2011 10 20 Sympathy For The Devil

Log Title:
Sympathy for The Devil

Angelica Jones, Emma Frost

IC Date:
October 20th, 2011

Hellfire Club, NYC

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Having heard about the Hellions massacred, Angelica is distraught, she sought Emma Frost to let her know she will seek revenge.


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Emma's cellphone rings, and if she picks up, she'll find a very emotional sounding Firestar on the other end of the line, "Emma!? Emma!! Is that you!? Are you okay!? What about the Hellions!? What's going on!? Who did it!? Why!?!?" She's talking at a hundred miles a second, but she's clearly distraught, "I went over to check on the Academy and it looks terrible! Where are you? Can I see you?"

In spite of herself, Emma had dozed on the bed in her chambers, the events of the past few days having caught up with her at last. The phone drags her slowly from her slumber, and when she opens it, her voice is still a bit muzzy from sleep. "Hello..?"
She winces at the sudden torrent of emotion and words, needing a moment to recover before she can add, "Angelica, please, slow down… It is I, yes, and I am unharmed. Physically, in any case. I… cannot say the same for my poor Hellions…" she says at last, softly. "I am in New York City, and safe for the moment." For a long moment she falls silent. "Please come…" she whispers, something brittle in her voice. "I am at the Hellfire Club… I will give you directions and arrange for you to be admitted."

"I'm glad you're unharmed…NO! All of them!? Sharon!? James!?" Angelica asks specifically about the ones she thought were the most deceived, cringing at the news on the other side of the lines, Emma can already hear the crying mixed with anger. If only that happened some months ago, Emma may have been pleased, "what kind of evil people do this!? I…don't know what to do, what to say, I want to hurt them so badly!" After going on and on, she suddenly realizes Emma replied, "what? New York City? Yes! I'd like to come, is it okay if I come in costume? I don't care if someone tries to hurt me, I will make them pay!"

"Bring your costume, but it would be best if you don't arrive in it… not everyone here is as friendly toward you as I am," Emma replies, softly, trying not to hear Angelica's tears and rage. It might send her over the edge again. "It's a high-class establishment, so best wear something dressy. I'll leave instructions with the staff about admitting you. Say that Miss Frost is expecting you, but don't give them your real name. A few higher up will know who you are, and I don't want them keeping you out."
She falls silent again, then finally speaks. "Please be careful, Angelica… enough of my children are lost. I could not deal with losing you, too…"

"I'll find something I can wear, though you know my family isn't all that well off, just me and my dad here," Angelica says once she managed to calm down enough, "I'll be right there…," and indeed some time later, Angelica arrives at the Hellfire Club, dressed in a rather mundane black dress by the Hellfire Club standards, but it's the best she has. When she arrives at the door she explains that Miss Frost is expecting her, should she be asked for a name, she'll just give Wendy as a name.

"Wendy" is admitted with only minimal delay, and a short while later finds herself admitted to a very plush, if nearly sterile-feeling bedchamber by Emma, in full White Queen regalia, even if her cloak is a bit rumpled, looking as though she might have slept in it.
Emma only speaks after the door is closed behind Angelica. "'Wendy'? Cute," she observes, with a tiny smile. She looks tired and a bit drawn, a suggestion of the toll the last two days have taken on her, as she draws her cape about her and gestures toward the bed and the armchair. "Have a seat, wherever you like. I can have some refreshment brought up if you wish," she offers, softly. "Thank you so much for coming…"

As she finds herself before Emma, dressed as the White Queen, Angelica stops in her tracks for a moment, staring at Emma in silence. "I had to come up with a name, the story of Peter Pan came to mind, so I went with Wendy. A little more believable than Tinkerbell or Tiger Lilly," the words jarr her out of her momentary flashback, as she eases a bit and slowly approaches Emma, "it's weird seeing you like this again, and know that I came here to see you're alright after the disgusting news. So horrendous, I can't believe how evil people can be. It makes me so angry…" she finds herself a chair to sit on, shaking her head at the offer of refreshments, "I don't feel like eating or drinking at all. "I had to come, I flew by the Academy earlier, hoping to find something, anything, but I couldn't…seeing the destruction, I didn't know what to do." While she already knows better, she still murmurs, as if to verify, "it wasn't the Black Queen behind all that, was it?"

Emma smiles wryly, tiredly, drawing her cloak about her more tightly. "I'm sorry, Angelica… I should have changed into something else, probably. But I didn't have the strength, or the drive to do so. I'm in a terrible state… there are times I still catch myself thinking that I'm late, and that I must return to the school. And then I remember…" She hugs herself through her cape, shivering.
"No, it was not Selene… I was a bit surprised myself, but she has been surprisingly supportive through it all," Emma adds softly.

