2011 10 29 News Subway Attack Released

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NEWS: Subway Attacker Released


RL Date:
29 Oct 2011

IC Date:
29 Oct 2011

New York

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News article on subway attacker getting released


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In a decision that may be considered startling to music fans, the man who was arrested in the July attack on musician Mick Drago has been released with the charges dropped. In a statement released by legal representatives for the assailent, prosecution is unable to prove their case against the man, Giannino Orsini nor does it seem likely they would ever be able to.

"No weapon was produced, nor was there any viable witness testimony. With Mr. Drago being attacked from behind, he was unable to see this person's face. Even what security footage police did retrieve is laughable." Orsini's representative, Benito Costantini states, "The action my client was accused of performing was not on the tape and there were other people around who opted to avoid police rather than stick around. If anything I would question the actions of those people."

One of those such people appears to be the goat footed mutant who has been spotted stopping the robbery of charity donations from a function Drago was helping at and is suspected to be the one responsible for the portal that dropped Drago off at the hospital. With the consideration of past events it is assumed that he was assisting with the apprehension of the attacker.

"The key word here is 'assumed'." Constantini stated in reply when this was mentioned to him, "The legal system is here to protect us all from misplaced justice. Without any viable witness testimony or physical evidence to tie Orsini to the crime, it is the prosecution's responsibility to not press on in order to preserve the sanctity of our court system."

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