, ho ha ha

Lifeguard & Havok

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Venice Beach

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Havok is sent by Xavier to recruit Lifeguard onto his team. They encounter Tiger Shark and Lifeguard saves the day.


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-==[ Venice Beach - RP Suite #3 ]==-------——

The wild and carefree beach of Venica Beach would be the equivalent of New York City's Greenwich as the boardwalk and beach are littered with various artists types, beach bums, and graffitti and art set to the lazy and carefree existence of the beach bums.

============================================================[ suitehelp ]=====

Life on the beach is idyllic and crazy simultaneously. The perfect place for Heather Cameron to find herself. Away from her native country, the Australian has found a small spot here in LA's Venice beach. And the first thing she does is head straight for the water. While most of the Californians loiter on the boardwalk trying to get some free medicinal or try to get a free suntan, she grabs her surfboard and stands on the coastline. Smiling as a breeze flows through her golden locks, she sticks her finger in the air, "Perfect!" She squeals as she notes the perfect spot for surfing. Tossing her board in the water, she rushes in dressed in a black and gold surfing suit, she swim out far into the Pacific. She does so with surprising speed as she hops on her board and then the wave comes. Screaming out some unutterable Australian phrase, she rides the wave, the envy of the teen boys who watch the Aussie beauty dominate, riding the wave.

Over the next hour, Alex Summers has taken the casual approach to today's mission. Instead of jumping right to it as Xavier would have inclined, he's just taking his time and observing the target. She's got some good moves, good lines, and a girl after his own heart - surfing love.

In the mean time, he does his own thing. Catches a few waves, enjoys the sun, does his best to get back into the surf and recall what it's like to be back on the west coast instead of pretending in the danger room.

Finally, he decides to make his move. Out on the water, waiting for a wave, Alex will paddle up alongside Heather and say, "Nice moves out there, Heather." indicating that he knows who she is and that he's been watching. Not in the letcherous or creepy way, nor would it indicate to her danger sense that he's stalking her. Just another guy, likely hitting on her, in the water.

Finishing riding her first California wave, she is out there and swimming right back to where she began. Sitting on the board and looking out over the coast and the sun, she does not pay attention when Alex finally approaches. However, when she hears her name, she does turn and study the man next to her. Looking him over, she frowns, but then blinks, she does not sense danger so a small smile forms on her face. Friendly, but still apprehensive, "Good day." Her thick Australian accent rings out and separates her from the other surfers, "And you are?" She ahems as she tries and fails to hide the accent.

"Alex." he says returning the smile - it's hard not to when dealing with such an attractive person. "Alex Summers."

When he completes his name, it may be apparent who he is. His ID was public during his year leading the government team X-Factor and considering what he's wearing, it may be a dead give away. If not, she's been living down under and not paying attention to mutant affairs in the good ole US of A. None the less, he seems content giving his name and little more than a hint of his current status, "Been a while since I've been on a wave. I think the last time was Hawaii, before that, the Gold Coast."

Studying the man a bit more, when he states his name, her stark blue eyes stare straight at the insignia on his swim suit. "Well, Alex Alex Summers. I've been found out, have I?" Heather asks knowing the answer already. Sighing a bit as she looks over towards the reflection of the sun on the Pacific. She sighs to herself and then offers a more of a skittish smile, "Surfer, are ya?" The skittish smile turns into an almost sneaky grin. As she stands up, a powerful wave coming, "If yer able to ride that wave, without falling in. Then we can actually chitchat." The challenge is real, but friendly enough that she will most likely chat with him even if he falls. She sizes him up as the wave approaches and she takes a surfer's stance. Her body ready almost like a combatant ready to ride the wave.

"Wha?" is said with some surprise as he looks back at the oncoming wave. He starts paddling. No hesitation, he knows that she's someone he'd like to impress. Then again, don't all guys? However; He's out of practice or he just went at it the wrong way. Though Alex tries, and tries hard. He fails. He goes down and pulls a Greg Brady.

That's when the fin is seen. A large gray fin near to where Alex went down. It breaks the surface of the water but only for a second then descends rapidly.

That's when Heather's danger sense could go off. Alex is in trouble - then again, so is the entire beach.

Giggling a bit and shaking her head as Alex actually accepts the challenge, "Good man, Alex." Heather grins as she rides the board and the wave and succeeds. Looking back to see the blond man fall in. She smiles and shifts her position and balance on the board to turn it and actually do a small little flip. Shifting her direction toward the fallen fellow mutant, when without even seeing the fin of the shark, her mutancy takes effect. She falls into the water, though one may notice her body seemingly shifting. Fully submerged underwater, what was Heather Cameron is now a golden mermaid. Her body shiny and golden her feet and legs forming a lower body for quick movement. Swimming toward the shark as he descends near Alex, she reaches the creature, grabbing its fin and striking the creature square in the jaw. Batting the creature away with an incredible force, the golden body indicative of increased strength.

