2011 10 31 Seeing Things On Halloween

Log Title: Seeing Things On Halloween
Characters: Mike (Phantasm), The Thing, & Sandman
RL Date: 31 Oct 2011
IC Date: 31 Oct 2011
Location: United Nations Complex - New York
Brief Log Summary:
Rating: PG
There is no TS in this log: Yes

-==[ United Nations Complex - New York ]==------

TThe United Nations building is really four buildings. Rockefeller donated the land for these majestic buildings to be erected, to hold the 51 member nations of the original United Nations. Now, this number has expanded to near 160 different nations, including the small nations of Latveria and Wakanda, have representatives here.

The four buildings are interconnected by passageways, and the entire complex is surrounded by a high iron fence. The other major sight from the outside is the flags of nations down the entire length of the complex. At the entrance, flanking it, are the United States and the official United Nations flags.

Buildings that can be entered here include the Conference Building, the Dag Hamerskald Library, the General Assembly building, and the Secretariat building. Otherwise, one can walk away from the complex.


It is a cold day in New York City, as the city recovers from an early snowfall. Sandman dressed appropriately with a large trench overcoat and hat over his usual green and black stripped shirt and khaki trousers. He has just finished a meeting with some UN types as part of his Avengers duty. Having successfully met some probationary clauses to his status with the team, Sandman has now officially graduated to full membership. To celebrate, he has called The Thing to meet him outside the UN and to head to a local bar and has also asked if Ben would like to invite Mike. As he leaves the UN and heads down York Avenue, his name is screamed aloud, "SANDMAN!" Turning to see who has called him. He is surprised to see his 'teammates' Iron Man, Ant-Man, Wasp, Thor, and the Hulk (http://home.earthlink.net/~albertlew/images/avengers/avenger1.jpg). Though for some odd reason, this particular roster is dressed as they were when the Avengers first started. Something is wrong as he turns to face them. "You think you are fit to be an Avenger. You are nothing but the petty criminal, you always were!" With that and without warning, Thor's Mjnolir and repulsor blast from Iron Man are fired simultaneously at Sandman.

Ben is just on his way to pick meet Sandman, with Mike riding shotgun, or hot seat, or whatever the official nickname for Johnny's seat is. It is the fancy new fangled Fantasticar, but rather the mark I, which is to say it's a flying bathtub. "So there trustin' Sandy with a meeting at the UN. That's a really big step for him. I think they don't even let Hawkeye do that yet." Ben is explaining to Mike as cold air rushes past his rocky skin seemingly leaving him unbothered. "So make sure to be all happy for him and stuff…" Ben's words trail off as the Fantasticar comes over the edge of the UN building until to see 'Old School' Iron Man and Thor fire their first salvo on Sandy, "Hey! What the crap!" And with a practiced gesture he puts the Flying Bathtub on auto pilot and vaults over the edge, Trying to land between Iron Man and THor.. hoping they'll stop firing, "What's with the get ups?!" he calls out while plummeting to ground zero.

Considering the way he orders random talking birds to attack weird alien things without providing so much of an explanation for what the hell's going on, I'm not surprised," Mike replies with a bit of a smirk, thinking back to the bossy hover-bike riding archer, "And gotcha. Happy. Nothing like a new st-" As the pair make their way within sight of the UN building, the sight of the retro style Avengers starting to attack Sandman brings the musician pause, "Well that's just f-Hey what the hell!" With Ben jumping out of the fantasticar, Mike starts to reach over for the controls before he pauses. Ok. He's not already plummeting to his death. Ok that's good." Eyes widening, he looks down, hoping the fantasticar will eventually land even without a pilot. Oh who are we kidding? Reed probably designed it to do that.

Hell it will land while doing the daily crossword puzzle and balancing your checkbook if you ask. Reed makes a helluva good autopilot.

Alas. Mike doesn't know this. Hover. Hover.

Hey! Noone likes a smart-ass @emit!


