2011 10 21 Mutant Massacre Part 15

Log Title:

Firestar, Telemetry, Smile-Faces

IC Date:
October 21st, 2011

Snow Valley, MA

Brief log summary::
Firestar hears of the massacre of the Hellions and rushes to investigate, her teammate Telemetry joins her as they investigate the ruins and run into an ambush


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From the Quad, most of what remains of the Massachusetts

Academy can be seen. Burnt out buildings, decimated lawns, debris

and all sorts of ruin. The area still smells of smoke, the ground is

still mostly wet from the massive amounts of water used to quench

the fire.
Beneath the burnt out Administration building, there's a

large crater where the Hellion's Complex once resided. The many

underground corridors sprawl out in many directions, some even open

to the ground level elsewhere on the property (cave in).
The entire area is fenced off and marked with no trespassing

signs. At present, there's no sign of security - yet the area is

still obscured with the still standing partial blackened walls of

many building remains. Dark clouds blot out the sun and the wind

begins to pick up. Yet, even in the leafless trees, birds still

sing, squirrels still scamper around looking for a nut, and just

down the hillside, the stables where Butterrum died are once again

burnt to the ground.

You paged Telemetry with 'Is it ok if I pose you kinda making me go

with you rather than on my own like my instinct would be?'
Telemetry pages: Go for it.

Firestar was distraught and mostly afflicted with unbridled

fury upon hearing the news of the massacre, she was going to explore

the ruins of the Academy on her own, but Telemetry managed to spot

her in time and remind her how she's once again working with a team.

True enough, at this point it is merely a duo, but they'll get more

recruits as they gather more exposure.
Right now Firestar is flying over the Quad area, drawing a

lot of attention for herself as in her emotional state she can't

control the wild flaring of her fiery aura too well. She is angry,

she wants to hurt those who did this unspeakable crime. As she

surveys the damage, she can't help but think that whoever did this

has certainly outdone her own damage, when she specifically targeted

the Hellions' training facilities just a few months earlier. Only

whoever did this, wanted death, and it looks like he or she got just

"Can you imagine Telemetry!? They were all kids!" Nevermind

that Firestar is pretty much a kid herself as far as most adults

would concern, "I can't believe anyone can harbor so much hate for

another, some of them were good kids, Telemetry…they didn't

deserve to die, and definitely not like this! Just you wait, when I

find that ugly, evil demon responsible…"

Telemetry doesn't fly. Not on her own. She's capable of it,

of course, but today she's created a throne-like chair to do the

flying for her. She zooms along beside Firestar and listens like a

good friend but she is also multi-tasking. Telemetry is tied into

police bands and as many security and traffic cameras as she can

hack, watching for signs of the Right or something worse. It won't

be too long before this spot becomes a memorial. Already, there are

flowers and pictures being set up on the edge of the grounds.

Terrorists like to target those who are mourning.
"I'm not going to tell yo unot to take revenge but you have

to consider really hard how far you're willing to go." Telemetry

Birds go silent with the approach of something else that

flies, likely some sort of glowing red predator - then there's that

flying recliner. The birds just have no idea. But the squirrels do.

They take their nuts and go home.

"I remember this place so well, but looking so different, no

matter how hard it was, I spent a considerable time of my life in

here," Firestar more or less states in a manner that Telemetry can

hear, but isn't exactly conversing, more or less she's talking to

herself aloud. "It would be a lot easier if I knew exactly who was

reponsible…I think, I have no choice but to go see someone."
As it looks to her from the air that the area is mostly

clear of threats, Firestar swoops down for a closer look, flying

about the ruins, shaking her head and muttering quiet protests and

curses at the heads of those responsible. She is clearly not too

focused at the moment.

"We do know who is responsible." Telemetry notes. She calls

up a good summary of the incident. "The Right. A 'human first'

terrorist organization with access to high tech and power armor."

She follows down behind Firestar, though she doesn't get out of her

chair. "Firestar, they aren't going to get away with this. The FBI,

the cops, even the Avengers will see to that."

The ground is mostly covered in ash, raw dirt, burnt

cinders, and black mud with puddles here and there. All seems quiet.

The dark clouds threaten to rain within the hour, the wind whips

through around 10 miles per hour. There's a chill to the air (68

degrees F and dropping).

"We do!? Great! Who is it, and where can I find him…them,"

Firestar corrects herself as Telemetry explains to her how it is a

group behind it. "Human first, huh? Too bad they aren't humans, but

monsters." When Telemetry mentions how the Avengers and FBI and cops

and everyone will not let the Right get away with it, Firestar

doesn't look satisfied, "I want to get them myself!"

"I understand." Telemetry says. She sets her chair down and

begins scanning the area. Looking for any traces of communication.

