2011 10 29 Into Every Life A Thing Must Fall

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Into Every Life a Thing Must Fall

Benjamin Grimm, Xiu Lin Tseng

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Great Lawn, Central Park

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Xiu Lin's martial arts practice in Central Park is interrupted when The Thing suddenly crashes into the Park.


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The middle of a nice mid-fall Saturday afternoon makes a perfect time for visiting Central Park. Xiu Lin certainly agrees, as she is spending some time out on the Great Lawn, again arrayed in a classic cheongsam-collared grey tunic with black edging and matching loose draw-strong trousers gathered also at the ankles, with black slippers. She looks like quite the Chinatown commercial, really.

It's a beautiful fall day. The air is brisk, just cool enough to feel refreshing but not so far as to feel truly cold. On a clear day like this sound carries with a clear clarion call, even above the din of the city each crisp little noise making it's own harmony wrather than mixing into on great chaotic melody of the sounds of the city. One such sound is from high a above. A deep, even gravely voice making a protracted 'aahhhhh!' sound along with the high pitched whine of a large object accelerating towards the earth.


And a good 20 yards from the unsuspecting Yishi the massive orange frame of one Benjamin J. Grimm, idol a' millions impacts and creats a Thing sized crater that he is quite firmly enscounced in now. From attached to his ear that miraculously surrived the fall a tinny voice squelches, "Good job Ben.. you distracted it long enough that my nucleonic phase disruptor was able to shift it back into it's parrallel diminsion. Oh these findings are fascinating you should get back here so I can share them with you…."

The Prone form of Mr. Grimm just responds, "Naw if it's all the same to Stretch. I'm just gonna lay here for a bit." and Reeds voice responds, "Oh.. ok. Richards out… Fascinating…" and his voice trails off as the radio signal fades out and is replaced by Ben groaning.

The awareness with which young Xiu Lin is blessed warns her of the impending approach of one Ben Grimm-sized missile before his approach, and she leaps to the side and lays flat, even as he impacts into the ground and sends a shockwave of air, sound and debris outwards. As such, she is unhurt and rolls back to her feet, looking around to make sure no one else was injured before she makes her way to the edge of the crater and peers in at The Thing. "Excuse me, Sir." she queries, politely. No accent, despite her ethnic appearance and attire. "You are alright, I hope? I would help you out of there, but I am afraid you would be a bit heavy for me."

The Thing sighs and those big Blue eyes roll in such a direction that they find the diminutive young woman and he says, "Oh that's ok… This is more comfortable than it looks once ya get over the shock of impact." He gingerly tries to move his head to see if anyone else nearby and though gawkers are getting hear he mostly just sees Yishi, "Your ok right? When I realized I was hurtlin' towards Central park I tried to tuck and land somewhere with plenty of open space fer people to get outta the way." He says this as if getting hit so hard that he has time to think about where he'll land when he finally does is an everday occurance for him. With a grunt one arm is torn free of Terra firma and he aims it in Xui Lin's general direction, "Ben Grimm. Nice ta meetcha."

Xiu Lin kneels down, and offers her hand to that giant orange rocky mitt, gingerly. "Xiu Lin Tseng, Mister Grimm, Sir." she offers shyly. "I do not believe anyone else was hurt. I was closest, and I felt you coming in plenty of time to move and lay flat. There were a few knocked down by the impact, but no one seems injured." She is rather astounded by it all, even bewildered. But he treats it all so matter-of-factly that she is put at ease, rather than panicking.

Xiu Lin's tiny hand is given a gentle shake and then Ben Grimm releases it and starts to push himself up into a sitting position. He of course, stumbles over your name a bit, "Sue Lynn Tseng?" Well he got 'Tseng' pretty close to right at least. "Nice ta meetcha, and Thanks fer checkin' on me. Most people jus' go running. I do apologiez fer interuptin' yer morning. Stretch is always foolin' around with stuff he should leave well enough alone, and really.. he needs to label stuff. Half the crap in his lab could destroy the earth I think."