"I don't blame you for not being up to anything, Emma, and it's really none of my business what you're wearing…" almost as an after thought, she adds, "the Hellfire Club, is this where you were going to take me for the ball? It looks so amazing, I wish I could have a look not under these circumstances." Getting up from her seat, Angelica walks up to Emma and actually embraces her of her own volition, "this should have never happened, I want to find out who did this, and I want to hurt them real bad…" Angelica almost sounds as if she's making a promise, "anyways, I guess I should leave you be, but I wanted you to know that I care about this, no matter our past, and if you're going after the ones responsible, I want in!"

Emma blinks in surprise as she's embraced, biting her lip on a sob as she returns it, her cloak falling back from her shoulders. She's actually trembling as she hugs her former and favourite student, and it's a long few moments before she can release the embrace. Angelica may even feel her reluctance to do so, her need for companionship, in spite of her resolve. The trauma of the last two days has drained her considerably, and her control has suffered some for it. "Angelica… I remember our last talk, and I want you to know that I've long since forgiven you for anything you've done to me… just in case I wasn't clear last time. I… I want you to be careful, no matter what you do. I think you or I are the only ones that have much of a chance against those people…"

Angelica maintains the embrace for as long as Emma lets it go, eventually drifting back from her when Emma regains composure, "I remember it as well, it's mostly why I feel safe to be here with you right now. Otherwise I would have acted on my own. I want payback for this, Emma, and I want to do it with you if you'd let me." She nods at the warning given to her, and peers towards the door, "I will be careful, and you be too, you're the famous woman suspected of being a mutant, nobody knows about me. My father is waiting for me back home, I told him I am going to help a friend with her homework. I should be heading back," Angelica pauses to look back at Emma again, "just remember, please work with me, because if you don't I'll do this on my own. I can't describe how angry this makes me. I'm glad you're okay, and I'll wait to hear from you, Emma, sorry I have to cut this short," she'll delay a while longer to see if Emma wants to say something more before heading her way.

"I wish you could stay…" Emma whispers, releasing Angelica, blushing as she realizes that she said it aloud. "And here I am, being selfish again… twenty-three innocent children are gone, and two hundred others traumatized and without a school, and all I can think about is how I don't know if I can handle being left alone tonight." It is a human craving, and Emma sometimes seems to deny her own humanity. "I will keep you in the loop, Angelica. I will try to act soon. I have a press release to make, and then I hope to see to at least some of these so-called Right… I have plans for them, oh, yes…"
Yet as Angelica pauses, Emma rises and embraces her, almost desperately, biting her lip on a sob she can't quite keep down. "I have a handful of students left, and all have been instructed to go to Professor Xavier if I don't return. If I fall, promise me you'll do all you can to survive… please…" She swallows hard, trembling. "You are perhaps our kind's last hope, if they slay me… but most of all, I cannot lose you again, Angelica…"

Something resonates with Angelica when Emma expresses a fear that is very familiar to her, "do you want me to call my dad and ask for permission to sleep over? I can stay the night with you, if it would help, I totally understand." Angelica, once again, shows her capacity to understand and seek to aid others. Something that has always been a part of her. Both individuals in this room know how suspicious and perhaps still resentful of Emma Frost she is, and yet she offers to help her in her time of need. "Professor Xavier was a very nice man when I 'met' him and his X-Men, but I don't think I'll be going there. I've been leading my own life, without people telling me what to do." She stops by the door, still waiting to see if Emma would ask her to stay, "I'd hate to think I am anybody's last hope, I don't have the best of luck, but I do know people will pay for this massacre. Whatever happened, for whatever reason, you taught me well, Ms. Frost, and I am going to use what I learned on these soulless bastards."

"Charles would have liked you," Emma whispers. "Perhaps you are a better last hope than you know. Better than me… because you are not a monster, and never have been. I have begun to see what Charles dreams of, and I have even considered helping him to make it real, if I live. But there is no room for me in the world he dreams of building, even if he would do all in his power to include me. It is his way."
She tightens the hug briefly. "It's dangerous for you to be here… I shudder to think of what would happen to you if they found me here. Twenty three of my poor children, powers all, are dead now because of them. But I cannot be alone… I'm sorry, Angelica. Please stay…"

"I think he does like me, he is a nice man, I just want to do my own thing. Maybe I'll talk to him if you'd like me too," Angelica murmurs, and nods when Emma admits she needs the companionship, she reaches for her cellphone and makes a quick call to her dad, tells a fib, and arranges not having to return that night. "I'll stay with you Emma, I'm not cold hearted, and I fully understand, now do you want to talk about anything? Or just sit on the bed and hug?"

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