2011 10 29 Checking In

Log Title:
Checking In

Revelin and Phantasm

RL Date:
29 Oct 2011

IC Date:
29 Oct 2011

Baxter Building - FF Reception

Brief log summary::
Revelin swings by the Baxter Building to check up on Mike and let him know how his search for Chenda is doing.


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-==[ FF Reception - Fantastic Four HQ ]==------—-

This area is well-lit by natural light and overhead artificial fixtures. Roberta the robotic receptionist is stationed near the civilian elevators. She welcomes everyone into the area and can arrange the schedules of each team member with appointments.



Obvious Exits:

[O] - Landing - 30th Floor Fantastic [PL] - Private Elevator - Fantastic F

Situated on the 30th floor of the Baxter Building, the recetpion area of the Fantastic Four headquarters is not quite as busy as the lobby far, far below. The lobby seems quite quiet actually as the only visible prescence is more robotic than human. The aptly name Roberta remains quiet, stationed near the main elevators, ready for the next entrant to the area.

Running the risk of causing something of a stir in the reception area, a swirling opaque portal spirals open three feet wide in the centre of the room, and through it drops a satyr.

Well, a mutant who just happens to look like one - shaggy hair, vestigial horns, tail and of course - the goat legs. He is wearing only shorts on his lower half, and an open buttoned shirt on his torso, but has a backpack that looks very full slung over his shoulder.

Revelin - for 'tis he - looks tired, and excited at the same time. He spots Roberta at the desk just as his portal spirals shut and he waves a hand. "G'day!" he calls out. "Is Mike in? Tell 'im Tom's here, wouldja?"

The visage of Roberta doesn't look all that surprised and instead looks quite composed despite the sudden appearance of the guest. "Greeti-", The man made receptionist starts to speak before pausing, taking in the new input, "Please have a seat." Instructions given, there is a bit of movement as a call is made.

The were-goat-man does a little tap routinue on the ground - just to get his legs moving a bit, and then trots toward an indicated chair. Then he pauses. "Nah, I'll stand I reckon. Too jumpy to sit."

He is a bit fidgety, tapping the floor with one hoof, and then with the other. He decides to amuse himself by forming a vertical portal at each end of the room, stepping back and forth through both of them, from one side to the other, just for the fun of it.

But he looks worried.

Without ample warning and a basic message that there's a Tom to see him, Mike's appearance as he exits the elevator isn't quite up to muster with his general outside attire. His hair is down, resting on his shoulders and his knit cap is nowhere to be found. Also missing is his jacket, just showing Mike in a basic jeans and an over-washed tee.

Noting the teleporter he takes larger steps to greet him. "Heya Rev wha-" He pauses, noting the worried look upon the friend's face before he too starts to frown, "Oh fuck. What happened?"

Tom is just about to step through a portal to the opposite side of the room, and then closes it, trotting over to Mike. Giving his friend a once-over he hmms and rakes a hand through his hair. "You look like I feel, mate. Listen - I've been all over bloody New York…and Massachussetts. I can't find Chenda /anywhere/. She hasn't answered her phone. I'm stumped. It's harder for me to get around now. I gotta wear extra clothes and those stupid fake shoes my mother had made for me… do you know how hard it is to walk like a 'normal' human being when your legs bend the wrong way?"

He sighs and mutters. "I want to /do/ something. I'm half tempted to find some anti-mutant mob and teleport 'em into the ocean. Have you seen Chenda?"

He looks intently at Mike and then puts a palm over his face. "Oh. Sorry mate - how're you doing?"

Mike's frown deepens, "Wh-" He pauses, shaking his head, "Healin- Wha- Chenda's gone?" Eyes narrow as the musician's gaze focuses on a point to the side of Tom before he shakes his head, "Maybe she lost her phone. School catches on fire, you're not going to be able to take everything with you. And I don't remember seeing her name on a list of any of the identified victims."

Tom heaves a sigh of relief. "Well… that's /something/." He hops up and down a few times, clearly agitated and eager to be moving, dancing, running, fighting, knitting - anything! "I did as you said - I've been everywhere. There's hardly a place - a 'good' place - in the city I can't get to." He looks behind Mike at Roberta and then upwards to the floors above, presumably. "What about you? You're rubbing shoulders with the FF… can they help find her? I'm gonna go /nuts/. Haven't they got some kind of 'mutant-finding-whatsit' machine?"

