2011 10 19 Mutant Massacre Part 6

Local News: Another Mutant Body Found:

The second in a series of mutant assassinations, a young woman named Elanor Sandford was found dead just south of Peachtree and Glen near the Bronx railyard. Her body was riddled with the same caliber of bullets that took the lives of twenty-six bodies in Snow Valley and one in the Bronx. Officials are scrambling to put a stop to the seemingly random acts of violence against mutant kind before any more lives are lost.

Elanor Sandford was a quite 16 year old girl with the whole world ahead of her. Her mother, Jamie Sandford, and her father Steve Sandford admitted to the press that their daughter was a mutant. One of Elanor's high school friends, Max <last name not given> told reporters, "Everyone loved Elanor even though she was a mutant. She wasn't a terrorist, didn't want to destroy society and she even went to church. Heck, her power was that she had spots all over her body. I mean really, how is that gonna threaten anyone?"

The death of this young girl is nothing less than tragic. The people, the evil that would dare take the lives of our children is beyond forgiveness. It is the hopes of this reporter that those which perpetrated this act will be brought to justice, swiftly.

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