2011 10 21 Mutant Massacre Part 13

"Extremists" there's no other word for these people. Official reports note that the two captured Right operatives were able to ingest cyanide capsules before being questioned.

No new leads have been discovered since the initial or subsequent attacks on mutant children in the past 24 hours.

Local government has contacted the registered mutants and offered them protection in the form of a secure location where they can take shelter until the threat is over. This location is undisclosed, however officials suggest it's one of their safest.

A public service announcement suggests that all other mutants should seek registration and the safety of the local government. Mutants can register themselves at the local post office, courthouse, or police stations. Registration is the law; a law that offers safety to not only the mutant but those around him or her.

If you have any information on the Right, Cameron Hodge, or any other anti mutant terrorist activities, contact your local law enforcement or dial 1-800-4-MUTANT.

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