2011 10 21 Mutant Massacre Part 16

AP: Magneto Speaks

Magneto, the self proclaimed Master of Magnetism, leader of countless mutant supremacists groups and would be world conqueror, spoke out today against the acts of Cameron Hodge, the Right, and those that would otherwise threaten Mutant-kind.

Magneto interrupted the general assembly of the United Nations this morning to make his presence and intentions known.

"The only truths that are self-evident are that all men are not created equal. Mutants are superior, Homo Sapiens-Superior to be exact. It is our destiny, given to us by evolution, to rule over the cattle that normal humanity presents. Mutants, hear me, join me. Rise up against those that would oppress you, that would enforce your registration, take down the flatscan human rule and let us replace it with our own utopian society. A society where we, the evolved, will oppress those that would see our undoing.

"My mutants, hear me. Seek not solace within the confines of the government that forces you to register, but seek out the freedoms that I, Magneto, can offer. A new society will soon be formed. One that will give mutants individual freedoms, the rights and liberties promised by the bastardized and warped Constitution of the United States. Soon you will have a place, a country, to call your own.

"As for the Right, Cameron Hodge, William Stryker, Graydon Creed. My people are coming for you. We will rend your limbs from your bodies, mount you on our walls as trophies. Do to you what you have done to innocent children. Mark my words, you will pay for your actions. Pay with your lives."

With that, Magneto exited the assembly abruptly and disappeared into the skies. The Avengers were soon on hand, however too late to capture the mutant terrorist.

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