2011 10 24 Mutant Massacre Conclusion

On all news and media outlets:

Score One for the Boys in Blue

Long Island, Secret Mutant Shelter. In a magnificent sting operation, the NYPD, ATF, FBI, Mandroid Division, and several other local police departments organized a trap for the Right and Cameron Hodge.

What was supposed to be a secret instillation to house registered mutants during this crisis, was actually an elaborate ploy to draw in the Right and its nefarious leader. Which worked perfectly.

Hodge, wanting to personally see the undoing of several mutants was captured as well as 45 tactical suits of 'Smile-Face' armor. In conjunction with this operation, the Right's secret headquarters (in New Jersey) was also raided by law enforcement. Thus putting a close to the Mutant Massacre and all threats from Cameron Hodge and the Right.

Presently, Hodge and his followers are being held at a high security undisclosed location for arraignment and an expeditious trial. Then if they are found guilty, they will likely serve life in prison.

The Mayor of New York had this to say during a improvisational press conference, "Our city mourns for those lost in this most recent crisis. Though today, I can stand straight and proud with a full heart and say Justice has been Served. Those that lost their lives and those that loved them can now rest peacefully knowing that the malice that did them wrong is now off the streets. Today, New York starts a journey anew, having washed the streets of the filth that would harm children, any children - mutant or otherwise. And I promise, that all who are within my power will do all that they can to prevent this from ever happening again."

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