2011 10 20 Mutant Massacre Part 10

Log Title:
Attack in the Park

Havok, Rianna, Choir, Rusty, Boom-Boom, Leech, Artie, Wiz Kid, the Right

IC Date:

Central Park

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The Right attacks a group of mutants, one dies.


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A beautiful morning in the park, the birds chirping, the squirrels looking for a nut, the morning sun still trying to warm the otherwise chilly area. The recent cold-snap earlier this week forces the joggers, bikers, bladers to dress in longer sleeves and spandex pants. The walkers have taken to lighter jackets and wind breaks. Just off one of the more public areas in a secluded concrete alcove surrounded by benches, five youths have gathered to have secret meetings. In this case, it's potentially believed that the meeting is a mutant meeting. Two of the children are grossly malformed (one is green with a large head, the other is pale white with white eyes). One is in a supped up wheelchair and then the remaining two seem normal except for their clothing (a male wearing cargo pants and a superhero top of red and yell, and a female wearing clothing that she pulled off the rack from 1983). <Artie, Leech, Wiz Kid, Rusty, Boom-Boom>

While some consider her to be a deformed mutant, Irina was not invited to the meeting and the scarf covering her throat keeps her mutation of multiple mouths hidden from the general public. Off to a different area, the young songstress dressed in the humble clothing of a vagrant stands atop a ripped up cardboard box and begins singing a sad-like dirge. Her voice, or voices coming from her, sing out the sad harmony almost forboding of the day that is to come. She seems sad as she sings, a few people gather and watch, but her sad song causes most to frown, sulk, or simply walk away.

You paged Choir with 'Remember, your job is to save Wiz Kid. This is going to be glorious, like when they killed off Cypher.'

Rianna just happens to be in the Central Park today, still sightseeing per say. She has her camera around her neck and has a windbreaker to keep the wind from making her too chilly. She is strolling along one of the paths which puts her close to where the group is meeting, but she does get distracted for a moment as she hears familiar voices.

Havok received word that he needs to make his presence in the park known to the general populace. That X-Factor is still around and that people can hopefully feel safe - even from collateral damage. He wonders why him though, he's the king of collateral damage. But he still does it. In his X-Factor uniform, Havok moves through the park and into the open area to take notice of the mutant club, actually recognizing a few of them. Yet he remains paused several score of yards away.

From the sky, the roar of jets are heard. Flying in at incredible speeds, with the sun to their backs, 5 Smile-Faces are seen swooping down toward the 5 gathered mutant children. Budda-Budda-Budda-Budda goes their machine guns. Large slugs tear holes in the pavement making rows toward the children.

Rusty (the male in the cargo pants and super top) yells, "Everyone, get down!" as he calls forth a large ball of flame between his raised hands. That fire-ball is launched toward the Smile-Faces causing four of them to veer off in a dodge. One stays on target, is hit by the fireball and shrugs it off .

Artie and Leech hold hands as they rush off into the bushes.

Boom-Boom moves to the side and starts forming glowing balls in her left hand, dropping them into her right and then throwing them at the scattering Smile-Faces. In her action, she seems confident and focused. Her lips start counting down without verbalization.

Wiz Kid pushes the stick forward on his rocket wheelchair, but nothing happens. A panicked look crosses his face and he starts to get nervous, "Uh guys? Guys, my chair is stuck!"

Wiz Kid is about to become Swiss Cheese-Wiz Kid if he's not saved.

Her final song is cut short as the sky lights up with robotic smiley-faces, fire blasts, and Boom Boom's balls. Choir looks to see what is happening and finally realizing just what is about to happen. Fear strikes her nerve. Her first instinct to run, but spotting Artie and Leech. Compatriots in the deformed mutant department. She blinks and just runs. Running for her life, towards the battle, scarf dropped. Three extra mouths from her neck are revealed with each mouth yelling out "Help!" "Stop!" "Leave them alone!" While three mouths, it sounds as if an army of people are screaming out trying to get attention to people to assist. She makes it towards Wiz Kid and attempts to push at the rocket wheel-chair to get it to move. With that singular goal, she pays no attention to what is going on around her anymore. "Must move him!" She utters with her own mouth in her own voice.

