2011 10 25 Induction Of Surge

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Induction of Surge

Xavier and Surge

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Xavier's Office

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Surge shows up, joins the school.


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Having been shown into the house by Bishop, Nori will be lead to Xavier's office. There, Bishop will open the door and allow her entry. Seated behind the desk, Charles Xavier wheels backwards and will roll around the desk to receive Nori. His gentle voice greets her, "Welcome Noriko." is said in perfect Japanese as he offers a slight nodding bow.

Noriko follows Bishop up to the office, remaining mostly silent. The blue-haired teenager is clad in her usual black attire, with a pair of simple silver bracelets adorning her wrists. She smiles nervously at Xavier and dips her head as she bows at the waist. "Thank you, Professor."

Xavier motions to an opposing high backed leather chair. Switching to Engrish, Xavier states "Join me, please." and then will nod to Bishop who will exit the room and pull the door closed.

Xavier notes the bracelets that Nori wears, says nothing, but his eyes are caught by the mutant suppressing jewelry <but for only a second/glance>.

Noriko slips quietly into the seat, offering a small nod to the older man. She switches to her lightly accented English, "Your house is very nice." The girl absently rubs at one of her bracelets as her brown eyes watch Xavier.

"Thank you." Xavier says in reception of the compliment. "Ms Frost told me about you. It is regretful what happened at the Academy, but we can now put all that behind us." He seems to be leading up to something, likely discussion about her powers or her situation.

The girl flinches a bit, nodding as she listens to the man. "Mistress Frost helped me a lot, I.." She trails off, looking down at her bracelets again. "I feel like I should have been there. To help. But..I wouldn't have been any help anyways."

After a sigh and an understanding nod, Xavier says, "We all do, Nori." His elbows are placed upon the arms of his chair, fingertips together near his lips, he says, "I promised Emma that I would take in her wayward charges. With this in mind. Would you like to live here, attend school and learn to better control your powers?"

She looks up at the man, nodding slowly, "I..would like that. I didn't have anywhere, or anyone, before Mistress Frost took me in. She isn't..perfect, but she did her best to help us." Nori pauses, then asks, "Is she going to be coming here as well, Professor?"

"It is my hope that she chooses such a path. Yet, it is wholly up to her in this time of strife. Perhaps." Xavier answers and then states, "About your…" he looks down at her bracelets, "I would like you to meet with Dr McCoy. He'll be interested to look at those and work on something different that would help you control, rather than hinder completely."

Noriko looks up at the man as she asks, "Have any of the other students come here already?" She nods at the latter bit, "Mistress Frost was trying to train me, but..it's hard to control. There's just too much electricity everywhere. I..feel safer with these."

"None yet, I'm sorry. Though I remain hopeful that they will find their way." Xavier remarks then segues in to a more business like tone. "Forgive my limited time, but I've another appointment to get to. Bishop will show you upstairs to the student wing where you're free to choose a room. Then meet with Dr McCoy and tomorrow you will begin your regular classes."

The door opens and Bishop will come in as expected.

Nori bows her head to the man and rises to her feet. "Thank you very much, Professor." She pauses, then asks, "Will you let me know if anyone else from the Academy comes here?"

"Of course." He will return and nod affirmation and her departure as Bishop shows her out.

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