2011 10 20 Mutant Massacre Part 11

What is being called, "Open Season on Mutants" has taken a more deadly turn when several gathered mutants were openly attacked in Central Park by the terrorist group the Right.

Police were quickly on the scene to find one mutant dead, one injured. Of the 5 Right battle armor suits that attacked the children, 2 of them were downed and taken to Mercy General by police. Reports are still coming in about the battle armor. Initial information suggests the men within the armor are ex military that were swayed into anti-mutant rhetoric and beliefs.
Havok, leader of the government team X-Factor was also on the scene. With his direction, and the help of the other mutants, he was able to take down two of the five 'Smile-Faces' (battlesuit wearing members of the Right) and drive off the other three.
The young woman who lost her life was a mutant identified as Irina (last name unknown). She possessed the ability of four mouths that could sing beautifully as any choir. Her mutation was nothing that could threaten live, liberty or the pursuit of happiness. Why was she targeted? Why was her life taken? The Right seems like the everyday bully, picking on the small guy. Where are the X-Men? When are they gonna kick the Right's metallic backside?

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