2011 10 26 Return Of The Sinister Six 1

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Return of the Sinister Six - Part 1

Hydro-Man & Scorpia

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Sewers beneath Hell's Kitchen

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Scorpia runs into Hydro-Man. They have a battle, Neither wins. But, they agree to work together in the formation of a new Sinister Six.


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Midnight, or shortly thereafter, Hell's Kitchen. A minor explosion awakens the 83rd block of Goodhune street. The source of the explosion is Carpen's Bakery. The cause of that explosion is likely the woman now found beneath the city streets trudging through the sewer system. A woman wearing a green and black costume with a scorpion like tail < http://sniktbub.wikidot.com/scorpia >. This woman is unknown to the general or special populace in costume, yet she doesn't wear a mask. Instead she wears goggles that allow her to see within the darkness of the sewers.

Splashing, she seems to talk to herself about how someone just ruined her fun. Someone named Daredevil.

Hydro-Man is in the sewers, its one of the fastest ways to travel when you are made of water. Thankfully, due to the nature of his powers, anything unpleasent he happens to pick up he is able to let rain out of him when he reforms. Currently, he is just a fast moving current of lite blue water in the muck water. Suddenly, seeing he is not alone down here. Surely, it isn't a bum. The latest muck monster sighting he setup seems to have scared them all away. Pooling togather, raising up as a column of bubbling, swirling water before taking on his human form. About 30 infront of Scorpia, speaking up. "There is tax for using this sewer…i hope you are able to pay it"

Scorpia pauses her movement when she takes note of the bubbling form rise from the otherwise grotesque water. She smiles when he takes shape and notes his identity.

"Well hello there." is said in a sultry tone with a rasp to her voice. Her feet close the distance of the 30 feet at an incredible pace. "I've your tax right here."

Though she doesn't appear to attack - unless of course one considers physical affection an attack. Instead of trying to assault him, she will have the desire to grab the back of his head and bring her lips to his. She wants to kiss him. A completely random gesture from a complete stranger.

Hydro-Man blinks alittle, tilting his head slightly. He knows the shape of Scorpion, but the last time Scorpion was a guy not a pleasing to the eye female. Letting her close the distance, not that he was ready for her to move so quickly. Starting to raise his hands, "Scorpion…i do not remember…" He doesn't resist too much, she is a beautiful a woman with a scorpion's tail. "this isn't what i was thinking of when i said tax but it is a good start…besides half of what your take was, of course…" Giving you a grin before the kiss taking place. Besides its a kiss, whats the worse that could happen.

Her tongue will intentionally taste him during the kiss. Her tail coils around his legs and then she bites his lip as she twists her torso and will use the tail in an attempt to whip/throw his solid(ish) form into a nearby wall. Her widened smile, wild eyes, and brandished teeth reveal that she's in a 'playful' mood. Dangerously playful. She remains in a defensive posture, she's fast.

Hydro-Man for a few seconds, it seems like a kiss which one can enjoy…right up to the point that the tail is wrapping around his legs and he finds himself flying through the air "AAAaghghmm!" Hitting the wall, letting himself splatter against it. A spray of water. Letting himself run down into wall and into the sewer muck water running down the middle of the sewer. The sewer water almost boiling as he rises up out of it, taking the muck water with him. Currents swirling around inside him. A vaguely humanoid looking column of water, "That wasn't…very nice bitch!!" Two large dirty watery fists rise up and move to slam togather wanting to catch you between them.

Scorpia is fast… she was expecting the attack. Some villains are so predictable. She laughs as she leaps up and away from the fists. "Surely all those years fighting Spider-Man taught you something?" She lands on a ledge, leaps off and clings to the wall just to his right. "Aside from needing fighter practice, you aren't a very good kisser. What do you have going for you? Oh wait, I know?. Me."

Hydro-Man turning to look towards you, the watery fists collapsing back into the water. The column of dirty water frowning, "Spider-man…he will get his, soon enough he is one of the reasons I am back in New York" Drifting through the water closer to you, "What I have going for me…you? What do you mean?" As the humanoid column moves through the water closer to you and then suddenly it burst outward towards you. Pulling up more sewer water to create a wave of muck water rushing towards you in a 10 foot wave to envelope you.

Flipping backwards off the wall, Scorpia will land on the walking ledge. Her three point stance utilizes the climbing claws as anchors as she puts her shoulder into the oncoming wave. She laughs as he attacks again and the water envelops her. He'll quickly realize there's a microfine force field around her. One that prevents direct contact of the water (though she's unlikely going to be able to breathe for more than 2 minutes). She seems to be talking with her eyes focused on Hydro-Man. But water muffles any vocalization.

The swirling water rushing over and around you, getting into corner that flowing water can get into. Hydro-Man is interested, wondering what you meant by your words but first needs to show that he hasn't lost his touch so him and you are on equal footing if you will. The dirty water pulling togather raising up in a column again with you at the top unless you act quick enough. Raising quickly, clearly it means to smash you up against the ceiling of the sewer with force. The column shifting taking on a roughly human form, armed wrapped around you.

The claws dig in, they're not releasing the ground no matter how hard he pushes or tries to lift. The tail's tip glows and will whip upward, staying within the bubble of water. It releases a combination of electrical and plasma energy. Enough to sting the likes of the Rhino. Enough to get Hydro-Man's attention and significant pain.

Her lips are clear when they start silently counting, "-one-, -two-". When she gets to three, she's going to let him know what comes next.

The swirling column of water moving over and around you in an attempt to slam you up against the ceiling but finding you are dug in tightly with your claws. Keeping you enveloped in the middle of the column of dirty sewer muck water. Clearly, the master of water thinking he will just wait you out. You will have to breath at somepoint and then it will be all over but that point does not come at the suddenly discharge of the electrical and plasma energy from your scorpion's tail. The column of water literally explodes splatting the walls and ceiling with droplets. Steam raising, filling the area as well at the quick raise in temperature. Dropping you. The droplets running togather, starting to pool.

Still completely dry, thanks to her force field, Scorpia stands, "Listen up, Water-Boy." she starts off in an authorative tone. "You and me, we've got a job… but there's no way we're going to be able to complete that job considering how pathetic you are."

Hydro-Man pulling himself togather, pooling and raising up taking on his completely human. He frowns, narrowing his eyes alittle as he crosses his arms. "A job…I am listening…" Growling softly, "sooner or later bug…you will have to breath, I can make that very hard…" Snorting, "but like I said I am listening what is the job?"

"Silvermane. Your old boss is my new boss. He wants us to take down some heroes. We're gonna be pals. You and I, and we're gonna make a new group. A Sinister Six. Think you can handle that?"

Hydro-Man tilting his head alittle, nodding slowly. "Silvermane…hadn't he die, I was thinking the old man had finally kicked the bucket, but I guess not" Hmmms, looking at you but not relaxing still on guard just incase you try something else. "A new sinister six…we did do some good stuff last time" Nodding his head slowly, "Yeah ok, you can count me in…but everything we take is split down the middle…"

"Split you down the middle if you don't learn to fight." Scorpia smiles devilishly and then turns on her heel and starts walking away toward the darkness of the tunnel, "We'll be in touch. In the mean-time, practice."

Hydro-Man watches you turn, watching you start to walk off. He nods slowly. Then sorts alittle speaking mostly under his breath. "Learn to fight…squish you like a freak bug, if you ever shock me again…."

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