2011 10 19 Zoo Story

Log Title:
Zoo Story

Choir and Rianna

IC Date:
October 19, 2011

New York Zoo - New York

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Choir gives an impromptu performance at the Zoo and Rianna gets to know her


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Having changed from events earlier in the day, Rianna is once again out sightseeing. The teen girl has her camera in hand and only her hair being damp is a sign of what came before. She is taking pictures of the animals as she goes by, stopping now and again to watch a few of them.

Near the entrance to the zoo a raven-haired young homeless girl has set up a little tin cup with what appears to be large bills inside of it. Irina clears her throat which is covered by a large scarf. Suddenly words pour out of her. Singing as if backed by a choir, the teen sings her little heart out as people stop, even the animals who are particularly noisy seem to stop as the choral performance is played out by the solo busker.

Rianna does have her attention drawn by the singer and drifts over that way to watch her, even take a picture. She listens and does toss a bill into her cup.

Nodding to Rianna, the singer continues to sing unusually well and harmonizing in a capacity no other singer can as it sounds as if multiple voices can be heard, but there is just one girl. At the conclusion of her song, the patrons at the zoo clap and applaud and then go about their business without offering any money. She sighs and grimaces as she bows taking her can and pocketing the money. Looking for the sole charitable person in the zoo, Irina spots Rianna and walks towards her waving meekly.

Rianna does smile and applaud herself, "That was nice, how do you do that, tape recorder?" she asks softly as Choir comes closer to her. She is quite curious and it does show, though there is something that says she is a little shy too.

Offering a smile as she approaches, Irina shakes her head, “No it’s all natural.” Proud of herself and beaming with an appropriate reaction. “Thank you for the donation. You were the only one ot give money. And it goes to a Sister Theresa’s shelter, so if you don’t mind giving me your name, so she can include it in the Sunday bulletin.” Looking towards all the other zoo patrons, “And as nice as that was. It appears to be wasted here.”

Rianna nods, and then blinks, "All natural?" she asks, and forgets to give her name, "I..how?" she shakes her head, since it did sound like more than one.

“Yeah, I guess I lucked out in the blessings department.” Irina offers, but frowns slightly as she clutches her scarf, “Not always a blessing…like today at the zoo. But lately I’ve gotten a fewe hundred dollars, so I must be doing something right.” Or perhaps it is the situation she is in. Either way she does not complain. “I’m Irina.”

Rianna does focus on the scarf for a moment and then offers her hand, "I am Rianna." she says softly, "A pleasure to meet you, "Do you do this frequently?" she asks softly.

“Every day a few times a day.” She grins, “Nice to meet you, Rianna and again thank you for the donation.” She bows, “A pleasure to meet you too. Taking the hand and shaking it with loose grip, “I thought this would be a good spot with all the tourists, but I was wrong. I guess they can afford a trip to New York City, but not to help out.” Irina shrugs.

Rianna shakes her head, "Its hard sometimes from what I found to find someone who wants to help." she flushes, "At least you can use your blessing to help." she looks down for a moment and then looks back up. "It was really beautiful."

Blushing, Irina looks down a moment and to the side at some monkeys swinging from trees, “Well, thank you.” Returning her gaze to the girl before her, “So, I don’t think it was raining today? Why is your hair so wet? Shower and run out of your house?” Irina chuckles softly.

Rianna blushes and then shakes her head a bit, "No, someone threw water at me earlier." she says and shakes her head again, she doesn't comment that it was fired like a firehose from his arm…but still.

“Oh wow. People are so rude. Ugh!” Irina appears disgusted as she looks at some of the people around here, “Sometimes it really is crazy in this city. I was chased by three guys yesterday in the park. Sometimes humanity can be such a sad thing.” She lets out a long exhaling sigh.

Rianna cocks her head to the side, "It was something like that today." she shakes her head. THis guy tried to steal another girl's purse, she ran behind me, he blasted me with water." she shakes her head, "Why were they chasing you?"

“He blasted you with water? From like a water-gun or super-soaker?” Irina seems intrigued when Rianna recounts the events from earlier, “They were just jerks, really. IT was alright though. I got away and some girl actually helped me and beat the scared them off. She did a number on the leader too.”

Rianna shakes her head a little, and looks back and forth, "No, he was a mutant or something." she says and doesn't seem bothered by it herself but she does drop her voice give public view.

Seeming even more disappointed. “That really sucks. For every nice mutant there are like a hundred bad ones that make the good ones get killed or hurt.” Irina clutches her scarf a bit tighter. “Just sad and upsetting really.”

Rianna looks at her and the scarf again and nods her head, "I know what you mean, makes me want to do something about it, help the good ones fight the bad ones." she shakes her head a bit.

“Well, that is nice of you.” Irina half smiles, “I wish I was as courageous as that. But it is tough for mutants or to be friends with mutants too. Especially with the recent attack at that school I read about in the papers in this morning.”

Rianna looks down and away, "I…yeah." she says and shakes her head, "I want to be courageous, given what I can do, but…" she bites her lip, "Yeah heard about that, that is just…wrong."

Visibly perplexed at something Rianna said, Irina blinks and questions, “Given what you can do? What can you do?” Irina eyes Rianna a bit as he holds onto the scarf a bit tighter.

“Oh you’re a mutant?” Irina perks up a bit and smiles. She said that in a low voice as she lifts her scarf a bit to reveal the multiple mouths around her neck and throat, “That is how I am able to sing and do some other stuff. I am a mutant too.” Having met other mutant teens she has been in New York, she is not so shocked. Since it seems only mutant teen girls are the ones who give her money for her performances.

Rianna nods and then smiles a little, "Yeah, nothing visible for me though." she looks and nods, "THat is cool." she says, "I can just….well can weigh a lot, or weigh a little. It does let me do other things." she is speaking softly.

“I’ve met so many mutant teen girls this week. And the girl who saved me yesterday was a mutant too. She had claws and was a helluva fighter And kinda rude too.” Irina hehs to herself, “Actually all the ones I met were rude.”

Rianna blushes, "Really?" she asks. She shakes her head a little, "I try not to be rude, I really do." she sighs a little, "Still have problems now and again and don't want to hurt people." she flushes.

“You mean with your weight control powers? I guess I am lucky enough that the only person who my powers hurt are myself.” She shrug, “I always have to hide my neck before I get attacked or things thrown at me or killed.”

Rianna looks at her and nods, "Yeah, though I get stronger and tougher when I weigh more, and can…pass through things when I weigh the least." she shakes her head and looks at her, "If I am not careful or get scared my weight has shot up, I crack cement when I walk and things like that." she bites her lip.

“Well, I guess that could be difficult breaking cement and floors and whatnot, but overall that is so cool. I’d switch with you in a heartbeat.” Irina jokes, “Don’t worry I wouldn’t wish the extra mouths on anybody.” Noticing that Rianna seems slightly nervous. “No need to be nervous and stuff. No one is paying attention to us.”

Rianna nods and shrugs a little, "Well floors. Yeah if I accidently went up in weight while in an appartment building I would end up on ground floor quickly." she flushes, "Did that to my home." she shakes her head and looks at her for a moment, "Suppose can see what you meant."

"Well thank you again for the donation, but I have to get back to the shelter. It was nice meeting you, Rianna." Irina leaves the zoo.

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