2011 10 24 Siryn Returns

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Siryn's Return

Siryn & Havok

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Xavier's Mansion

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Siryn returns from walkabout. She and Havok talk about the future of the new team.


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Upon the second floor landing, Alex Summers has taken a position where his elbows are upon the railing and he peers down into the foyer below. As if he's waiting on someone to walk through the front doors.

At present, he seems pensive, anxious. He wears his black costume with the white circles upon his chest. No head gear and a jacket also of black. The circles have a glow to them indicating that he's ready for action.

Her return to this place is… not as pleasant as she might have hoped. Scotland is not *so* far away that she hasn't heard what happened through Moira. As the redhead comes through the front door of the manor, she glances around uneasily. Not really expecting a welcome, much less for someone to be waiting for her. Seeing no one in the downstairs foyer, she moves quickly toward the stairs, perhaps trying not to be seen before she gets to her room… Theresa still hasn't figured out what the ''hell'' she's going to do. As she makes it to the landing and looks up, she aborts her ascension to remain standing there at the middle of the stairs with her eyes on the man who is now her 'keeper'.

Alex quietly watched Terry's entry, her relief when she thought no one was watching and then the sudden jarring realization when she sees him.

Alex, if anything, wants to be like his brother. In this case, it's all about being the 'team leader', the person in charge and yet Alex doesn't really have the 'stick-up-the-buttness' that is required to be such a formitable leader (at least not in the regard as being like Scott). So he struggles with the approach to Terry. Their last conversation involved her being assigned to him as a member of his team. Something he had no anticipation of. He was going to try to get the old band back together, not start a new one. And then her taking off before they could talk about it…. guess that's gonna happen right now, or so he thinks so.

With a solid voice, he intones, "Welcome back." without any other words or indication or hint as how the conversation could go.

Resuming her approach, Terry studies the outfit. "Heard aboot what happened. 'm sorry, Alex." For the loss … of the kids. No matter whose children they were, there is nothing worse. For not being there. For a whole host of things, perhaps. As she reaches where he's standing, she pauses and puts her hand on the railing near him. "Are we basin' out of here, then? I figured I'd be packin' me things and joinin' ye in th' city or something."

There's a nod in regards to her notation of the loss, he didn't suffer anything direct - if anything it helped the appearance of mutants in the region (poor mutants).

Turning to face her, his side against the railing where her hand rests, he looks down to her, considering her return before noting, "Yeah, we're out of here now." indicating that their base of operations is actually the mansion. "We'll be taking missions from Cooper…. but I kinda hoped to talk to you about all that. Kinda missed the chance when you took off."

"Wonderful," Terry murmurs quietly. She hesitates, refusing to meet his gaze for a long moment then finally looking up. "I didn' really know what t' say. I'm sorry she pawned me off on ye. I'll do me best t' … not get ye int' trouble, Alex." Her tone is subdued.

Seeing how it's suddenly turned from what he was expecting - Alex says, "Huh?" in a confused tone. "Hang on, you're sorry you were assigned to me?" he questions as his voice lightens. "I thought for sure you were going to jump all over me for arranging you to be assigned to me."

"Well, ye looked pretty gobsmacked when it happened. After I had a bit t' think on it and calm down, I realized it," Terry admits. "tis more likely tha' m' father had somethin' t' do with it," she says bitterly. "He's always 'helpin.'" She shakes her head slightly. "Settin' ye up t' fail is pretty wrong no matter how ye cut it, though — me stayin' away longer woulda looked bad fer ye, so I came back as quick as I could." As quick as she could get sober enough to get on the plane.

"It'll be fine, Terry. We'll be fine." Using the 'we will' as an indication of the team, not implying that she and he will be fine - he has no doubts there. "But yeah, so you and your dad work things out?

"What would make ye think *that*?" Theresa demands, a scowl darkening her face. "He's too busy pullin' strings t' get my ass outta trouble, yet again, t' be bothered wi' actually givin' a damn as t' what effect any o' this has. Or whether it might have ruined… somethin' special." She looks up at him and forces a small smile. "I won't embarrass ye. I promise."

Pushing himself off the railing, Alex will see how her temper flares at the mention of her father. Choosing not to pursue that venue, he says, "Sometimes embarassment is a good thing." with a rising smile, "Come on… we need to do a little teamwork stuff while we ponder who else we want on this team."

"At th' rate we're goin', th' next thing ye know, it'll be Deadpool 'r somethin'," Theresa grouses. But she pushes off the railing to walk with him.

Moving into the elevator, they will both hear the muzak version of 'the girl from ipanema' and Alex will press the sub-basement button that will require him to push a series of 4 digits as a passcode. Then the elevator will descend.

Alex will say, "Have anyone in mind?"

Theresa blinks at him, startled. "Are ye serious?" she asks. "Uhm…. " Well…. how to answer that. "A few? Maybe?"

