2011 10 24 Arrival Of Kisha

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The Induction of Kisha

Kisha, Charles Xavier

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Xavier's Mansion

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Kisha is invited to join the school. She accepts


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A slightly modified black limosine pulls up to <number/street> in the mid afternoon. Parking along the side of the road, the driver (a large black man wearing black combat boots, cargo fatigues, and a black t-shirt, steps out and will open the rear door (drivers side) like a gull wing. From within the limo rolls Xavier onto the street and then is pushed around the limo toward the house.

The time of day matters little to one Kisha Dorogoi. Nestled in her Uncles garage and busy with her 'homeschooling' which largely consists of reading Project Gutenberg while doing a little light welding whenever she feels the need for relaxtion. Accompanying it all is the mixture of industrial sounds and Jeff Waynes War of the Worlds musical fight for dominance in a battle which would be causing complaints if the neighbors weren't safely at work.

Xavier will be pushed by Bishop toward the garage. When they reach the mouth of the area, Bishop will clear his throat to gather the attention to the occupant within.

Xavier wears a business suit of gray, a red tie, and has a plaid blanket over his lap. His years haven't caught up with him, but it's pretty obvious that he's a little older than middle aged. His blue eyes watch the work of the youth and anticipates her reaction while peering into her mind for her name and the potential for hostilities.

Scanning Kisha's mind reveals a wealth of potential for hostilities. The recent attacks on mutants, including the reported death of a girl she met in passing, combined with a natural flare for paranoia have her as skittish as a deer. "If it's about the noise I know and I'll turn it down," she declares without looking up or making any attempt to fully open the garage door. "And if you're selling something I'm broke." Idly her hand shifts a little nearer to the box filled with the tools best suited to self defence.

A black hand takes the base of the garage door and lifts it fully to expose he and Xavier.

Once the racket stops, Xavier says in a gentle voice, "Good afternoon, Kisha." and leaves it to her intrepretation as well as letting her focus on him before he continues any additional conversation.

At the intrusion of the vicious daystar into her dingy little lair Kisha spins around. "Hey I said I'd turn it…" she scowls, hand pausing on it's way towards a sleek chrome rivet gun when she spots the wheelchair. "Down… Who are you and how you do know my name?" She nudges a switch and the chunky cathode ray tube screen shuts off and the volume lowers on her music.

Xavier says, "Do not be alarmed child. My name is Professor Charles Xavier. I, like you, are a mutant and I was hoping that maybe you and I could discuss your future."

Bishop doesn't move, he stands to Xavier's right flank, his left hand on the handle of the wheel chair, ready for action if Kisha tries anything silly.

"You seem to have the advantage of me. Not that I make any claim as to my status as either a mutant or otherwise," Kisha notes suspiciously, fighting the urge to spin around and begin a trawl of the internet on the name Charles Xavier. "And your friend who appears to be auditioning for a night club bouncer is called?" With a shrug she hauls herself out from the chair and heads over to a large ventilated cabinet. "You don't mind if I keep working while we talk do you? My latest project is extremely delicate."

"My friend's name is Bishop; and yes. I mind." Xavier says in regards to her continued work. He'd rather have her undivided attention. "Might we go inside. We will need to address these things with your family. Unless of course you're not interested in your future, your education, and the training of your abilities."

"Of course I'm interested. Hence why I don't feel any great desire for my lab to go up in smoke," Kisha says casually, adjusting a few dials. "My uncle doesn't get home until this evening. My dads in Detroit and I wouldn't recommend telling my brother you're a mutant." Or for that matter where to find Kisha. "If it's an important matter I'd really rather discuss it here. This is my home after all. 'Inside' is just a strangers house."

"Your uncle will be home in a few seconds. I made sure he would be on hand for our meeting." <insert uncles arrival for simplicity sake>

After a few introductions and settled in to a comfortable spot <be it in the garage or the house>, the four persons involved in the choice of Kisha's future are assembled. Xavier then lines out the details (Kisha will be attending a prepatory school for the gifted and talented which will help her develop her technical skills and get her on the right path toward her future). No mention is made that she's a mutant, that Xavier is a mutant, or it is a mutant school. Nothing. Nor will it be mentioned - if it is, Xavier will remove those memories from the Uncle's mind.

The Uncle will agree to allow her to attend by her father's proxy. Then Xavier will wait for Kisha to gather her most intimate belongings - the rest of her stuff will be shipped. And they will then be off in the Limo to the stately Wayne… no, Xavier Estate.

During the trip toward Salem Center, Xavier will tell Kisha of the long history of the X-Men, that the school has been their home and she will be one of many new mutant students to come. He will also outline rules <+bbread 12/2> and assure her that none are to be broken. If she does, it could result in expulsion (brain wiping too). Then finally, they arrive at the school in Salem Center, New York, and Bishop will show her to her room where she will have an opportunity to unpack, make herself at home, and then fall into the routine of things.

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