The water is clear. One could easily see 100 yards without issue. With the undersea enhancements that Heather gets from her shifting, she's even able to see farther. This includes the image of Alex submerged 60 feet beneath the surface. His board shattered and it's likely the tether was used to drag him underneath.

At present, he's facing the Tiger Shark < http://media.comicvine.com/uploads/3/31566/717915-tiger_shark.jpg > that swims toward him at amazing speeds. Alex's eyes are wide, not with fear, but determination. Hands clasp together in front of him and then there's a sudden plasma stream that is projected from Alex toward his attacker. The Tiger Shark twists but it caught in the side causing him to spin and reel with what can best be described at surprise or pain, or a little of both. However, it only pisses him off. Because the Tiger Shark is more resistant than a standard shark.

Alex has little chance of defeating the villain on his own, additionally, he's going to run out of breath before he gets to the surface.

Now fully realizing what the danger is, Lifeguard's power assesses the opponent and makes due without Heather consciously willing this action. Her strength is increased to match or possibly even surpass the villain. As he is shot and spun around from Havokâs blast, she swims as near Atlantean speed and once again strikes the villain square in the jaw, "Stay down." She screams under the water as she pounds on Tiger Shark. Waves ripple out from the fierce blows as she scans for Alex while engaging Tiger Shark.

Blindsided, Tiger Shark is knocked away. He didn't think there was anyone else around. He smiles as he corrects to reengage with her, "I didn't realize there would be delicious sides with my dinner." is said through the depths of the water <who really knows how they talk undersea, but heck, it's a comic book so why not?>.

Meanwhile, Alex sees his opportunity. He's expecting that this is it, he knows that he cannot reach the surface in time. So instead of trying to swim away he launches another plasma blast toward the villain.

Caught in his left hip, Tiger Shark growls and continues pushing toward Heather. His arms up, claws at the ready, he intends to grapple with the heroine/mermaid/mutant and tear her to shreads.

Shaking her head at this, Lifeguard is true to her name as she charges underwater towards Tiger Shark. Her speed and strength increased with each swish of her mermaid tail. Time is running out as Alex connects with his blast, but is still going under. She needs to end this fight and end it now. So when Tiger Shark's claws slash at Heather, her golden armor simply deflects them and with each pound from him, she moves in closer wrapping the mermaid tail around to draw him closer and attempt to use her strength to one quick and strong blow straight to his face in an attempt to knock him out.

Alex will not have the opportunity to launch another shot. Instead, panic sets in, he starts scrambling for the surface but gets no more than 10 feet before he passes out and starts drifting.

Tiger Shark is hit on the nose. Which is the thing to do when facing a shark (that or the eyes). He recoils. He's struck again, then goes lax and starts descending in a daze.

The hit has worked and Tiger Shark goes down literally. As he is able to breathe underwater, he will be fine, so Lifeguard swimming faster that most makes it to Havok and using her strength lifts him up in her arms. Many may call Heather a forward girl. She is not the dainty type and so even before the breaking the surface, she gets to Alex very well and plants a kiss on the man, the gills that had formed when she took the golden mermaid form work to keep Alex from drowning as her tail pushes them up onto the surface within seconds, breaking the surface of the water, she pushes Alex up first and begins using the tail to move them toward the shoreline. The gills gone, she is now breathing air into the X-Factor leader. When close enough to the beach, the tail gone replaced by golden feet as now relying strictly on her lifeguard skills, she continues to breathe and perform CPR.

Lifeguard says, "CB4. That was one of my college roommate's favorite movies."

Hoisted and moved just as she intends, Alex remains unconscious throughout her movements toward the shore. It's when she's giving him mouth-to-mouth (no need for chest compressions as his heart still beats), he wakes and will instinctively and intentionally return the kiss. He's totally claiming (in the future) that he was half conscious and thinking he was making out with a girl. But for now, he's awake/alive enough to make his lips and tongue work. He's a boy, imagine that.

Blinking when she feels his breath and then tongue in her own mouth, Heather enjoys the liplock and continues it for a little longer. Hey, she is a girl. Until enough time has passed and she pushes him off gently, "Um, I take it you are awake." Doing a once over and examining him, she grins, "Yes, I can see you are indeed alive and like a man excited." She pops up and lowers her hand to help him up. Any signs of her earlier golden mermaid form completely gone and simply Heather Cameron appears completely with strategically torn swimsuit, "So who was that and was this some sort of test or something?" The accent thicker and more Aussie than before.

After her departure and notation that he's awake. Alex produces a broadening smile, he laughs, and then coughs as he rolls to the side. Being pulled to his feet, he answers her query, "I wish I could take the credit for that; but seeing that you saved my cookies from Tiger Shark.." taking a moment to look over at the water to see the coast is clear he returns his gaze to her, "…would you like to join X-Factor?"

