2011 10 22 No Golden Dragon Of Doom

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No Golden Dragon of Doom

Xiu Lin Tseng, Firestar

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Crash Pad

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Following her investigations with Telemetry, Xiu Lin Tseng runs into the other New Warrior, and she and Firestar talk codenames and costumes.


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Having finished her investigative work with Telemtry, sickened and disheartened by what she found, and suffering a power-and-emotion migraine, young Xiu Lin Tseng was gently shuffled off to a quiet, dark spare quarters in the CrashPad. Her boots rest neatly on the floor. Her jeans are folded up and laying on the chair, her windbreaker draped over the back of the chair and her baseball cap resting on top of the jeans. The little Chinese girl is resting on the bed, a wet washcloth laid over her eyes. Dark and quiet, the room has been ideal for helping with the migraine and enabling her to rest. Eventually the sickening feelings have abated, and right now she is napping lightly, still wearing her polo shirt and socks. The shirt's tail is long enough that she could well be wearing actual shorts under them and they wouldn't quite show. Necessarily. Her long mane of dark hair is draped back over the head of the bed, while her heels barely cross midway along the length. She looks quite peaceful.

A voice will soon disrupt Xiu Lin's rest, as Firestar enters the CrashPad compound and calls out, "Telemetry, are you here?" She has been gone for a couple of days, and wanted to explain to Telemetry that she did not abandon their idea of moving forward with the New Warriors. Of course she doesn't anticipate that Telemetry has gathered a new recruit or a visitor in the meantime.

Hearing a voice out in the hallway - not very loud, given the solidness of the walls here, but then again Xiu Lin's talent is her senses - the small Chinese girl stirs and sits up a bit, waiting to hear that voice again. Then she purses her lips and slips from the bed, padding over towards the door, which 'shhh-ts' open like in those science fiction shows. She now holds the wet washcloth in hand, and peers out, blinking at the lights in the hallway. "Pardon me. Miss Firestar, I presume?" Already her mind is cataloguing a laundry list of items. "Telemetry had to go. We finished examining the captured helmet, and she has gone to the Avengers with all of our evidence." She glances about for a moment, and then extends her hand with a tenative smile. "I am Xiu Lin. Telemetry mentioned you when she asked me to join." When she pronounces her name with Firestar, there is a more distinct Chinese roll to the name, like the X is an Sz instead of 'Sue' as when she introduced herself to Angie in the park.

Surprised at hearing a voice that is not Telemetry's after a door opens, Firestar walks over towards the voice until she happens by Xiu Lin of all people. "Xiu Lin?" Firestar repeats, reaching to shake hands with the Chinese woman, before questioning, "so, it's Xiu Lin, not Sue Lynn? I wasn't aware we had a new New Warrior with us, welcome aboard," she reaches to remove her mask and smiles at Xiu Lin, "we've actually met already, but now you know my codename too."

"Actually, it is both, as it were. Sue Lynn is the aglicized form of my name. Spelling it that way assures that others reading it will understand how to pronounce it, and it tends to confuse American tongues less." See? She wasn't being dishonest or anything. But neither does she seem surprised by Firestar's unmasking. "Good evening, Angelica. Good to see you, though I am a bit surprised to find you here as a New Warrior." She'll explain, at some point, about how her gifts work, and why she wasn't so surprised - she's had all of two minutes to get used to the idea. "I have not actually chosen a 'codename' yet. Nor have I a costume." Heck, she doesn't even have pants at the moment! "I have been considering 'Yishi'. It is the anglicized form of the word for 'Awareness' in Mandarin - that's high or formal Chinese. It is the way I describe my abilities."

"I guess that makes sense, I've no idea how I may have read a spelling of Xiu Lin, but I can say it when I hear you say it," Firestar agrees, "I've actually been a founding member of the New Warriors, before Telemetry suggested reviving the team." Firestar considers Xiu Lin's suggestion and motions a thumbs up, "Yishi sounds cute! I'm all for it. So, why awareness? Is that your thing? How does it work?"

And so it is that Xiu Lin shall forever be branded 'cute'. As if she could escape it, frankly, especially being so tiny. "Yes, awareness is my thing. I am exceptionally aware of my surroundings. For instance, I was aware of your height, weight, build, hair color and the tonal quality of your voice from the moment I opened the door. So I knew whose face I would see when you removed the mask. It also enabled me to spot the tiniest details about the helmet you and Telemetry captured, so that I could gather the evidence needed to track it back to not only its owner but also that man's contact in the police department. Telemetry seems convinced giving this evidence to the Avengers will assure that these murderous bastards, the 'Right', will be caught and go to prison." Something, though, about what she's recounting is making her look a bit down in the mouth. Then again, what surprise would that be, all things considered? "It means I can always tell when someone lies to me, or is trying to be evasive. And when I fight, I can usually read what someone is going to do before they do it, and counter accordingly."

Firestar doesn't even realize she may have not been the nicest to Xiu Lin in dubbing her suggested codename as cute, but it just seemed so natural in the way it rolled off the tongue, it also helps that Firestar is utterly clueless when it comes to Mandarin. Listening to Xiu Lin describe why awareness is her thing, and how she was able to determine who she was even before she unmasked herself, Firestar looks genuinely impressed, "that is quite the gift, Xiu Lin, you have no idea how grateful I am to you, those people at the Right are the worst kind…so, welcome aboard, Yishi!"

