2011 10 21 Rianna S Tour

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Rianna's Tour

Rianna and Havok

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Xavier Mansion

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Alex shows Rianna around the lower levels


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Havok can be found with his elbows on the railing looking down into the Foyer of the Xavier Mansion. It is here that he does most of his thinking or reflecting. At present he's wearing his X-Costume, Black and Yellow styled two piece with jacket. His chest bears the white glow indicating that he carries a plasma charge and is ready for action. No mask, no headgear, just blonde hair and blue eyes in reflection of recent events.

Rianna comes out of the hall, humming a bit to herself and looks over, "Oh, um hello." she says softly looking at him and giving a small shy smile.

Being pulled from his day-dream, Alex looks over his shoulder to the approaching new mutant, "Hey. What's up?" he presents in a casual tone while maintaining his posture on the rail.

Rianna shrugs, "Not too much really, was just going to look around a little," she smiles just a little, "Slept strange." she is still wearing her clothes with the bullet holes in it. They don't look slept in though. She glances around, "Big place."

With her indication, Alex nods and looks around the loft ceiling of the foyer and second floor landing, "That's what I thought when I first moved in too. You been downstairs yet?"

Rianna shakes her head, "No, just up here really." she says and shakes her head again, "Didn't get a tour yet."

Havok looks away as if he's hearing something in his head. A second later he'll smile and say, "Come on." as he pushes himself off the railing and heads toward the elevator. Once at the nearby elevator, he'll push the call button and wait for it to open.

Rianna follows him over to the elevator and raises a brow, "Giving me a tour?" she asks as she looks at him. She looks at the elevator as they wait as well.

The doors slide open and he steps in, the 'Girl from Impanema' plays on the small speaker within the ceiling of the lift. He pushes the Sublevel button and puts in a code on the keypad. The lift will descend once Ria is aboard. Alex will note, "I'll show you the downstairs, since you'll be doing your training down here."

Rianna nods her head, and seems a bit apprehensive, after all she hasn't seen it, and doesn't really know what to expect.

The doors open allowing Alex and Ria to depart the lift. There she will find a very different archetecture from that of above <see desc>. "If you haven't been briefed, guess I'm breaking the news to you now. This place is also the home of the X-Men and my team, X-Factor."

Rianna nods, "That part I have been briefed on, since I am one of the first new students here." she flushes just a little bit and is looking around in a bit of awe.

Alex starts walking, he waves his hands in front of doors to open them (as one would in front of a grocery store). As the door opens, he names the various rooms within, "Medical, when you get hurt you go there. Gym, just a place to work out. Mostly for the super strong. But there's also an indoor pool, track, basketball court, etc. Holding Cells, never go in there. Statis chamber, never go in there. Girl's lockers, boys lockers. Cerebro, never go in there. Read room, like a war room, never go in there. Several other rooms, bla bla bla. And finally the Danger room, this is the stuff." He actually enters the control booth of the danger room.

Rianna follows along, giggling a bit as he mentions don't go in there so many times.

"And here we are." Alex says as he starts flipping switches and powering up the vast metallic room beyond the windows. He points through the glass, "See that room?"

Rianna looks over and glances through the glass, "Yea?" she says and then raises a brow and looks back to Alex for a moment. "What's this?"

Pushing a toggle, the room beyond changes. Instead of a vast metallic room it becomes a vast jungle scape that they're looking down upon the canopy. "That." he answers. Still impressed with the DR.

Rianna blinks, "Oh.." she says as she stares for a moment, "THat is cool." she says and shakes her head as she looks. SHe is really stunned.

Alex will press another button, a door will open and stairs down into the jungle will appear, "Go check it out."

Rianna blinks for a moment again and then looks back at him, "Go down?" she asks and then nods her head and is a bit curious, so she does walk down those stairs and into the jungle.

Over a loud speaker, Alex continues to talk as Ria will exit the booth and descend the stairs into the steamy junglescape. Smells, sounds, feelings (hot/muggy) and so on are reflected in the overall feel of her new environment. "This is where we practice our powers. Where we get better with them and not fear hurting the outside world as we do."

Rianna shakes her head, "This is just wow…amazing." she says and giggles a bit as she feels and smells everything, "Never knew something like this could exist yet."

"It's a simulation, a force field and photon thing. Don't ask me how it works, it's alien tech and I let the big brains deal with that. Anyway, we can make targets, attackers, and have all sorts of engagements to practice."

Rianna giggles, "That just sounds really cool, a great way to practice without having to worry about hurting those I care about." she shakes her head again.

Alex will give her time to explore some. He'll take a seat in the control chair and check the systems. When she's ready she can exit the same way she entered.

Rianna does take some times exploring before she makes her way back up the stairs.

Alex is playing solitare on the computer terminal when she comes back up. "Pretty cool, huh?" He asks while trying to find a numerical/color match.

Rianna nods and smiles and chuckles as she finds him playing solitare, "Very cool." she says and shakes her head a bit, "Can't wait till I get to train in there."

"That'll be up to the instructors and what ever schedule you get on." He says while closing down the system. Returning the Danger Room to a metal box. He stands, "When I was here, we trained around the New Mutant's schedule.. every day, often two or three times a day."

Rianna nods and shakes her head a bit, "Yeah, also have to wait till my parent's ok things, though I really don't see them saying no. THey have always supported me since it first showed."

Alex stands and will start walking out of the room, "I guess you didn't meet with one of the girls about your clothing."

Rianna looks down at herself for a moment and then back to him and blushes a bit, "Um, no." she giggles a little.

Back to the elevator, pressing up, "I'll see if we can get someone to help you out there. At least until you get your stuff from your parent's place."

Rianna nods, "Well I should have some clothes arriving soon, from my hotel room." she says and shakes her head a bit as she moves to follow him.

Back up to the 2nd floor, the lift starts to rise. Alex nods quietly accepting her plan for clothing. "As for everything else, I'm sure you'll get the hang of it. There's a lot to take in. And a lot expected of you. So don't let it overwhelm.

Rianna shrugs, "I always had a lot on my plate, did dance classes and lessons until my powers started making me ackward."

Alex smiles leaving the lift once on the second floor. "Cool. So anyway, I'll catch ya later."

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