2011 10 27 Of Stakeouts And Pub Fries

Log Title:
Of Stakeouts and Pub Fries

The Thing and Phantasm

RL Date:
27 Oct 2011

IC Date:
27 Oct 2011

Jack's Pub - Chelsea - NYC

Brief log summary::
Ben and Phantasm do a stakeout from the comforts of a window seat at a pub. Ben has a beer while Phantasm… well, watches.


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-==[ Jack's Pub - New York ]==--------——

A low lit, well furnished, standard English bar. Jack's Pub has quiet music playing in the background, sometimes an actual piano is being played for tips. The bar itself is located in the center part of the room and is well manicured, polished, and decorated. The waitress' all wear short, black skirts, yet still hold the feel of beauty and elegance. The bartenders all wear tuxedo shirts and bottoms and have a smile wanting to serve you.


The Thing

Obvious Exits:

[O] - Chelsea - New York

The Massacre is over, but many people are still on edge. Heroes, and stalwart defenders patrol their chosen hunting ground with great fervor in the wake of hte horrible events. Of course to some heroes. 'Patrol' means 'listen to a police scanner while having a dirnk. And that's what Ben Grimm's decided to do tonight. Of course Jack's Pub is a bit…. swainky for him…. but the waitstaff is ever so polite, and the barkeep pours the best black 'n tan in the tri-state area. And so Ben sits in by the window, looking out into the murky New York night and half-ignoring the police scanner that plays on his fancy, FF touch screen phone. He gives a sigh, his mind clearly somewhere else.

Seated across from the ever-lovin' blue eyed thing, There is a Mike seated across from him. Dressed in his usual attire with his hair tucked away under a knit cap. He doesn't remove it for the 'fancy' setup of the pub. A tuxedo print tee is far from fancy really but he will give kudos for the short skirts. In an odd twist for the evening, he is not enjoying a beer or any beverage for that matter but is instead making notes into a notepad while the police scanner does its thing. He glances up, shadows upon the face only slightly off for those who may be studiously looking to his face but to the random person glancing. He is simply looking out the window as well, eyes looking in the direction of his apartment frowning.

Ben's black and tan comes and he acknowledges it with just a bit of a grunt. "Sorry I ain't really good company today." Ben says with a shake of his head. He doesn turn to collect the beer finally and looks down at his phone and then to the notebook, "What? Dun tell me I missed something important?"

Mike glances back towards Ben, pen lowering. "Nothing noticable unless you've been here a few nights in a row." He murmurs, nodding his head in the direction of the apartment building. Eyes fixating on a car. "Same space, every night. Occupied." He glances back down to the pad, lifting the pen with a shake of the head. "Guess with me not in the building anymore he can't just camp in the hallway."

It takes a few moments for all that to process, "The what and the what now?" He looks out the window at the car that Mike's pointing out, "So you think that's some hauhnyauk that's been's been staking out your place?" He looks again, "YOu want we should go talk to him?" Because when we think 'sublty' we naturally all think Ben Grimm. He takes another drink of his beer, "You sure that's someone that's been watchin' your place every night?"

Mike leans back, giving a nod, "Where do you think I eventually end up going to every night?" His voice lowers, "Although he did leave early when the apartment building across the street got set on fire by that hacker guy Vision grabbed. But yeah, pretty much every night. Guy must've drawn the short straw."

Ben to his credit looks away from the car and back to Mike as he tries to be all discreet now. It's kinda cute. Big Rock guy speaking in hushed tones. It seems to be taking his mind off of whatever is causing his malaise at least, "Have any idea who that Schnook is? Ever gotten a close look at him?"

Mike nods, "It seems to rotate between two. You met one of them when he dropped me off at the Baxter Building." He rolls his eyes, tapping the pen against the notepad a little bit. "Label's run by a bunch of nutters."

"Oooo… it's just the gorilla's the label hired to follow you around?" Ben asks chucking a bit and shaking his head, "I thought it was somethin' serious. It seems like you're not having much trouble slipping these guys. Can' you just tell your label that they have to call off the dogs, or you won't sing no more and 14 year old girls everywhere will stop buying their crap?"

"Wrong primary demographic." Mike corrects, glancing up with a smirk, "College age, and generally a mix of both genders." He glances out to the car, "I've requested they stop with this before and it's been a 'No' with a general 'People are concerned' explanation." He glances down to the pen, "Granted past few times I was down here I was cheating a bit." Eyes narrowing, he keeps looking to the hand before the pen falls through it, landing on the pad, "Looks like I'll just have to keep Rev on speed dial when it's time for me to head back home if I want to make a quick ditch."

"Well whatever. Look I think I've made it abundantly clear I know jack 'bout music." And this ia fact that most will agree with quite readily on Ben's behalf. "Ok now I ain't that smart a guy… but you must have some kind of Draconian contract if you can't just tell them you don't want hte secruity any more and they can force you to have it? I mean…. have you tried calling bullshit on that? I know a good lawyer that could look at your contract."

Mike's quiet for a few moments. Glancing back towards the car and then towards the apartment building. Lips thining to a line. "Okay."

"Good, I'll call Jen and get you a consultation. Her rates are very reasonable." Ben says with nod of his head as he chooses to down the rest of his Black and Tan. "Like I said, she's very good and'll take good care of you. So how about we get some pub snacks to go and call it a night?"

Mike cracks a smile, closing up the notepad and pen before passing it over to Ben, "Just don't eat them all until we get back to the building."

The Thing sighs and rolls his eyes, "Well then don't eat so slow and dainty…" And that said he bellies up to get two orders of pub friens (one for each) before turning to head out.

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