2011 10 21 Pardon My French

Log Title:
Pardon My French

Jeanne-Marie, Cyclops

IC Date:
October 12th, 2011

X-Mansion, NY

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Jeanne-Marie set a meeting with Cyclops, X-Men Team Leader, hoping to force an apology from Dr. Nemesis


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After a rather unpleasant meeting with Dr. Nemesis while

seeking the X-Men's assistance, Jeanne-Marie was livid and made up

her mind to complain about him. She eventually scheduled a meeting

with an X-Men Team Leader in Cyclops, and arrives promptly on the

dot to the X-Mansion's Foyer, wearing a rather displeased look on

her visage.
Unlike Jeanne-Marie, Cyclops is late. Whether the meeting

slipped his mind, or whether he intentionally delayed going

downstairs to listen to someone complain, the end result is the

same. However, he is apparently too conscientious to blow the

meeting off entirely. A voice comes over the building's somewhat

infrequently-used intercom system, the weariness evident in the

voice's tone. "Aurora, this is Cyclops. I'll be down in a few

minutes." And with that, the intercom is silent again, leaving no

clue as to where Cyclops is, or what he was up to.

The longer she waits, the more Jeanne-Marie's patience runs

out. At first she just stands there, then she crosses her arms, then

she starts tapping her foot impatiently. By the time the message

transmits over the PA, she's starting to pace back and forth in the

room, her visage twisted in an even more displeased state. "W'y

offened me on top of being late…" she mutters to herself, visibly

agitated by being called Aurora.

About ten minutes later, Cyclops makes his way into the

foyer. Although dressed in his uniform, he looks as if he's just

finished a workout. Perspiration clings to his forehead, and he

carries a half-empty water bottle in his left hand. The smile on his

face has just a hint of sheepishness to it as he looks at (or at

least turns his head toward) Jeanne-Marie. "Sorry about that Aurora,

I had a bit of a schedule overlap." As he strides across the foyer

toward the young woman, he takes a long draught from his water


Jeanne-Marie looks a bit taken back when Cyclops finally

comes down and looks as if he's just been working out, she does hold

from snapping at him, although she does hisses under her breath,

"you're extraimly late." It is, however, when he mentions Aurora

that her eyes glower angrily at him, "Jeanne-Marie, Cyclops, and zat

is w'y I sc'aiduled zee meaiting a'ead of time. To zee mattair at

'and, I want to complain about one of your taim, Dr. Nemaisis, 'es

tairribly rude. I come to ask zee X-Men f'r 'elp, an not only does

'e make lig't of me, 'e also littairs zee sc'ool, t'rowing apples on

zee floor. I 'ad to pick it up f'r 'im…" someone as she speaks one

cannot help but get the image of Jeanne-Marie as a stern teacher

infront of a classroom. Something in her nature.

"Right. Jeanne-Marie." Cyclops' tone is conciliatory, but

it's clear his interest in Doctor Nemesis' alleged rudeness is very

slight. He does, however, seem very wary around the cranky Canadian.

"I'm sorry, I don't really know Doctor Nemesis very well, but I'm

sure you must have misunderstood. He seems like a decent enough

person." He turns slightly away from Jeanne-Marie, glancing toward

the door. Another long draught is taken, leaving his water bottle

nearly empty. "The X-Men don't turn away requests for help. Maybe

you could explain what exactly you needed help with?"

"D'accord, Jeanne-Marie," the French Canadian woman says

while maintaining that rather unpleasantly scolding look at Cyclops.

"'ow do I misundairstand w'en 'e t'row apples on zee ground? Do you

encourage teac'airs to loitair around zee sc'ool? 'ow about asking

fer zee X-Men assistance, only to 'ave 'im mock my accent?" Crossing

her arms, Jeanne-Marie proceeds to look at Cyclops as if she half

expects me to just get Dr. Nemesis in there, pull him over his knees

and spank him. "I explained everyt'ing to zis so called Doctor, 'e

zaid 'e will leave a message on your fridge…zen 'e tells me to go

to dry cleanairs. It eez ridiculous, absolument ridicule."

"You still haven't told me what you need help with. Unless

you're seriously suggesting that I go check the refrigerator for

messages." Even though Cyclops' visor covers up a fair amount of his

face, enough of his expression is visible to make it obvious that he

would much rather be somewhere else right now. Pacifying borderline

hysterical women has never really been considered one of Cyclops'

skills. If anything, he tends to bring out the crazy. "Can I get you

a bottle of mineral water? I'm getting the feeling your pH level

might be a bit out of balance."

