2011 10 25 Troubled Sally

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Troubled Sally

Psylocke, Skids, Xavier

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Xavier's Office

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Psylocke brings Skids to Xavier. Skids has reconditioning issues.


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Xavier is found seated behind his desk. Upon the desk is an open file and several papers within. His blue eyes look up as Betsy and Sally enter the room. "Elizabeth." he says in greeting then turns to Sally in kind, "It has been a long time, Sally."

Betsy Braddock enters with Sally, "Hello Professor." She steps aside, "Do you wish me to stay? I can wait outside."

There's a slight pause, a flash of hatred, implanted hatred as she sees Charles, remnants from what Stryfe has done to her, causing her to stumble, and try to keep her composure. "I..Hello Professor." she says, slightly unsure of herself, looking quite confused.

Directed to Betsy, "Oh no, please." Xavier states and then hand motions toward the two high backed leather chairs that oppose his desk (with the intention of both of them taking a seat). "Please, have a seat. I'm sure your insight will be most welcome into the nature of Sally's return." - stated with the tone of possible knowledge of recent issues, the troubles of Sally. Or that he's just prepared for disturbing news.

Betsy Braddock nods and moves to take a seat but remains silent for the moment, letting the two talk.

She moves to take the offered seat following a few steps behind Betsy. Sitting on the edge of the seat, looking across the desk to Charles.

Xavier will close the file folder and direct his full attention to the moment. His mind will be aware, in a passive nature, of the conflicts that Sally struggles with. His blue eyes address Sally and questions, "Sally, tell me. What brings you here?"

She is trying to hold back the hate for Charles implanted in her mind, "I… I can't live on the streets, on the run, anymore." she says, a slight tense in her form here and there as she sits there, "And I need help with everything from when Stryfe broke me out of Freedom Force's detention." she says, nervous about asking for help, about what she's even asking.

Betsy Braddock watches Sally, offering a reassuring smile but letting her talk this out. It's her own battle to fight. Betsy just got her here.

His eyes narrow as his focus into her mind reveals certain aspects, "You've something in your mind, Sally… something…" then he gives pause with a slight concerned look that crosses his face, "Sally, can you do something for me? Can you reduce the strength of your shield. Allowing me full access into your mind?"

Then mentally to Betsy .o(Elizabeth, join me. It seems that Stryfe has implanted things within Sally's mind that need not be there. Together we can purge them.)

If all goes as planned, Sally will go unconscious, her mind will be cleansed of the taint, and she will wake up in a guest room some hours later (carried there by Bishop). It's not an overnight fix, and will take a few sessions to make sure the conditioning does not return, but it can be done.

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