As shy and humble as the girl may be, she is all too well aware of just who this is. Even three years spent abroad doesn't mean she doesn't recognize the bouncing blue-eyed Thing, and 'Stretch' must be Mister Fantastic. "Sue Lynn is fine, Mister Grimm, Sir." she responds, quite used to using that as the Anglicization of her name for others not easily able to wrap their tongues around Chinese dipthongs. "I am sure it was not your idea, Sir. I only hope we can repair the damage to the Lawn. It would be shame to leave this crater." Since Ben doesn't seem to be ready to get up, Xiu Lin twists her hips about and sits down at the edge, rather than continuing to kneel. "Will your friends need you back soon? For whatever it is that threw you so far?"

The Thing shakes his head and says, "Naw they'll be fine… He's got it back w here it belongs, and honestly, I'm just as happy to miss out on the scoldin' we're gonna get from Suzie when she gets home." He cracks a slight smile as he looks around at the crater, "Oh I'll be ok…. I have a budy that runs a land scapping company. We'll fill in this crater and I'll help him lay some fresh sod. This is hardly my first time crashin' into Central park." He rubs the back of his head and says and looks you over real quick before asking, "Thatsa chinese style gi isn't it? Ya into Wushu?" Well.. at least he didn't call 'em pajamas.

"Not called a 'gi', but yes. It serves the same function. And yes, I am 'into' Wushu." Xiu Lin answers, smiling. "I am pleased to know that the Park will show no permanent damage from today's misadventure." Yes. She just used the word 'misadventure'. "What was it, then, that threw you so far, Mister Grimm?"

"And yer probably a multi-dan and I just offended ya….." Ben says with an apologetic grin, but he quickly recovers and says, "Well as fer what sent me flyin'… well if'n I understood Reed's ramblin's right, it was some critter that is was occupying the same space as te lab, but on earth in an alternate dimession…. or time line… or well maybe it wasn't earth but it was a different planet that occcupied our space in 'nother dimension…." Ben shakes his head, "Anyway this thing gets into our world and Reed says, 'Keep it busy while I figure out a way to send it back.' So I tries ta corral the thing and keep it's attention. Which is when Reen informs me that…" he clears his throat and tries to do his best Reed impression.. which is just really his own a voice an octave higher, "Fascinating Ben… as the creature starts to fatigue it builds up neutronic energy instead of lactic acid…..' And /that's/ when it spit a frickin energy blast square into my chest and launched me half way 'cross manhattan."

The little Xiu Lin offers a smile and a chuckle, because honestly Ben Grimm is a charming man with a wonderful sense of humor. He even makes good fun of himself, and that's a rare commodity. "I am not in fact 'multi-dan', though thank you for the compliment." In truth, she has all of the skill. But achieving beyond the first dan - not a term used in Chinese martial arts, but one commonly respected and reputed in competition circles regardless - requirees one to teach. And Xiu Lin has never taught. "A creature from another dimension. Oh, my. That … that sounds quite scary. Mister Richards has managed to send it back from whence it came then?" she inquires, since Ben seems so unconcerned with getting back to help out further.

"Yeah he used his science hoobajoob to send it back into it's proper dimension. Apparantly blasting me left it pretty nackered." Did he really just say 'nackered?' "So… I figured I'd enjoy the nice day. And again sorry fer disturbin' yours."

Xiu Lin smiles and shakes her head. "Your apology, though unnecessary, is accepted. It is not as if you intended to disturb my day." Hey, she could be taking this much worse, right? The tiny girl - she is rather small, especially when then compared to Ben Grimm's immensity - stands smoothly from her seated position and steps back, making room for Ben to climb out of that hole whenever he is ready. "I was just spending my afternoon of my day off practicing forms. I find it relaxing, and I often meet interesting people while I am out at the Park." Looks like that part at least has remained true to form.

And the Thing clambers out of the pit and says, "Well then I think I'll let you get back to it Kiddo. Practice makes perfect the say." And well that's something Ben knows more than just a bit about. He's gotten alot of practice in his life time. "I'm gonna go find my buddy so I can get this park fixed. Enjoy the rest of your day off!" And with a polite kind of a bow, Ben starts heading off, tapping the comminicator mounted on his his head where an ear would normally be. "Yeah H.E.R.B.I.E? Connect me to Lloyd's Landscapping would ya?"

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