2011 10 19 Sherlock In Miniature

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Sherlock in Miniature

Yishi, Telemetry

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Xiu Lin's apartment, Lower East Side

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Telemetry approaches a possible recruit for the New Warriors.


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The apartment is humble and small, but perfectly well suited for a single occupant to make a home. Situated on the third floor of a five-story building on the Lower East Side in Alphabet City, it's cheap by comparison to a lot of places in Manhattan, but it's not rent controlled. The building isn't the best, but it isn't the worst either. The residents seem to care enough to keep things well maintained, and that tends to discourage too much in the way of gang activity around the block. Just enough that the place is liveable.

The occupant is home this evening, a rarity at times for this one. She tends to spend a lot of time out, far more than is strictly necessary for her job. She spends a lot of undocumented overtime hours around the NYPD, helping out in any way she can, and not just as a translator, though that is her job function. She seems willing to take any scut work they're willing to let her have, whatever her reasons. At the moment, the young occupant - records indicate she is a mere nineteen, rather young for living on her own and already on the NYPD payrolls - is just finishing cleaning the tiny kitchen after dinner, and is heading back to the multi-use 'living room' to settle on the sofa and look through some files that appear to have been 'liberated' from the NYPD.

7:41. Marina Zane knows that this woman, Xiu Lin Tseng, is home. How does she know? She's been watching the apartment from the rooftop across the street for five hours now. Statistically speaking, this woman has been involved in an odd number of unusual crimes. Even for a NYPD translator working the Chinatown beat. When the woman arrives him, Marina gives her thirty minutes to get settled. Then she makes her way down into the alley and pulls on a pair of jeans and a USAF sweatshirt over the Telemetry suit. Once that's done? Across the street Marina goes. She rings the apartment.

The tiny occupant of the apartment glances up as her buzzer bell sounds. 'Who could that be?' is writ large across her face. But she hops up to her feet and pads over to the comm unit anyway: it is the polite thing to do. "Hello?" she sends down, curiously. She's not going to buzz in anyone until she has some idea who this is. She's not /the/ most security conscious resident, but she isn't blind reckless either.

"Hello. Ms. Tseng? My name is Marina Zane. I want to talk with you about your work with the police." The voice that comes up is devoid of an accent. Nothing regional at all. The sort of speech pattern one would expect from the anchor of a national network news show.

The voice is young and female, but also regionless. Somehow that puts Xiu on edge a bit. She doesn't quite know what this means, but she's sure it means something. She takes a breath, and then nods to herself. "Alright. Come on up, then." She buzzes and then pops open her door, exiting the apartment with keys in hand to crouch down near the open stairwell and look down. She wants a sight of this woman before she gets up here, and she wants to know if she comes in alone. Just in case.

Marina has pulled down her hood and goggles, so the costume is hidden. Sneakers complete the outfit. The only betrayal? She's not wearing any socks, so the skintight Telemetry suit might be spotted below the cuff of the jeans. She walks up the stairs, heading for the third floor.

This Marina Zane person comes in alone, and she is not visibly armed. Xiu spots enough to still be nervous, but not to run. She backs up into the apartment and closes the door softly, waiting for Marina to arrive at the apartment door and knock before glancing out of the peep hole and then opening the door. She stays on the balls of her feet, ready to react as quickly as she can if this turns out to be bad.

"Ms. Zane? I am Sue Lynn Tseng." She pronounces it 'Zeng'. "Please come in." Xiu is in civvies, as Marina had seen already. No sign of her association with the NYPD, and the files are no longer on the coffee table.

"Thanks." Marina says as she steps inside. She gives a cursory glance of the apartment but her attention focuses quickly on the woman she came to see. "I don't want to take up too much of your time so I'll get right to it." She stands just inside the door. "I'm part of an organization dedicated to fighting crime. I think you're handier at that than the NYPD would admit."

Marina may not have Xiu's talents, but even so it's not hard to see she's tense at the moment. She offers a brief nod to Marina as the other woman promises not to take up too much of her time. But her expression gets very blandly neutral - other than her very wide eyes - when Marina mentions that she might somehow be handier at fighting crime than the NYPD would admit. "Fighting crime is a job for law enforcement agencies, Miss Zane. Do you represent one of those? A state or federal agency, perhaps?" she questions. She doesn't deny, but neither does she admit what Marina has said is true.

"I was a member of the United States Air Force." Marina says, touching the logo on her sweatshirt, "However, no, this organization I'm involved with isn't endorced by any official group. I'm a member of the New Warriors. A group of young heroes. The sort of with special abilities and powers."

Xiu Lin arches her eyebrows a bit at that. Holy crud! Some sort of Avenger-type person is in her apartment! And this lady seems to be implying she'd like to recruit Xiu Lin. That's just insane! "The New Warriors? You're a member of the New Warriors. Whatever do you want with me, Miss Zane? I can assure you I'm no Firestar in the making, whatever you believe."