Maybe the butchers left behind a communication device she can use to

trace them. Probably not but… "We'll do what we can, Firestar.

I'll help you."
Suddenly the area is engulfed in a horrific noise. A sound

attuned to induce in humans; nausea, vomiting, dizziness and

disorientation. The entire campus suffers this racket.
Then all around the quad, from beneath the loose soil, ash,

and debris, 5 Smile-Faces leap out of the ground and take to the air

with their rocket boots launching them upward. Their weapons

targeting the two girls and in the next round, bullets will begin to


Firestar turns to look at Telemetry, and from that look, it

seems she appreciates how Telemetry isn't trying to lecture her and

just accepts her need for revenge and supports her decision. That's

what having a teammate should feel like, having support, someone

else to be there with you and for you. She missed that feeling.

"Thanks, Telemetry, I needed to hear that."
Then comes the terrible noise, and Firestar feels quite

unwell, taking immediately to the air, "oh, this is nasty! What the

heck is going on!? Can you make it stop, Telemetry!?" For now she is

too busy feeling sick to really pay attention to the Smile-Faces,

istead she gathers altitutde to get away from the nausea inducing


"What the hell..?" Telemetry throws her hands over her ears

as the horrible sound rises through the air. Luckily, the integrity

of her constructs isn't based on concentration. The chair doesn't

move. Or vanish. Or melt. Still, its all she can do to throw up a

shield overhead as the armored smile faces fly up into the air. "…

dammit… not… the time…. to puke… like it was… boot


Bullets begin to make large pock marks in the ground,

drawing trails to where Firestar once stood. Five rows of two cross

in the middle of the quad and then start raising up through the air

trailing Firestar's ascent. Luckily the Smile-Faces were in a

pentagon shape, so their bullets do not catch one another in cross

fire situation. They too rise into the air, matching Firestar's

pace, their loud speakers resonating the sickening sound from all

directions around the heroine.

"Oh, no you don't…you know what? I was trained right here

to deal with pieces of trash just like you!" Firestar growls her

fiery aura glowing brighter and flickering more wildly, as she

maintains evasive maneuver, but surprises the Smile-Faces chasing

her with the occasional and surprisingly accurate blast of firey

bolts, "I won't forgive you for any of this!" She's clearly not at

her best, a bit jarred by the nauseating noise, but she's so fueled

with anger, the White Queen of several months ago would be jumping

for joy. Funny how in the end it didn't even take manipulation to

get Firestar in a killing mood.

"I… huh." The noise stops and now the armored guys are all

chasing Firestar. "I don't know if I should be insulted or not." She

mutters. However, she's not sitting idle. Even if she is sitting.

She has hard data interfaces up and she's in the middle of scanning.

Scaning. "AHA!" She smiles. "Found your frequency, bastards. Now…

let's see how good your programmers are." She begins running

algorhythms, seeking to hack into that lovely, all too computerized


In a pentagon (each Smile-Face occupying one of the corners)

around Firestar, the Smile-Faces are focused entirely on taking

Firestar down. They match her ascent, they bombard her with

destractive sonic waves, and their shoulder mounted .50 cal's are

brought to full bare upon the fiery heroine.
The hail bullets (if allowed) will strike her damage shield,

they will mostly melt, however, the melted slag will still strike

her body doing minor damage (blunt force trauma, not penetrating).

As if getting hit by several baseballs thrown by a minor league


In the meantime, Telemetry will find a means to hack them

individually. The process will take a round for each Smile-Face

suit, but it can be done. Shutting them down would be her best and

main option.

"They're only going after me," Firestar exclaims the

obvious, but that's all good and well, gives Telemetry all the time

in the world to do her technology bit. Firestar has already gathered

or at least assumed her pursuers are using tech based armor, and if

what she learned from Night Thrasher is true, perhaps there's a

chance she can disrupt them with a strong emission of microwaves

directly at them. As they are conveniently enough encircling her,

She just extends her arms and legs in a cross form, and starts

blasting out radiation with abandon, "see if you like the taste of

this!" Throughout her effort, she gets peppered with bullets that

largely melt from her fiery aura, but some of the slags make it and

rend holes and cuts in her custome, while she remains aloft,

gnashing her teeth and wincing in pain as she keeps her focus on

generating the radiation in hopes of disrupting these Smile-Faces


"One little two little three little armored bigots.."

Telemtry sings to herself. She presses a holographic button. A power

suit shuts off. Down. Down. Down. Down goes a Smile-Face. Right to

the ground. CRASH! Boom! BAM! "Let's see you shoot anyone with your

armor locked in full diagnostic mode you son of a bitch."