Xiu Lin smiles, but it is a sad thing. The Right, what they have been doing, really affects her. Terrifies her, in fact. But she nods, slowly, a bit jerkily, and takes Firestar's hand. "Thank you. What these people have done … it sickens and upsets me, Angelica. Honestly, I've never thought of myself as a mutant. I knew I was different. But it just wasn't part of who I was or what I wanted to do. But now … now these vicious monsters are slaughtering anyone they can find. And they seem able to find even those who are not registered, which means no one is safe." Including Xiu Lin herself. "I can only hope what we have found is enough for the Avengers to shut them down, before more are killed." Damned depressing topic of conversation.

Angelica herself looks a bit somber as she mentions, "that school they destroyed, that Telemetry and I were investigating, that used to be my school. I know a lot of those who died there. These people are heartless, and they make me really mad. They make me wish I could protect everyone from any harm they may bring. I always felt bad about using my powers to hurt others, but I'd love to hurt them." Angelica admits, and shakes her head, "and that's what botheres me the most about them. They make me feel the kind of feelings I don't want to feel."

Xiu Lin gives Angelica's hand a squeeze. "I can understand that. I don't wish to feel the feelings I have right now, either. So … we will stop them. Stop them, and stop the power they hold over us right now." She smiles a bit. "Subject change? I was wondering if you had any thoughts. I suppose I will need some kind of … costume, or something? To go with that codename."

Angelica smiles at Xiu Lin's squeezing of her hand, appreciating the support, it has been a while since support has been so freely available. She's rather pleased that Telemetry decided to make use of the New Warriors' lab when she did. "I'm not the best person to ask, after all both my codename and costume were given to me by the White Queen. Hrmmm…I really loved the outfit you wore that day in the park, but I guess it's not really a special outfit to you, is it?"

Xiu Lin doesn't know who the 'White Queen' is, but it doesn't much matter: it means Angelica did not come up with it herself. "No, not really. That outfit is merely one of a half-dozen I made while I was living overseas and training." Not that she has any better ideas. "I cannot simply wear what I wear at work. But I will likely need something that can be protective, but very flexible. As you can well imagine, my powers are really no threat to anyone. I will have to fight the way I always have." With her martial arts. Not much against powered-armored butchers. "And I suppose I will need some sort of … mask?"

"You will most definitely need a mask, you have to keep a secret identity to protect those you care about…" Angelica immediately interjects, and then moves even closer to Xiu Lin, extending an arm towards her so she can feel the material of her own costume, "try and touch mine, see if you like it, it's durable, stretchy, but fits close to the skin and is very flexible. It felt awkward the first time I wore it, but it's very comfortable and has served me well."

Xiu Lin runs her hands over the arm of Firestar's costume, to experience that feel for herself. "I am not exactly a fashion designer. But I shall have to try to think of something. Is your costume protective?" With a codename like Firestar, Xiu Lin can well imagine Angelica doesn't need bodyarmor.

"I'm not a fashion designer either, but I like to look good, I could maybe get some of this material available to you. Or if sketch you a design, and have that made by somone who is professional," Firestar offers, looking as if she's trying to think of something for Yishi, but being stumped with 'awareness' as a theme. "Protective? Well, it doesn't get ruined from my aura…that's great! Otherwise I'd be naked everytime I fight!" She laughs it off, but honestly, she was very grateful to the White Queen for this costume.

Xiu Lin chuckles at that and shakes her head. "I doubt you would appreciate that." she teases gently, then offers a smile. "I will try to think of something. I confess, superhero costumes have never been a point of interest to me before. So I suppose I have a lot of learning to do." She'll look around here at the Crash Pad and at the library to see what she can find to help in inspiring her imagination on the matter. "I was thinking more about body armor. I wear a bulletproof vest when I have to go out in the field for work."

"Not at all, this costume is a godsend!" Firestar says with a big jovial smile on her face, the tone of conversation thankfully shifting for the better. "We just need to figure out what would look best on you, though, for protection I wish we had Night Thrasher still around. He had a pretty good set of body armor that fit perfectly for martial arts. There has to be some stuff about that in the computer, we could ask Telemetry to look into that for you."

"Then I shall ask her for help and see what she can find." Night Thrasher? Now Xiu Lin can see why 'Yishi' is 'cute'. Night Thrasher is something strong and projects danger. Not quite the same with Yishi. But then again, she's also not some big, strapping male, so maybe it still fits? "I'm sure we will come up with something."

Firestar laughs when she notes that momentary pause as Xiu Lin processes the name Night Thrasher, "he acts all tough but I gave him quite a scare when he tried to 'recruit' me. But that's a story for another time. I think Yishi is just perfect, you don't need to come up with Golden Dragon of Doom or anything to replace it." Angelica looks quite pleased with her admittedly not so great of a joke. "Telemetry will be able to help, I'm sure, it's all in the database, I just don't know how to access Night Thrasher's files."

"I do not think I would make a good Golden Dragon of Doom." Xiu Lin comments with a smile, accepting the joke for what it is, without rancor. "Well, my migraine has receded now. Why don't I get dressed and we can go find something to eat." And they can have that visit they promised. "We could even take your measurements for your outfit."

"I'm definitely down for that, we just restocked the kitchen, what do you feel like having? I'm personally having myself pizza, and there's no need for microwaving it either," Firestar seems rather pleased with herself as she starts to head towards the kitchen area.

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