The elevator door's open and Alex will allow her to exit <S>. Following her he will say, "I know you and I will get along. Now it's a matter of who will get along with us?" in a humorous tone.

"I'd have t' say, Alex…. I think I'm most easy to get along wi'. Ye can sometimes be a bit… you know… annoyin', or so I'm told," Terry dares to tease.

With a chuckle, "That's what they say about me, too." As he can actually hear it now - all the times he's been called annoying or an idiot or daft (Wolfsbane).

His direction is pretty clear, he moves toward the Danger Room. "I'm probably shooting myself in the foot for even mentioning this. But Monet was on the team, she seems to be around, she might be worth picking up."

"I don't think I know her," Terry says, reminding him that … well, she's kinda new to this. "Th' professor's all right wi' us operatin' out of th'mansion?"

Mon Oct 24 14:41:03 2011

"Yeah, I cleared it with him before I spoke to Cooper. And being that they're old friends, it worked out fine. Cooper is the only one that knows our base is actually the x-mansion, so there's really no security issue. The only struggle is that Xavier is opening the school again and we're going to have to compete for Danger Room time. Which brings up something else.. You wanted to teach when you first got here, right?"

Terry tilts her head and nods slightly. "I volunteered t', yes, if he wanted t' reopen th' school." She pauses. "He'd still let me do tha'?" She pretty much think this last fiasco has put a dent in her credibility all the way around.

"You'd probably have to ask him. I'm staying as far away from kids as possible." Alex says in a 'whoa get away from me' tone as he hates kids. Then into the Danger Room control booth he goes.

"fft," Terry scoffs. "Let's work out how busy *we're* gonna be before I go volunteerin' again." Her tone is dark. "Me da'll probably get involved wi' that, too, an' th' less he gets to attempt t' tell me what th' hell t' do, th' better off we'll all be."

Powering up the console, Alex takes a seat. He leans back while he half ponders what sort of danger situation to program and then swivels toward Terry, "I'm pretty sure Sean isn't going to be involved in any decisions X-Factor or the government makes. I'm pretty sure he's Interpol all the way or some British stuff. From what I gathered, he was only around on special assignment with SHIELD because you, Cain, and Tom were involved. So you're free and clear here."

Shaking her head, Terry says quietly, "Sometimes I wish I'd never found out. That *he'd* never found out." The admission is difficult. "He waffles between treatin' me like I'm 5 and ignorin' me altogether." Pushing all that away, the redhead struggles to focus. "Who've ye already got in mind, lad?"

"I spoke to Strong Guy, he's busy. I don't suspect that Peitro will ever want to really do this again. Jamie was hit the hardest, he lost two of his dupes during the whole ordeal. So he's a no-go. I'd really love to steal Beast from Blue Team, but I'm sure that's a negatory also. I know Lorna won't be back, not for a while. She really wanted to get away from the whole superhero stuff. I really don't know."

She listens to him go through the list, and Theresa is reminded somewhat forcibly of the fact that the team failed last time due to other things. "Have ye considered some o' th' older students from a couple o' years ago?" she asks. "Rasputin, Pryde, some o' them?"

"Colossus is on Gold, Kitty is hanging out with Excalibur. Or are you thinking Magik?" Alex asks having heard of recent events with Magik and the Belasco thing.

"Well… there are a great number of heroin' types out there, lad, but… there are a great number who might be persuaded that heroin's a better business than th' one they're in, too." She pauses. "I'm no so certain o' Magik. Nor of Rahne's mindset."

"Rahne and I worked well together… but I think it was because she had a huge crush on me so she was apt to take orders from me. I'm pretty sure she's over that now and well, not to apt to take orders. It wouldn't hurt to ask her though. I mean if it worked once, it'll work again. Plus, I'd totally one-up Scott, having two redheads on my team."

Terry chuckles quietly. "I, uhm…. " She shrugs. "I have t' admit, most o' me own acquaintances are somewhat more…. mercenary than hero-types, Alex," she admits.

"And we'll work on that too." Alex nods as he swivels back to the control panel. He pushes a button and the room powers up. "We'll start with basic obstacles and a gauntlet with a teamwork focus.

Theresa looks puzzled. "yer gonna work on the fact that I ain't got too many friends?" she chuckles at him.

Alex chuckles as he stands, "Teamwork focus, not friendship focus. This is a test on how well we work together." then starts walking toward the exit that will lead down to the encounter room.

Blowing out a slow breath, Terry nods a little. "Okay." She might not want to get in there, but she will. To prove to him that they can work together… if only because she doesn't want to go to jail.

An hour or so later and having realized that neither of them work well together (yet), they limp out of the Danger Room and will understand that they will need lots of practice. It's not like falling into bed with a complete stranger.

Shoving a hand through her hair, Theresa drops into the chair in the control room with a defeated sigh. "This is gonna suck, lad."

Alex smells, he pauses before leaving the room, "It'll take practice. Lots of practice.". Then he'll depart with the intention of going to shower. In his departure, "We'll figure it out though."

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