2011 10 27 Posh Spice

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Posh Spice

Monet and Havok

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Monet's Penthouse.

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Alex goes to check on Monet.


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Outside Monet's door, Alex Summers pushes the button that will ring the bell/chimes of her apartment.

It takes a few minutes before anyone comes to the door. Monet opens the door wearing a red robe. She's barefoot as she peers out the door. "Hey Alex…" she says as she opens the door fully to let you in, walking away and back towards the couch, where she flops down on it, grabbing the remote.

"Hey." he says not expecting to see Monet in something more fashionable, perhaps dressed to go out but staying in. He's surprised, nicely surprised to see her 'casual' for once.

Alex will step through the doorway and push the door closed while he watches her move across to her couch and flops down. He'll curiously ask, "How's it going?" while starting his movement toward her.

Monet shrugs a little. "It's going slow. Been doing this and that. Been meeting some people. Ben Grimm, Spider-Man. Basically a lot of people I had met on the other earth. Nothing big. Like the place?" she asks as she clicks on the TV to watch, apparently, Must Love Cats. She lies down on the couch a bit as the show seems to be talking about the Egyptian Mau. Fascinating.

Alex will take a seat on the couch next to her. Not something unheard of, however the last time they sat on a couch before was when she was 16. He still has it in his mind she's the kid-sister of the old team. Someone whom he would guide like a New Mutant.

His eyes will be directed to look around the room when she asks if he likes it, "Posh." he answers and will internally wonder what happened in the other world to make her a home-body. As he's not been keeping up with her exploits since her return.

Monet looks over at Alex, then back at the TV. "Not a home-body, I'm just bored as hell and have been having weird dreams. Ben suggested my doing some sort of special project with a bunch of geniuses he works with. He's sort of different than the other Ben." She looks back at Alex again. "I havent really checked out most of the rooms yet, there's like… a game room or something down that hall and a pretty good library."

Alex smiles, busted because she's reading his mind. His eyes are pulled from the television and glance over to her. He flashes to the whole invasion of privacy thing that Xavier said about casually reading minds and how Xavier doesn't do it. But Psylocke does, she has no qualms about tiptoeing through the mental corridors of another's mind. Overall, Alex isn't bothered by it, just reflecting. His eyes return to the television, "Game room, huh? You're pretty set."

Monet sits up a bit. "I guess. So what's up? I'm guessing it wasn't to check out my new place?"

"Oh totally." Alex replies, his eyes still transfixed on the television. "You sort of up and disappeared after last month, so I wanted to come see what was more interesting than hanging out at the mansion."

Monet shrugs. "Had this negative reaction with Betsy Braddock so I figured I'd avoid being there. Got enough haters. What else…" She thinks. "Was helping Reed Richards on some experiments, chatting with Spider-Man, tried out the gym here with a spar with him, been working on learning to cook some dishes, nothing much. Oh yeah and some armored mercenaries attacked me and this pyrokinetic in MOMA a week ago."

"Busy girl." Alex notes with a hint of being impressed with her actions. "By the way. You're not alone. Betsy rubs a lot of people the wrong way. Then again, most of us in that house do. I've always been the black sheep so I know first hand what it's like to butt heads."

Monet nods. "I'm fine with her being an ass, actually. It's the moral after-school special drivel which annoyed me." She sits up and pats her lap. "So what can I do for you? Want a drink?"

Alex is bemused with the remark about how Betsy treated Monet. He tries to imagine what happened, fails. Which is good because it could have gone awry in his imagination. As she sits erect, he says, "You got beer? Or if not, water will do." While remaining slouched on the couch. His eyes will be pulled away from the television when she rises.

Monet gets up boredly and heads off towards the kitchen. You can see her through this open window-like opening between the living room and the kitchen. Opens fridge, removes a beer, and while she's at it, removes a Snapple before heading back to the living room. She tosses the beer over. "There you go." And back down on the couch she goes. Apparently to watch the Munchkin breed of cat, which is a mutation. "I think I should get a cat."

Catching the beer, Alex will twist off the top and put the lid on the nearest table. "You could totally rock out with a cat. And if you had three or more, when you get older they'll call you the crazy cat mutant." he teases with a grin.

Monet sips her snapple. "Oh you are hilarious arent you? So anyway, Mr. Grimm told me that there were some mutant deaths and I was reading about it in the paper?"

"Yeah, it was pretty bad. Some mutant extremists were killing mutants. The police took them down. It pisses me off though. I wanted a shot at Hodge. Espeically since he's supposed to be dead. Scott and I nuked the fuck out of him." - Alex shows a hint of anger in his last statement. He clearly remembers killing Hodge, but the revolving door of the Marvel Universe brings everyone back.

Monet raises her eyebrows slightly, getting a pen and pad and writing down something before tossing it on the couch. "Sure it's the same person then? I mean… sure, a little dying never killed anyone, right?"