Rianna blinks and just stares. Her eyes go wide and she shakes her head, "Nooo.." she mutters and then sees Irina in the middle of things too, only met her the day before but..she doesn't think about it at all. She is over there and trying to shield both Irina and Wiz Kid with her own body as she clenches her fists. The concreate of the alcove under the girl's feet starts to crack, "Get him out of here," she stuters as she watches the things with the guns, hoping this works.

"What the hell?" Asks Havok as he hears and then looks up to see the descending Smile-Faces. Havok then notes the situation, seeing that the kid in the wheel chair is taken care of, Rusty will take down the middle guy and Boom-Boom will give support. Havok chooses to blast the far left Smile-Face as it banks wide. His hands clasp together and he releases his plasma discharge with a FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! toward his target.

Rusty gathers another fireball, larger this time and releases it toward the descending Smile-Face. It is deflected off the armor.

Boom-Boom dodges to the side as her tiny bombs explode in the air around attacker number two and number four.

Attacker number 3, the one that descends toward Wiz Kid/Choir/Rianna starts releasing his barrage of .50 cal slugs. Pock marks strike the ground 10 feet in front of Rianna, making automatic fire trail into her position then over and behind her to where Wiz Kid is being pushed away (his wheels are locked, so Choir will push him very slowly and potentially leaving herself in the line of fire).

Attacker number 1, the one that Havok targeted is blown out of the sky by the plasma blast. He is hit so hard that he spins and careens into a statue of some political figure from days gone by.

Attacker number 5 will circle to the right and toward Havok, his .50 cal launching slugs toward the X-Factor leader.

Artie and Leech are in the bushes no more than 30 feet away from the assault. Meaning, everyone with powers (in that small group) is just outside Leech's area of influence - he shuts off powers.

With the wheels locked, her mouths begin muttering the lord's prayer when Rianna seemingly appears from nowhere to block them from harm's way. "Thank you." Irina quietly in her voice as she follows the order that was given and continues to push with her meager strength and finally spotting the locking mechanism, she reaches to unlock it herself as Wiz Kid is too nervous to do it. Finally releasing it, she gives it a good strong shove to get him on his way when caught in the line of fire, bullets ring out at her striking her ankle, knee cap, lower right arm and ripping through two of the three mouths on her neck. A loud shrill ear piercing scream like the howl of a dying wolf emits from her many lips as Choir falls prone on the ground blood and tears dripping everywhere

Rianna blinks as she sees the bullets striking and then going to continue past her. She clenches her fists even as most of them glance off her skin somehow, tearing her clothing. She sees Choir go down and screams in frustration. She does the first thing she can think of and that is grab one of the benches and rip it out of cement if it is secured throwing it at attacker 3.

The noise Choir makes when she goes down, the scream distracts Havok enough that he's unable to get his shot off toward his new attacker. Instead, he aborts to a dodge and will roll to the side and allow the flying attacker the ability to miss him and pass unhindered.

Rusty sees Irina go down, he winces and leaps away.

Boom-Boom grabs Wiz Kid's chair and drags him toward the bushes while screaming her denial of the moment.

Wiz Kid manages to get the chair to do as he commands, hits the rocket thrusters and zooms toward the bushes, subsequently knocking Boom-Boom to the side where she spins and hits the ground.

Attacker number 1 is down and out of the fight. Unconscious against the statue.

Attacker number 2 whips around and will go high instead of trying to attack Havok, he will dodge up and away from attacker number 5.

Attacker number 3 laughs over the loud speaker as he yells, "Got one!" and zooms over the trees that were behind the gathered mutants. He'll be turning back around to make another pass.

Attacker number 4 has banked and will be coming in for another strafing run at Irina, Rusty and Boom-Boom who are all still somewhat gathered at most 10 feet apart. The budda-budda-budda of the .50 cal starts to rattle and pockmarks strike the concrete making a row toward the three heroes.

Meanwhile, police are rushing from otherplaces in the park while onlookers are ducking for cover.

A low hum of a small choir singing a sad like eulogy for Choir from her last functioning mouth on her neck as she lies there. It is a small choral hum that goes loud enough to be heard and fill the park area around her body. Pooled in blood and tears she spots Wiz Kid make it to safety and she closes her eyes as her swan song is played.