"I could ask." Mike allows, "At least Sue and Ben know Chenda already so it's not like I'd be asking them to help a complete stranger." Although rumor has it that they do help strangers as well. Funny that, "I'm not sure about that type of machine though. From what I'm noticing though, it's quite possible he has one lyring around as a doorstop somewhere." He glances behind him, looking towards Roberta as well before looking back to Tom. "How're you holding out?"

"I'm doing okay. No more performances. After helping Sandman out, people have seen a goat-legged mutant making portals - I gotta be careful. If I do portal around, I do it as a goat-legged mutant, so when I'm all dressed up, people see a 'normal' guy." He snorts. "Hopefully. Have you been cooped up in here this whole time?"

Mike glimpses aside, not quite answering the question. "Most of my ti-" He pauses, giving a bit of a smirk towards the teleporter, "Sometimes Ben takes me out for walkies. But mostly inside, resting. Sue's really serious about the whole healing up bit." Mike's eyes drift down to look to the goaty legs, "I'm, also asking for them to look into something but I'm not sure how well it'll go over."

The satyr frowns. "I got no idea what to do then, but go about with 'business as usual' and it's driving me /mad/. All this 'anti-mutant' rubbish is…well, someone's gotta do something about it. What's the point in trying to help people if they're gonna go and blow up a school?"

He holds up his hands. "Yeah, yeah I know… they're /extremists/. It still pisses me off. … Maybe it's for the best I don't know where this 'The Right' base is. I could relocate a few of them no trouble…"

He falls silent, scowling and pacing back and forth.

Mike is quiet for a few moments as he glances towards Roberta. "We have extremists on both sides of the line," he eventually comments, "It's one thing to defend yourself and those around you. It's another to-" He fades off, shaking his head once more, "You can't let a few assholes ruin it for the ones that aren't. You know?"

Tom wheels about and glares at Mike. He's not really angry at /him/, but just plain angry. Then he lets out an explosive breath and shakes his shaggy head. "Yeah, I know… I know…" He sniffs disdainfully. "Do damage like that and it makes it worse for everyone else… human 'n mutant alike." He points at Mike. "I mean, upstanding blokes like you shouldn't need to suffer either. I'd just as soon stop a mutant from hurting you, as I'd stop a human from hurting another mutant."

His expression turns a little bitter. "Like Chenda… providing I can find her."

Mike nods slowly, head tilting to get a better glimpse to Tom's face. "She's probably okay. She mentioned once something about not liking to deal with the police so maybe she found some place to lay low. I'm sure even now that they are looking for students to talk to about the attack in order to build the case a bit more."

The teleporter heaves another sigh and seems to calm down a bit. "I suppose you're right. I'll keep looking anyway." He suddenly brightens. "You think the FF need the help of a teleporter at all? They probably don't, being the FF and all that…" He looks crestfallen. This guy's emotions are all over the place. "I probably don't need to bother you anymore here."

Hearing Revelin's inquiry, the musician gives a small smile, "I couldn't answer for them. But, you never know. Sue might like to meet you sometimes anyways considering I've already mentioned you to her and that you're a friend to Chenda and me."

Tom's eyebrows go up. "You mentioned me, eh? Good things, I hope. Saving your life 'n all that. Not that I'm braggin'."

But he is.

"Listen, I gotta 'port then. If the Invisible Woman wants me to see 'er, let me know, ok? I'm gonna stake out Chenda's place for a bit - see if she turns up. It's a mess too… might tidy it for her. Can't /stand/ mess, y'know."

"Well it'd probably not go over well to say you're a terrible person and then follow it up with the friends label." Mike quips, lifting two fingers up in a halfassed two fingered salute, "Will do. If anything pertaining to you is brought up, I'll let you know."

"Thanks," Revelin replies, returning the mock-salute.

A portal opens in the ground right behind him. "I'm gonna fly - or drop off - for now. Call me if you need me, mate. I'll be here in a jiffy."

He spares a wave for Roberta. "Love the Baxter Building. Looks fantastic." He grins, knowing how ridiculous the pun is, and then he hops backward into the portal, vanishing from sight.'

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