"I don't know for sure who you are but the truth is, the New Warriors aren't what they were." Marina shrugs her shoulders. "They've disbanded. This is a new team. Being put together by Firestar, actually. The old team was lacking in brain power. We could use a detective. I'm going out on a limb here but I trust my instincts."

Xiu Lin considers that for a few moments, processing everything that is said, and a whole lot more. "I am not a detective. I am a translator. But I will not deny that I am trying my best to become a better investigator, and I do hope to become a detective someday." It's the kind of forthright honesty most folks would never expect.

"Well, we're not the Avengers." Marina points out, "So, there's something to be said for still learning. If I wanted a pro detective I could liberate some funds and pay for a private eye. I want someone around our age who can work well in a group."

"'Our age'? Well then, I suppose you are well aware of my age." Or rather, Xiu Lin's youth. "Might I ask what it is you are wearing under there? Is it one of those special fighting suits from the papers?" Yes. She noticed.

"You've got a good eye." Marina says, smiling. She's pleased. "No. This is a suit of my own design. It gives me special abilities but its primary purpose is to allow me quick and easy access to wireless forms of communication."

"I imagine that could be quite handy." Xiu Lin comments with a smile. At her age, Xiu Lin grew up with computers every day of her life, and she knows how to use them. But she is nowhere near as attached to them as many of her peers. It's more imagination for her than certainty. "Does that include the wireless internet?" That would make this woman an invaluable font of information.

"Yep." Marina says quite proudly. "Most wireless signals these days involve that. Wifi or one of the cellular data networks. Though it also includes basic cellular communication, radio, television, too."

"That would definitely be very useful. Am I to take it, then, that are you some kind of 'hacker'?" How else would Marina put that kind of interconnectivity to use? Xiu Lin smiles. "I imagine some would think you'd have no need for a detective, with those sorts of talents. The television shows make it quite clear." Yes. She's teasing, gently. "You believe that I can be of use to your New Warriors, Marina?"

Marina's smile blossoms. "Some kind of hacker, yes." One of the best in the world but she's not the sort to brag. Well, not in this situation anyway. "I wasn't sure before, to be honest but you figured out I was wearing a special suit based on meeting me for five minutes. Yeah. You can be of use."

Xiu Lin demures a bit. "It really isn't that impressive. The suit shows at your ankles, as you are not wearing socks. And the line and lay of the top doesn't quite seem accurate to the shape I would expect given your face and neck. That and the very light electrical charge you carry were enough to make it a likely guess." Still, she's not saying no. "I must warn you: I may be well trained as a martial artist, but I am not nearly in the same league as the likes of the New Warriors or the Avengers. I imagine I will be a bit of a liability in those situations."

Marina laughs. "Not all that impressive said Holmes to Watson. Sure. Yeah." She shakes her head, obviously bemused. "And you'd be surprised at how much martial arts can do out there. The team was originally founded by a guy who was essentially a kung fu master on a skateboard."

"Wushu." Xiu Lin corrects off-handedly, purely out of instinct. "I am not a master. I have never taught, and that is required for one to progress into the ranks of Master." She won't say she has no talent. But she is modest. She also hasn't really pitted herself against others in competition since 'retiring' from that when she was fourteen. It's hard for her to really imagine how much better she may have gotten in that time. "If I were to accept, how would this work? I honestly would have no idea where to begin."

Marina slides her hand through her hair. "So far? Its me. You. Firestar. We have a base. Loads of tech. Crime lab and everything. We get together. See what we can figure out. Play it by ear. I don't have a real plan."

Xiu Lin considers this curiously. "I see. Well, I am not sure quite how to play this by ear. But whatever I can do to help, I'll do my best. Perhaps we can develop a plan if we all work together?" She pauses, a slightly distant look in her eyes. "Oh, my. I suppose this means I need to think of some special name, then? Like Firestar?"

Marina considers that, then nods. "It isn't a bad idea. The superhero suits and names can seem a little silly but they do serve a purpose. Protecting identities. Simplifying names in the field for battle commands. That sort of thing."

Xiu Lin nods. "I will have to give that some thought. I have never considered anything like … well, like this." Obviously. Who really thinks about something like this before it is brought to them and into their lives? "I suppose we will need some manner of communicating. Would my cellphone number be useful to you?"

"I already have it." Marina admits. Cellphone numbers, so long as they're actually registered to a person, are fairly easy to find. For someone of Marina's skill level at least. "But I should give you mine."

Xiu Lin fetches her phone, giving Marina a bit of a smirk. Naturally, Ms. Super Hacker has already pilfered her number. If she didn't have it before she came in the door, being this close she'd surely have it now. "Go ahead." She puts the number into her phone, and puts Marina's name with it. "I suppose we should also plan to arrange a time when we can meet and visit this special base?"

"Call me when you're ready to visit. I'll meet you there and let you in. Add you to the security. Its pretty good. As soon as I'm done with it, it'll be better." Marina glances down at the cellphone. She resists the temptation to download its contents into her suit's memory. "I should go for now. Let you digest."

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