Rianna screams a bit. Some might notice some red spots where the bullets hit and she does wince slightly when she moves, first time being shot at after all, but she doesn't seem to really have been harmed. She growls as the bench she had grapped went wide when the attacker turned and hears the starting of another. She will try to block Choir from getting hit anymore with her own body.

Having dodged; As the Smile-Face zooms over Havok the hero clasps his hands together again and launches another plasma blast "FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!" at number 5. His focus is mostly to take out all the attackers and hope that the other people can handle themselves. He calls out, "GET CLEAR!" to those that are coming under fire.

Bullets tear up the concrete, Rusty dodges to the right, he's winged in the thigh by concrete shrapnel. He yelps, rolls and gets clear.

Boom-Boom moves toward Havok's location, but only out of movement's sake as she throws a large energy bomb toward attacker #4. It explodes in the face of the Smile-Face and causes him to lose control of the battle suit. Instead of pulling up, he collides with the ground on the other side of Choir's body, skids several yards along the concrete and then into the bushes. He's now unconscious.

Attacker number 5 is blasted by Havok's plasma, knocked upward and tumbles in the air into attacker number 2. Attacker number 2 grabs number 5 and then flies upward yelling, "5 is down, let's get outta here!"

Apparently number 3 agrees as he continues rocketing away over the trees and doesn't intend to make another pass.

Choir is dead.

Rianna doesn't realize yet that Choir is dead, but sees them starting to head off. She glances over towards where the one crashed into the ground nearby, "Irina they are." she starts to say as she turns and looks at the girl she met the day before, and freezes.

Havok sees his handywork and will start running toward the recently downed Smile-Face, he doesn't have much faith that Boom-Boom's bombs would take him out completely. He will skid into the body with his knee onto the bad guy's back and grab the helmet with his hands with the intention of ripping it off.

His voice is commanding, "Put pressure on the bleeds!" as he intones toward Boom-Boom and Rianna. Someone call 911!"

With 3 of the 5 Smile-Faces gone and 2 down for the count, Artie and Leech start making their way back toward the scene. People with powers will quickly realize that their powers are fading.

Rusty rips a bandanna out of his pocket and moves toward Choir's lifeless form with the intent of helping stop the bleeding.

Boom-Boom crawls over to the downed mutant and looks for what she can do, but she's panicked, unclear of how to handle what just happened.

Havok rips off the helmet, finds the commando conscious and about to act. However, Havok has the 'drop' on the bad guy and can easily punch him unconscious.

Police race onto the scene, asking all sorts of questions and will be taking over the situation. They'll be summoning rescue services but will be far too late and also will be taking the remaining Smile-Faces into custody.

Bystanders look on with wide eyes, aghast at the scene that just unfolded. Some have their cell phones out and were filming the entire event.

Choir is still dead.

Rianna blinks and shakes her head. THe concrete of the alcove is cracked where she stepped though she sways a bit as she feels her powers start to fade as she starts to return to normal. She blinks and then realizes all the cellphones and starts to look a bit panicked. She will answer any questions she is asked, but she mostly is in shock.

After punching the guy unconscious, Havok will turn and approach the police. He'll gladly take control of the situation and play middle man between the boys in blue and the mutant children present. Havok will talk to the police and sure up any issues that may be had. Giving those that want to run the opportunity and whatnot.

Rianna shakes her head and does manage to go and sit on a bench and just stare at where Choir fell, she is a bit shocked still but is starting to recover.

After the police interaction is over, Choir's body taken away to the morgue, and loose ends tied up; Havok will approach the remaining mutant on the scene, Rianna. Taking a seat on the bench, he too will look at where Choir fell. His voice assured in his statement, "I can take you into protective custody if you've got no where to go. A few of the others will be joining me there later this evening." - confident that where he's offering is a safe place.

Rianna looks at him for a moment, "Maybe it would be for the best. My family is understanding but I don't want them hurt." she says and then sighs, "I might be alright, but they are normal." she says and looks down at her bullet ridden clothing.

Havok stands, "Call me Alex." he states while remaining next to her waiting for her standing and joining in their departure.

Rianna does stand and nods, "Rianna." she says and brushes off her clothes a bit, "Where are we going?"

"First my jeep, then someplace safe. Come on." and Alex will start walking toward the nearest parking area where his jeep will be found and then a trip north out of the city which will be likely without words (due to the horrific nature of the incident) and finally the place of safety.

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