The number 1 (12 oclock position) attacker falls out of the

sky. His armor shutting down doesn't give him any options but to

strike the ground 50 feet below with a hard, bone jarring (and

breaking) thud. If someone was near to him they might be able to

hear his screams through his helmet, because it's not coming over

the radio - it too is switched off.

Number 3 (4:30 position) attacker is struck by Firestar's

microwave blast. Her intensity is such that it will strike the

target and do some penetrating damage to the battle suit and the

pilot inside. He is struck in the left upper torso causing his hail

of bullets to swing wildly to the left and strike number 4 (8:30

position). No injury is taken by number 4, but he is distracted and

won't be able to concentrate his fire like 2 and 5 do upon Firestar.

Turns out that Firestar's gambit failed, her attempt to use

her natural disruption of technologial devices as an attack proved

useless. Either she hasn't the capability, or needs to learn how to

properly channel her powers to create the effect beyond a natural

disruption that her body emits, but for all intents and purposes,

she failed in accomplishing what she wanted. There's a hefty price

for such failure two, because while Telemetry took care of one

Smile-Face, and Firestar managed to microwave another with a deeper

layer burn to get him to fire at a teammate, she has been sustaining

constant hits of melted slags against her body, getting new tears in

her costume throughout, and eventually the sonic — nasuea inducing

attack — gets to her and she vomits, before suddenly plummeting

towards the ground. At first she plummets at great speed, but

eventually manages to perform enough thrust to soften her fall. She

still crashes to the ground with a loud *THUD*, and cries in pain,

curling on the ground after her fall.

Telemetry is tough. AIR FORCE tough. Which means that she's

resisting the urge to spill her breakfast on the ground at this

moment. It helps that she's sitting down. "Damn." She mutters. "This

is starting to get to me…" She leans back in her chair and

activates her code once more, shutting down another of the Smile-

Faced bastards.

The target (#3) Firestar initially struck with her attempted

special attack is just now starting to have effects. His armor

sparks and the jump jets cut out. His sonic generator goes out and

he starts to fall. His speaker relays his voice as he is heard

saying, "Oh crap!" and will plummet to the ground, also hitting hard

since his suit completely failed.
Numbers 2, 4 and 5 will start to spiral wide downward toward

the descending Firestar. Bullets will stop a moment until they can

get a re-lock however the sonic attack continues. It'll be somewhat

diminished until they get closer.
Number 4 suddenly plummets and crashes down in a wayward

skid. Thus leaving 2 and 5 to contend with the mutant and mutant


Firestar is in pain from her fall, despite managing to cut

it just a tiny bit with some heat thrusts. Just starting to shift,

she gets up on all four, before throwing herself sideways to avoid

getting squished underneath a falling Smile-Face. After throwing

herself out of harm's way, she remains on her back, struggling to

catch her breath, her aura barely existant around her as she gasps,

"Telemetry…try…stop…that sound," she pleads, finding it hard

to recover with its affect making her ill and weak.

"It'll stop in a moment." Telemetry's not doing so well

herself, to be honest. She just needs to put up a brave show until

they leave. She grabs the disc from her shoulder and tosses it. The

data construct shapes itelf into a bowl to cover Firestar. Telemetry

sends a command to her chair, ordering it to shift into a bubble.

She leans back in the bubble and stares at the two armored figures,

pretending to type on her little holographic laptop… even though

all she can really do right now is force herself NOT to puke.

The remaining two Smile-Faces start to launch their .50 cal

barriage again. Large holes are made in direct lines toward the

force field that Tel erects. Luckily the bullets strike the shield

at exactly the same force that the shield can resist. Both power

suits strafe by and then pick up speed flying off toward the east in

an attempt to escape. Thus leaving their 3 fallen comrades behind -

they're no Marines.

With the sound fading upon the retreat of the Smile-Faces,

Firestar starts to recover, sighing as she realizes she could have

been killed if Telemetry wasn't there with her. "Thanks, Telemetry,

you pretty much saved my life." Struggling to her feet, she pouts,

and the expression of self-guilt is evident on her face, "I should

have been stronger…Ms. Frost was right, she may not have had her

heart in the right place, but she was right…" starting to walk off

towards the fallen Smile-Faces, she looks at Telemetry, "you think

they're alive? You think we could question them?"

"Don't know." Telemetry's force field constructs vanish,

returning her suit as simple discs. "I'm sort of dizzy here. Let the

cops question them if they're alive. I just need one of the helmets.

I've got their frequency now. With a helmet and their comm

equipment? I can track them. I know I can."

The three battle suits lay there, inert. The other two are

already outside the property. Off in the distance, if their ears are

clear, they may hear the approach of police vehicles to investigate

the disturbance.

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