Both weapons from the original Avengers speed towards Sandman, he is able to shift his body into his pssamic form instantly as the repulsor blast goes flying through a hole in his body, but Mjolnir strikes Sandman straight out. The sheer force causing his sand form to explode out sending sand flying everywhere. When the Thing lands between Iron Man and Thor. There is a thud and small quake from the landing as the two Avengers look out at the rock man. "Ben, mind your business. This is Avengers only!" Thor gestures for Mjolnir to return to his hand as Iron Man turns his repulsor blast onto Ben. The insect-Avengers are already flying up towards the fantiscar. Wasp arrives first and zips around Mikeâs head as Ant-Man arrives on a flying ant and surrounded by a swarm of fellow flying insects which he commands and points at Mike. The swarm fly down kamikaze style towards Mike. The Hulk for his part, stands calm with his arms crossed, watching the events play out before him.

Mike's eyes widen a bit as he sees a swarm of insects coming flying up at him "Holy sh-!" The musician swings back in his seat, ducking his head down and covering his arms with it. "Oh God how-do-I-land-this-thing?!"

And Ben lands just in time to hear Iron Man telling him this is an Avenger's matter, "Well good thing I have my reservist card righ he….." and that's when a repulsor blast hits him square in this chest. The force is such that it knocks Ben unto his back. His chest still smoking from the impact as one of his best bowling shirts is ruined. "Oh you did NOT JUST DO THAT!" Ben snaps back up to his feet and looks very pissed. "Ok… that's it Shell-Head. I'm gonna open you up like a can of refried beans!" And to Ben's Credit.. he's not oblivious to Mike's plight. "H.E.R.B.I.E. activate anti-insect protocols!" he calls out. On suddenly all the blue trip on the Fantasticar starts to glow a brilliant blue and buzzes like a bug light. GO into the light Hank!

Ants continue to kamikaze into Mike until a they fly away when he covers his head in the still hovering fantiscar. They fly towards the light as that wins out over Ant-Manâs commands. Wasp flies in and hovers by Mike and shakes her hand and tsk tsk tsks. Pointing her stingers at various points on Mikeâs head and arms sending little zaps to the unnerved rocker, "You are a cutie. But I like my men manly." When Ben falls back, Iron Man takes to the air and hovers about the rock man, "You'll do nothing, Rockface." With Mjolnir in his hand, Thor stands behind the Thing and swings his hammer to come down on the Thing with full force. "Begone, creature from Hades!" No sigh of Sandman other than the specks of sand that flew out everywhere after getting smacked by Mjolnir, though a large accumulation of sand did deposit itself by the Hulk who is still stoically quiet and watching.

Ben's got pretty good spatial awareness, and he feels something looming behind him. He turns just in time for Mjolnir to clock him upside the head and send him to the ground in a heap. Ben's bell is wrong, but not as badly as he as expecting, and not so much that he doesn't pick up on something that most people assume would know. "Hades huh? Wrong underworld faker!" Ben says as he rises back up with an uppercut aimed just under 'Thor's' jaw. "Ok What are ya chumps reall?"

With the swarm distracted by the light, and Mike's able to hear what Wasp's saying as she's still stinging him despite him quite obviously not fighting her, his arm lowers slightly. Blue eyes narrow. "And you're hot but," He replies, voice starting to take that of a low growl, "I prefer my women larger and less bitchy," bringing an arm up as he starts swinging his arms to swat at her. Stupid stingy Wasp!

Surprised to be attacked by Mike, The Wasp is hit by one of his swinging arms which sends her falling into the fantasticar hard, leaving an odd gucky stain like a dead insect. The uppercut connects and then some as the Thor's head goes flying up and off launched high up enough that it collides and squishes poor Hank Pym. The remainder of Thorâs body falls to the floor and seems to quiver and shake. Iron Man is quick to follow up and attack the Thing. Launching himself like a missile to divebomb into the Thing while firing a very real and very powerful repulsor ray at the fantisticar and Mike. The Hulk remains silent, but his expression turns very sour as he moves to join in the attack, but suddenly all the accumulated sand covers his body and begins to literally eat away at the flesh, "Good job, Benjy. Took ya long enough to figure out." Sandman's disembodied voice shouts to his friend as layer and layer of the Hulk's skin begins to be eaten away.

