2011 10 20 Mutant Massacre Part 8

The recent wave of mutant and villain activities is an atrocity. The safety of the great people of this city has been compromised time and again. New York is the pride of America, a metropolis of dreams, art, theater and business. But now, unmentioned in the countless ads to visit our great town, silenced in the brochures for tourism, we find that New York is now nothing more than the stomping ground of villainy perpetrated by mutants and the inept forces of super beings who claim to have our best interest and safety in mind. There may be jokes of us being gruff, of being impersonal, rude, but nobody in the world can say we're without the common sense to believe such blatant and misleading bunk spit out with as much care and concern as used gum. Yes, our town is home to the Avengers, a great team, but where are they? If not out seeking the glory of world protection far from our streets, they're locked in a mansion or battered and bruised from the greater efforts put forth and as such, frequently useless and unable for our safety. The Fantastic Four? Yes, a mighty group of heroes, but they're off shooting movies, shopping or visiting conventions for technology. When was the last time you saw them out among the common man saving lives and protecting humanity? I can't think of a single incident in months.

I ask the people who else do we have to stand as a ward of protection, a saint to save us from the waves of diseased, power mongering mutants who take their personal aggressions out on the city? We're left with vigilantes and rogues as bad as Spider Man and the New Warriors. They're reputation is no better, and in the latter case they've been investigated, arrested and even put on trial for their actions. Bloodshed and mayhem follow in the wake of both rogue elements leaving us to suffer by their actions, or their inaction at the hands of villains no one seems capable of putting in prison for any length of time, assuming they even manage to be apprehended in the first place.

How long do we have to wait for our city to take some action to protect us? Yes, there is a minor attempt at enforcing the local version of the registration of mutants, but our fine officers in blue are no match for them, and their lives are on the line enough without trying to apprehend rogue mutants who wish to set out city ablaze and tear it apart at the seams. We can't find safety in our homes anymore.

We are the common men and women of this country. We are the very foundation of our constitution. We came to these shores to flee persecution, tyranny and terror at the hands of those who would force their whims on us purely out of malice and the fact they had greater powers. We formed our great union as a stand to uphold the truest nature of equality under God before all mankind, to be a beacon of hope and purity. And it would seem our government, taking no action to stand for our protection, to curb the mutant threat, has at last fallen to the rot that infected the empires of old. We suffer by their inaction. We suffer by their silence. And in silence, we die. Shameful, frightened. We have taken the huddled masses from afar, only to cower beneath our own beds now.

This can not continue. The Right acts out of fear for the future. fear that our personal liberties will be lost.

We are God's chosen. We are the free, the material that built a great nation, that saved the world from those who would enforce their greed and power on others so long ago on the shores of Normandy. We are not to be tossed aside out of fear. We are not to be left to die alone and scared. I call on our mayor, on our governor, our representatives in the House and the Senate, on our President and the government that stood for liberty to take action at once. The world watches. The world waits. Our children fear and mothers grieve. When will we be safe?

Graydon Creed

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