Laughing at him and herself, she runs her fingers through her now matty and wet golden locks, "Well, mate. Aside from the villainous shark clown, meeting ya has been fun." And rubbing her lips a little, "Yer a bad surfer, but a good kisser. So I guess itâs a fair trade." Looking out at the beach, she gives off a sigh, "I came here to get away from being who and what I am and to get some protection from what's been going on in the world. I guess it wouldn't hurt to be hanging with my fellow mates and with X-Factor." She returns her gaze and extends out her hand for a handshake, "If the rest of the team, is like ya, then you will need me as much as I need you. So, sure."

Taking her hand, Alex silently denies his embarassment at being taken by surprise and having the need to be saved, but it's true and he takes it in stride.

"Cool." is replied, in a welcoming tone and he'll gladly leed her away from the crowds that may be drawing up to either check on the situation or just look at her potentially exposed backside. "Plus, we have benefits that include costumes that don't rip apart when you shift forms."

Shaking firmly, "Well, that will come in handy then, Alex. And how about returning a favor. My powers alert and save me from danger, but not embarrassment and itâs a long walk back to the boardwalk." Heather grins as she tugs as his swimsuit and grins. As they walk away potential onlookers, though her exposed rear oddly enough does not draw too many looks, but a few whistles and winks as it seems to blend in well with the Venice Beach crowd.

Alex will grab the unzip cord on his back and pull. Unwrapping himself from the suit, he reveals that he wears blue bike (like) shorts beneath and will hand her the shorty so she can wrap her waist. The whole time, he tries to be a gentleman about it and not smile; which is full of fail. "This should work for you." then adds, "Come on, my jet is double parked." and he'll start down the beach.

Taking the shorts and making them work for her, Heather strides the beach unashamed. "Well thank you. As the leader, do ya give the shorts off your backside to everyone or is that just for me?" A potentially embarrassing situation, she uses humor and levity the way she uses her powers for danger and emergencies. She stops and blinks a moment, "Did you say jet?" She grins, "I think I am going to like X-Factor."

Alex approaches an ATV (4 wheeled vehicle) and climbs atop it. It has a rack where his surf board would have gone (now she can place hers there if she likes) and he'll start it up as he states, "Just part of the job, and yeah, jet. Get on, we'll send for your stuff later. We'll be in New York in a hour."

Placing the board on the ATV, Heather gets on behind him holding tight as she climbs on behind him, "Well, Venice Beach. It's been real." She blows a kiss as the motor revs up, "New York. Nice. Haven't been there. And an hour? Oh we get super fancy jets. Even better."

"Hang on."

The roar of the ATV squelches any meaningful conversation as Alex powers it to take the sand along the beach. Within 15 minutes he arrives at a secluded private beach and pushes a button on the handlebars of the modififed ATV. The X-Jet (blackbird) appears on the beach. The ramp up the back is open and he rides the ATV up the ramp. He'll cut the engine and dismount. "There's extra clothing in the locker over there. Feel free." and he'll be moving forward in the jet. The engines seem to be warming up automatically and the ramp will begin to rise.

In awe of all this, once on board. Heather stands in the X-Jet and just looks around and stares in astonishment. "I grew up rich, but we never had anything like this." Still gaping a bit at everything, when Alex directs her to the lockers. She goes and changes and then joins him, dressed in the generic yellow and black X-uniforms. "I'll have to make some changes when we reach the old Headquarters, boss." She then takes her seat as the jet seems prepared to take off, "So what do we do exactly? I mean even I have heard of X-Factor. But like what? Are we the mutant Avengers or something?"

In the pilot's seat, Alex is making all the arrangements for liftoff. He assures that she's buckled in properly once she takes a seat and tries to answer her questions. "Originally, yeah. That's pretty much what our charter was. Mutant affairs. And now, even after the reinvent, we're still like that. But we've got a better base, and working on an all new, all improved lineup."

Securely fastened and whatnot, she joins him in the cockpit, "Wow, I must say in all seriousness, Mr. Summers. This is all impressive. Do you have a codename or something and who else is on the team?" She hmmmns, "I've gone by Lifeguard for a bit, but it may have been lazy since I was an actual lifeguard, but it seems to fit, the whole saving lives and whatnot." Heather grins as she reclines in her seat, "I can get used to all this, really fast."

"Havok." Alex says with a grin, "So much for my PR rep."

Then into the air they go. Full thrust and making waves along the water before bounding higher, rolling, and then leveling out at 60K feet. Scott would kick his ass for flying like that, but Alex likes fast and dangerous.

Enjoying the ride, Heather smirks as she peers out the windows of the Blackbird, "Havok, huh? Is that more about your lifestyle or those blasts that ya did underwater?" She jokes as she take everything in, "Wow. This is my life now. Mutant heroine. Wow, if news make it to Australia. Davis should be proud. That's my brother." She enjoys the flight to New York and to her new life.

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