"I'll likely never know. From what Cooper tells me, they've got him in a secret location and will probably be tossing him into, or beneath, what ever prison will take him. Or…." he pauses, "Or he'll end up being some subversive government operative that utilizes his small army of Smile Faces in a third world country to clean up government messes."

Monet nods a little. "ok then? Not much for you to do but wait and see, I guess." She sips her Snapple. "Look on the positive side, if it's him you'll get your chance eventually to nuke him all over again."

There's a shake of his head, then he takes a drink. With a scoff to his voice, "And then he comes back - all over again."

Monet shrugs. "Well that's a defeatist attitude. If at first you don't succeed…."

"kill and kill again." Alex ends her sentence, "Not an attitude, just the way things work around here. We're mutants, we're used to the dead coming back, the world wanting to lynch us, and getting no sort of 'thanks' from the people we save. Heck, we've saved the world what… four or five times. And they don't know it, even if they did, they wouldn't believe us or wouldn't care."

Monet changes the channel. Food Network, Alton Brown's Good Eats. "Funny, I don't remember saving the world any time. Besides which, its your world too. Pretty sure if you didnt save it, there wouldnt be anyone around to thank you anyway. Honestly I havent seen a whole lot of people die and come back personally. Then again my life isnt quite as exciting apparently. Aside, of course, from the whole getting sent to an alternate earth thing."

"Exactly." Alex says with a smirk. Noting that he wholly agrees with her lack of knowledge of him saving the planet. Just like everybody else. "Give it a few years, kid. Stay on the hero road and you'll know intimately what I'm talking about."

Monet clicks back to 'Must Love Cats.' Apparently a snarky foodie can't compete with Abyssinians and American Bobtails. "If you say so, Alex." She sips her Snapple. "So, what are you planning on doing?"

"Me, plan?" Alex smiles and relays, "I don't need any stinking plans." then places the bottle on a coaster and will lean back onto the couch. "Then again, I've been pondering a trip down south for the winter. Take in some sites. Maybe back to Hawaii and surf. Who knows. How about you?"

Monet shrugs. "I'm thinking of posing nude for Vanity Fair. They called yesterday. Apparently it's a good thing I'm 20 now, they've been wanting to for a while but couldnt for legal reasons. Other than that, not much. Maybe that thing with Mr. Grimm." She pauses. "And there's possibly getting a cat."

"Vanity Fair has gone Playboy? When did this happen?" Alex asks thinking that Vanity Fair is all about nudity instead of a modern living format.

Monet rolls her eyes. "It's not that type of nudity. It's tasteful. You've been to museums. I'm a work of art too, so why not, I figure."

"I can totally see it. Heck, Jean and Betsy both have done modeling. Oh and I caught glimpse of a painting of a nude Betsy that Piotr did. So yeah, I doubt there's gonna be any issue. Plus, if you've got it, why not show it?" Alex notes having gotten bored with the cat tv as his eyes have drifted back to Monet's robed body. It's the subject matter, so his eyes try to imagine what's underneath the red.

Monet puts her feet up on the coffee table. "You'll have to buy it to find out." she says to something. "Still living at the mansion?"

Watching the feet go up on the table, Alex smiles and lays his head on the couch looking slightly up at the ceiling, "Yep." which is one of the reason's he's here. "Xavier started the school back up and within a few days, we've already got like 4 students. I hate kids."

Monet nods. "So you're here to hide out?"

Alex is totally here to hide out, but here is a place he wanted to come visit and see his old little buddy, Monet. So it's two fold. His argument, however, is, "Oh I totally wanted to see you. You know, sit on the couch, watch cat-tv. It's been so long."

Monet smiles a bit. "Ma maison est votre maison. Plenty of rooms here so feel free to hide out as long as you want. I'll pretend you're actually not bored to tears watching cat TV with me."

"Riveting." Alex says with a smile in regards to the cat-tv. "And I think I'll take you up on the offer… to look around." and he leans forward and will move to stand. "I wonder if you've got any secret passageways?"

Monet says, "Not unless Susan Serrandan installed some to get away from the paparazzi. It was hers before selling it."

"Nice." Alex states while reaching down to take his beer. He'll drink and walk, "So this game room…" he starts walking with game room imagination going on, thinking there may be a console and a huge flatscreen. Or so he hopes.

Monet says, "Left hallway, third door down, 70 inch 3DTV, xbox something, playstation 3 and I won't bother to name the third one since you'll just make a joke about it. There's also some arcade games and pinball machines if you want to go all 'retro' I think the games are installed in the systems themselves. Oh yeah and there's a bowling alley.""

"Ooh, Pinball." Alex says as he heads toward the indicated direction. Eventually fading from sight with interests of playing pinball and not even going to question why the hell a bowling alley would be in a penthouse.

Monet calls to you as you heads in there, before you head out of her range. "I have no idea … I don't even bowl."

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