2011 10 22 Finding The Right

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Finding the Right

Xiu Lin Tseng, Marina Zane

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Laboratory at the CrashPad

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Telemetry invites the latest New Warrior recruit to visit the CrashPad and assist with the invesigation into the Right


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"Thanks for coming." Telemetry says as she leads Yishi into the Crash Pad's lab. "I'll give you the tour later." On the far end of the room is a corner filled with half constructed computers, monitors, and tangled wires. All of it surrounding a square, stainless steel table. Atop that sits a bubble shaped helmet. Green in color, the odd design features on the front make it seem like it has a huge, almost comically grotesque smile. "Firestar and I were ambushed by five of these things." She indicates the helmet. "Well, five guys wearing this and the rest of the armor that goes with it. The press calls them "Smile Faces" and they're the Right's foot soldiers. The bastards that have been murdering mutant kids. Short ranged communications were easy to break into. Long range communications are encrypted and I'll have to hack them. I'm hoping while I work on that, maybe you can find some clues to give us more information."

Xiu Lin came when called, even if she did so nervously. She seems oddly skittish, in a way she wasn't when she met with Marina in her home. But the other young woman explained that this was important, and she came. After everything that is going on, she wants to help if she can. They met at a neutral location, and Xiu Lin has followed along without questioning as they reached the place Telemetry keeps calling the 'CrashPad', whatever that is. The diminutive Chinese girl's inborn natural curiosity has catalogued many things about this place, but all of that takes a back seat when Marina gives her something else to concentrate on.

Almost immediately Xiu's mind begins to analyze the minutiae about the helmet: battle scoring, mud and debris, blood and detrius. Though she is no cime scene technician, Xiu has been taking classes in forensics, and she understands basic procedure. She gets out the kit she put together and approaches the helmet, taking photographs to document as she begins her work, laying out rulers within field of view for documentation and starting to take samples on slides. "I should explain, I may not be able to do the analysis of some of what I find. We need a professional lab, especially if we want to use what we find in the courts to shut these … people down." She could try to get a lab tech at the NYPD to help, but she mentions it because she's betting it's at least possible Marina may have other connections which might be better. Or may have some way to get the data to someone else.

"This place has a fully equipped forensics lab." Telemetry grins as she says this. "Its pretty sweet. The database is comprehensive. I'm pretty sure Night Thrasher, the guy who founded the Warriors, stole information from the Avengers and SHIELD as well as the military." She watches as Yishi works over the helmet. There's blood. It can be typed, certainly. There aren't any usable fingerprints. There's gunk smudged here and there that's consistent with soil found in Massachusetts mixed with the remains of solid construction. Most importantly, however, there's a snapshot of a woman inside the helmet, taped there but out of the way of instrumentation and displays. The picture is of a naked woman in decent shape. Her head isn't visible but the rest of her body is. She's laying in repose on a bed and probably a natural brunette. Interestingly, there seems to be some sort of tattoo on her inner thigh. Something gold but its hard to make out due to the small size.

Xiu Lin nods, smiling. "I did notice that. And I believe I can use most of this. But for the results to be admissable in court, they have to be done by an accredited scientist in an accredited lab." But so long as she keeps the originals and enough of each sample, they should be able to reproduce her work and affirm it, if that's the way this has to go.

Being Xiu Lin, she doesn't just find the picture in the helmet. She finds sweat and saliva, and swabs both thoroughly, along with carefully extracting the photograph - clearly documented - and brushes it for prints, along with the webbing into which it was inserted. Then she scans in the photograph to blow it up and improve its resolution on that tattoo and other distinguishing characteristics. She has already catalogued enough from the photograph to give a decent approximation of age, height, weight, fitness, racial stock and even profession, not just from details of the woman like callousing and posture, but also the minutiae of her boudoir as visible in the picture. She'll also extract enough of each sample - blood, saliva, and sweat - to begin DNA typing, though that will take several hours to as much as a day to complete, depending not only on the equipment but upon her ability to look up the manuals here and figure out how to use them.

The DNA and saliva… all of that will find a match in the database. A man with a criminal record named Lance Caffrey. Telemetry finds the picture most curious, though. "Guess this is his girlfriend, huh?" When the picture is blown up? That's the most shocking, though. That tattoo? Its a NYPD shield. Complete with badge number.

It takes Xiu several hours to finish processing the helmet's DNA samples. She first can tell that they are all a match for the same person. Then she gets to spend time on the photo's details while the computers crunch on the DNA against databases looking for that match to Mr. Caffrey. "I would suppose. Marina, can you help me with the computer for a moment? I want to run a … search." She waits until Marina is there by her side before she explains her search. "I want to search the NYPD roster. Don't ask me why just yet. But I want to see the public dossier available on badge number 1873382." And when that comes back, Xiu's eyes get a bit wide. "Marina … that's the woman in the photograph. Our criminal murderer and terrorist with a record … is dating an NYPD officer. Who has the audacity to have tattooed her badge to her inner thigh." Xiu Lin does not sound like she approves.

"It gets worse than that." Marina's an expert when it comes to intelligence analysis. That was her job in the military, after all. She calls up the records. "First, this chick… Rachel Ginnis, is married and Caffrey isn't her husband. Second? She's listed as Caffrey's arresting officer in his first bust. Recently, she was transfered to the special crimes division. They have access to the Mutant Registration Database."

Xiu Lin … frowns. Really frowns. "So this woman is actually assigned to monitor and protect mutants who are legally registered, and she is connected, having an affair with, a criminal she herself arrested - so she has no excuse that she did not know he was a criminal - who is a mutant-hunting, murdering terrorist?" Yes. It is that bad. "I think we need to make sure that woman loses her job. And preferably goes to spend some quality time incarcerated where she has been sending others." A bit sickened, Xiu moves away from the computer and sits down, laying her face in her hands.

Marina puts her hand on Xiu's shoulder. "I think its worse than that. I think that this woman was passing information along to her boyfriend and that's how some of these kids were located." She squeezes her friend's shoulder and then says. "We need to pass this information along to the police and the Avengers."

Which is, in fact, why Xiu is so sickened, and what she had already assumed. It's why she feels this woman needs to go to prison, not just get fired. "I hate to say this, but we cannot give this information to the police blindly. We have no way to know which officers can be trusted, and which might tip her off. But I have documented every bit of evidence collection we have done. I am not an accredited scientist or in an accredited lab. But others who are should be able to replicate every step of our processes to affirm our data." She sighs, shaking her head. "I will assemble everything. I assume you have some means to get this information to the Avengers?" Those she met had no interest in her, so she has no way to get in touch with them again.

"Sure." Telemetry gathers up all the evidence, so lovingly and carefully entered into the database. Then she opens up a secure connection to the Avengers computer network - not something she can hack through but good enough to send priviledged data - and sends a burst packet out. "They'll have it all in three… two.. one… they have it."

Xiu Lin carefully 'bags and tags' and seals up every bit of evidence, including the helmet itself once Telemetry is done with her encryption hacking on it. And she gets out a cold storage mobile pack, and puts it all together. "You'll need to deliver this to them as well, so that they can give it to authorities they can trust. I … I need to lie down for a bit. I have a migraine coming on, and I feel nauseous." Granted, not all of that is coming from her powers. Some of that is coming fro her heart. Poor girl.

"Sure. I'll make sure it gets to them." Telemetry promises. "Come on. I'll show you to a room where you can crash." Because this is the crash pad. Get it? Probably not the best time for humor. Gently as she can, Telemetry guides Yishi to a spot where she can relax and get past her heartache.

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