2011 10 20 A Drink At The Bar With No Name

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Drink at bar with no name

Hyrdo-Man and Sandman

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Bar with no name

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HM and SM bump into each other at bar with no name


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A dark, dank, and dingy place. This isn't a place for the uppity-up's to come for a brew and a laugh. The air is musty and the stench of cheap cigars loom in the air that resembles a foggy haze on the bay. The far left wall of the room is a large fake wood bar with many tattered bar stools always occupied by the mercenary and bounty hunters that fill up his place. In the center of the room large tattered pool tables cover up most of the rotted out wooden floor.
Over to the right of the room, several old tables wobble around as chipped wooden chairs seat men and woman alike of the crooked kind. The very back of the room hosts a large caged area. Within the cage a phone, fax machine, and computer are constantly on the go as jobs for the Mercs come pouring in. There is a small window on the front side, and this is where Patch hands out the assignements and snatches his cut.
The atmosphere is low and grim, shouting continues through the day and night as 'naughty' words splash against your ear drums. Large amounts of people come and go here daily, large and small, skinny and fat. Dressed in dingy and grungy clothing, packing large weapons and looking grim and gritty. This isn't a place for the weak of heart or the good of soul. If you don't fit in…run NOW!

Hydro-Man is sitting at the bar, a drink is in hand. Find the bar with no name as one of the few places someone like him came hangout with out getting arrested or draw attention to himself. Plus, the bar keep does not allow fights to take place within the bars wall. Stirring his drink alittle.

Sand seems to seep into the door and slide across the floor and begins to accumulate by the legs of the chair that Hydro-Man sits and attempts to teeter it over from behind as Sandman begins to reform in the seat next to him, giving a wink to the bartender on duty placing a finger on his mouth to the patrons who eye him suspiciously. "Just bein' playful is all with my old buddy, Bench."

Hydro-Man starting to fall back, taking his drink with him. "…hey…!" Reaching his free arm out, grabbing the edge of the bar. Flowing himself from the stool, to an up right standing position. Shimmering, back to his human looking form. Turning to look over at Sandman, "Hello William…are you sure you should be in this place…wouldn't want to tarnish your white hat you been wearing lately"

The patrons and bartender get ready to act should a fight start between the two elemental manipulators. Sandman waves his hand peacefully in the air, "No fightin' and last time I checked. In my day, I did a lot more than anyone in here ever did." He eyes everyone as they back off, but are still prepared to act should they need too. "Hey, this is just a bar and I am just havin' a drink with an old friend, right?" He pats Morris on the back a bit hard but enough for Morris to take with no pain.

Hydro-Man slides another stool over, thinking he was here first so he isn't giving up his spot. Sitting down, sipping his drink. Taking a large gulp and swallows. Looking side ways at you. "What happened to you, Flint…you used to be someone someone who was repected and now your on the other side of the fence…does it pay well?" Not that his last action ended so well, never did get that girls purse.

"Awwww…now I know you got watery powers and stuff, but you are sound in a bit weepy there, Morris.” Sandman laughs as he waves his hand for his old standby of scotch neat. The bartender nods as he pours the drink, "I gotta say. Its n ice havin' a steady pay check without havin' to try and steal without Spidey up my ass. Why dontcha try the straight and narrow and then compare?"

Hydro-Man turns in his stool, to face you. Putting his glass down on the bar. "No it means your soft just like the play ground sand your made out of it…when you do what we can do, you take what you want from the world because you can. You couldnt handle Spider-Man so you took the easy way out, went to the police and I am sure you ratted out all those you could to keep yourself out of jail."

Meeting Hydro-Man eye to eye, "I don't see you havin' defeated old webhead. I got my deal because I wanted to do somethin' other than grovel for the little crap you get on burglaries and robberies. I mean, really, Bench. Robbin' a girl for her purse." Laughing as he gets his drink and slams it down, "Who's the one who can't handle it? You couldn't even grab a purse. You're no better than a two-bit. If that."

Hydro-Man snorts alittle and brings his fist down against the bar top, "You never mind the purse…that was me just scarying a kid. We would have finished it Sandy, if you had not summoned back up. You need your friends for…" raising a hand, making qoute sign with two fingers "moral support".

"Oh, scaryin' a kid is much better. It was two dames. Not even dames. Girls. Come on." Sandman laughs in Hydro's face as he making the quotes for moral support. "At least, I got friends. I don't see no one in here, backin' ya up. Face it. You are literally washed up. Which has got to suck for someone with water powers." Gesturing for another drink, "And ya had your chance on the bridge, Morris. Ya got beat. Face it, loser. You are a nobody, if ya ever was anybody before. Ya seriously might want to do join the other side. I mean maybe the New Warriors might be lookin' for some new meat. Or maybe I can talk to Sable to gettin' ya on the Wild Pack."

Hydro-Man frowns, "Washed up?!?" Growling, "This coming from the man who has nightmares about vacuum cleaners…" Closing a his hands into fists, "I do not need a job from that silver hair bitched…and yours is coming William, I can promise yo…you won't see it coming when it does. Going to wash you out to sea like the sand on the beach!" Standing up, raising from the stool. "The Avengers aren't going to be here to save you"

The bartender holds his hand out and shakes his head at Hydro-Man and mouths a no as he forms his own hands into a fist. Sandman smiles and does not even bother to give Hydro-Man the respect of looking at him, "Ever notice every time the water comes theres still sand always left." Shaking his head and laughing, "Man, ya can't even get a frickin' metaphor, right. And hell I thought I was dumb, but man ya make me look like the freakin' Vision when ya talk.” Sipping his drink this time, he finally turns to face Morris, "Here’s the deal, Hydro. Yer gettin' all upset about a rivalry. Thinkin' ya can turn me bad again or beat me. It ain't happen yet and it ain't gonna happen."

Hydro-Man looks at the bar keep, frowning. "I know the rules…been coming here a long time…" Turning, to look at Sandman. "Words…you talk a good game, but we will see if you really have what it takes to back it up" Turning, moving to and out the door as he shoves his hands into his pockets.

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