"Selene, s'e came ovair to Canada, town of 'afford, made

everyone t'ink zey wair living in zee 1950s. In City 'all, s'e 'ad

more people wit' 'er, only zey wair t'inking zey wair living in

Ancient Rome. Pagan times." Jeanne-Marie seems quite distraught as

she decribes the experience of having witnessed that, "s'e zen

suggested it all 'ad somet'ing to do wit' Belasco. I came 'ere to

look fer 'elp, Shaman was not available at zee time." She was about

to simply stress how she wants Dr. Nemesis reprimended or at least

be made to apologize to her, when Cyclops himself starts to offend

her quite a bit. "Excusez-moi? Are you suggesting t'ere eez

somet'ing wrong wit' me?" Jeanne-Marie all of a sudden looks a fair

bit more menacing as she takes a few steps towards Cyclops' personal


Cyclops has to listen a bit more attentively than usual in

order to catch everything she's saying. To his credit, he manages to

get it all without having to ask her to repeat herself. He

occasionally nods, and looks appropriately concerned. But as Jeanne

-Marie begins to invade his personal space, he leans forward to

assume a slightly more aggressive stance. Putting his free hand on

her shoulder, he applies pressure that could best be described as

gentle but firm. "You've clearly been through some stress, but we

won't be able to act on this information until you've been fully

debriefed. For the sake of expediency, I can have one of our

telepaths…" Cyclops pauses for just a second "… read your mind

so that we don't miss any details. Just for the record though, the

situation has been resolved, right?"

Jeanne-Marie may not be able to appreciate the effort it

takes from someone not used to her accent, but Cyclops is doing a

remarkable job catching it all on a first try without having to ask

her to repeat, which no doubt would have evoked more anger at this

point. When Cyclops lean in an assertive posture towards her

approach, Jeanne-Marie pauses her advance, and her head then whirls

to glare at the hand on her shoulder, "do not touch me," she snaps,

looking quite alarmed, as if there was something extremely wrong

with any physical contact with her. "Oui! Oui! Oui! Zat is not zee

issue anymore. W'at I want is propair reprimand fer zat Dr.


The hand is snapped back quickly and held in the air for a

brief second. It's almost as if Cyclops had gotten snapped at by a

dog and was holding his hand in place to show that he meant no harm.

"I'm going to be perfectly honest with you. What you're asking for

is pretty… unlikely." As his hand lowers to his side, Cyclops

relaxes his posture a bit. It doesn't look like he's in quite as

much danger of getting bowled over as he appeared to be a minute

ago. "Doctor Nemesis is an adult, and adults are allowed to be rude

in America."

"Unlikely? Et puis zut!" Jeanne-Marie snaps, quite

displeased with what Cyclops has to offer, "w'at kind of sc'ool are

you running 'ere zat staff like zat Dr. Nemezis can loitair, mock

people, and be altoget'er rude! C'est la folie!"

"A pretty good one, actually, when it isn't being attacked."

Cyclops pushes the bridge of his glasses up a bit and stares at

Jeanne-Marie with what could perhaps best be classified as an

impatient expression. As he lets his hand fall to his waist, he

glances at the wrist of the falling hand as if to check his watch.

But he isn't wearing a watch. "We're actually in the process of

retooling the school a bit, we could always use someone with a

teaching background to make sure the little scamps learn how to

read." He glances toward the door, almost as if he were hoping

someone would save him from the increasingly awkward conversation.

"Something to think about…"

"I am a vairy good teac'air, and I can teach geography,

religion, and bien sur, francaise." Jeanne-Marie says, for a moment

appearing like she'd actually consider it, after all it's been a

long time since she last taught and she loves doing that. However,

the matter at hand is too much of an insult, denying her actual

consideration of this offer, "'owevair, zis outrage I cannot stand

fer! Ou est la moralite!? I cannot teach a sc'ool zat does not 'ave

morals. I am a good Christian woman, and w'at you are teaching 'ere

is sin!" Her somewhat biggoted opinion given, Jeanne-Marie turns to

walk away, realizing she will not be getting any apologies after

all, and that Dr. Nemesis will not get any reprimand of any sort.

She is furious, but she can recognize a lost cause, having

determined morals are not in the curriculum at Xavier's School for

The Gifted.

Okay, well… thanks for coming by." Cyclops' eyes roll

partially behind his mostly opaque glasses. He makes no effort

whatsoever to stop the crazy lady, or to push his offer any further.

"Feel free to visit anytime." The last sentence is said with a bit

of forced cheeriness that manages to come off as almost completely

devoid of sarcasm. However, before she has made it to the door,

Cyclops has already turned around and started heading to the nearest

exit with the confidently purposeful walk of someone who has left a

cake in the oven too long.

Jeanne-Marie doesn't turn back, she maintains her persistant

withdrawl from the X-Mansion, throughout muttering incessant curses

in French under her breath. No doubt she was not at all pleased that

her complaints went unheeded.

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