"Well I thought maybe it was a promotional thing… OOOF!" Ben says as he turns to make his grump comment to Sandy just as 'Iron Man' barrels into him. Rocky feet dig in sending the pavillion pavement flying up in chips his wake. Still unable to slow Iron man's momentum completely, he wraps one arm around Shellheads… well.. shellhead and with the other grabs a handful of metal skirt and lifts and arches his back to the ground with all his strength. A nice jet-assisted DDT for the fake Mr. Stark. "Ok Sandy so who are these guys?"

With the repulsor ray hitting the fantasticar, the vehicle pitches with the force of the blast, the section hit is a mess. As for Mike he pitches with the vehicle, seatbelt holding him in place with the movement while his arms arch up with the force, looking like a rider on a roller coaster from hell before starting on its descent. The section that got the most damage gets jetisoned away as the rest of it continues on its downward path, a little quick but a bit more controlled upon losing the weakest part of the car. Mike's eyes close as he takes a deep breath, trying to make himself as limp as possible.

The wrestling move is successful and when Iron Man crashes into the ground, his body similar to all the other 'Avengers' present begins to quiver and shake and then dissolve as does Thor's headless body. Sandman's voice yells out, "Tada!" And once the Hulk has been skinned, the real culprit is revealed as a glass fishbowl head, green cape wearing villain stands. Mysterio stands and looks to all present. "I was not prepared for the presence of the Thing. But this means nothing." Sand begins to fly out off a ways as a giant hand is formed catching the fantasticar in its grip and lowering it onto the street. Sandman's voice speaks out as the hand dissolved and forms into the regular looking Sandman "I figured it out when Thor's hammer hit me and didnât do any real damage."

Mysterio standing and furling his cape around himself speaks out in an electronic voice, "Sandman, you may have figured it out, but still. This is a little lesson. The Avengers will never fully accept you. You believe them and this Thing to be your friends. They are not. They will always see you as you truly are, Flint Marko." Pointing at the Thing, "He is no friend. None of them are." Looking over at the Thing, the usually verbose Sandman remains quiet and frowns and then curses, "Fuck you, Mysterio!" There is a bit of a sting and pained expression with Sandmanâs utterance. With that and a switch, Mysterio is seemingly gone, appearing to have teleported away. In reality, using his gimmicks and trickery, it is merely an illusion trick as Mysterio escapes to cause havoc another time.

The Thing says, "Hey! It was Mysterio!" Ben says in the wake of hte man dissappearing. "And he freakin' got away!" Apparantly it is Ben's day to state the blatantly obvious. Ben runs over the robot bodies tow here the big Sand hand is setting down the busted up Fantasticar, "You ok Kid?" He asks Mikey, before lookingto the Sandman, "Look Sandy. Don't listen to what Mysterio says. That guy is trash.""

Mike is not paying attention to the first part of Mysterio's speech as he was busy falling from the air. But when the vehicle comes to a stop, Mike opens his eyes, looking around. His head tilts back as he gives a bit of a sigh before unbuckling his seat belt, having all the time to hear the second potion along with Sandman's response. "Yeah," Mike offers in agreement, "what Sandy said." He takes another breath before starting to get out of the car, "Man, what an asshole." He glances over towards Ben, "Funny you should ask. I just woke up this morning thinking, "You know what would be neatt? Being in a flying vehicle, watch the pilot jump out, get stung repeatedly by a PMSing wasp, and then make a somewhat rapid descent to the ground." He frowns for a few more moments before giving a small smile, "I'm fine."

Giving The Thing a 'look' when he states the obvious, Sandman waits for a reply from Mike to see if he is ok. Though he returns his gaze to where Mysterio disappeared as he is clearly here physicially, but somewhere else mentally. The villain's words stung and him Sandman hard. Turning to the two, "Hey, sorry about that. Mysterio, Hydro-Man. I think all the Sinister guys are trying to get me to go back to being bad." He laughs to suggest otherwise, but when the laughter dies, he lets out a sigh, "Well, thanks for the assist, guys. But I…um…" Sandman shrugs, "Gotta go fill out a report at Avengers mansion. Raincheck though." He does not give them time to respond as he walks off. Oddly enough in the opposite direction of where the Avengers Mansion would be.


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