2011 10 19 News Stories And A Phone Call

Log Title:
News Stories and a Phone call

Revelin and Phantasm

IC Date:
19 Oct 2011

Revelin's Apt / Baxter Building

Brief log summary::
After watching some troubling news stories on TV, Mike calls up Revelin to check on him and Chenda.


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Although not much of a tv watching person, even Mike watches it occasionally. Unfortunately today is one of those days in which he has turned it on. And so he's seated, in the rec room of the F4 headquarters, staring at the screen. Frowning as a certain reverend makes a speach. "Son of a-" He pauses, glancing around for any wayward Franklins before continuing "-bitch." Shaking his head, he reaches into his pocket to pull out his phone. Dialing a number from memory. Leaning back, he brings the device to his ear as he waits for the other side to pick up.

The shower is running.

Tom wanders about the house, getting ready to hop in when the phone rings.

He grumbles. "Can't get a moment's peace—" and he turns the water off before trotting into the kitche. He picks up the handset.

"Hello? Tom here?"

As the ring cuts into Tom's voice Mike presses his lips together, ducking his head down. "Watch the news lately, Rev?"

Tom frowns a bit, giving his shaggy head a shake. "No, mate, I've been busy. Why, what's up?"

He itches the back of his neck in puzzlement.

Mike grimaces, "Well to start things off, Massachusetts Academy was attacked. Some terrorist group called the Right is laying claim to the attack." Mike leans forward, "Rev, their whole schtick is 'kill all mutants', so, watch your back out there and Chenda's too."

Tom is speechless - for a moment.

"Chenda?" he asks, interrupting the moment he hears about the academy, and then the sighs relieved, to know she's okay.

Or is she.

"Have…have you seen Chenda, Mike? What about you? You okay?"

He starts to swear, a few times over, cursing as he scowls up at the ceiling.

"I'm still staying with the F4." Mike replies, "I haven't seen Chenda since last week." He pauses, "And I don't have her phone number to check." He clenches his jaw. Not at all liking the idea, "But, WHEN you do run into her, watch her back"

"I'll find her," Tom grates through his teeth. "If she's with me, we can escape anywhere. I'll go looking for her today. Hey…" he pauses and rakes a hand through his hair. "What does this mean for… us - our kind - now, mate? This group, the Right, they gotta be pretty well-connected yeah? I suppose life just got a whole lot more interesting…"

He snorts without humour.

Mike shakes his head. "I don't know Rev. I can hide what I am when out in public. Not sure for how long, but I can to an extent. But, I can't say the same for you." He taps a finger along his knee, "But… I can say from experience that sometimes when people try to force their will upon you, there's nothing wrong with defending yourself with everything you got. Just be smart about how you do it."

There's something to Mike's words that makes Tom lose his usual jocularity and take a moment for quiet contemplation. "I get you," he says finally. "I suppose you're as safe as you can be at the FF's base. I gotta find somewhere Chenda and I can get to if we need to. Hmm… I know an Avenger who owes me a favour… I might try them."

"I've already been told I'm not leaving until after I'm fully healed." Mike replies, "So I'll be here a bit longer." He pauses, head tilting as a thought comes to mind, "Rev. You only have to have been somewhere once to be able to port there, right?"

"Yeah, to have been there - or to see it. Something like that. Most places in New York are covered. If I can't get somewhere, I can get close - usually." Tom frowns. "Why do you ask?"

"Build up as many places as you can." Mike orders, despite likely saying things Rev has probably thought about. "Places that can buy you time. Crowded areas. uncrowded areas. Places hard to get to by manpower alone. Your arsenal's location so build it up more."

There's a snort at the other end of the line. "You can say that again. Will do. I guess I'll be spending the next few days… sightseeing." He sighs, rolls his eyes and mutters, "I should go back to Australia… pity Sydney's out of range…" He clears his throat. "How are you recovering?"

"Did you know there's no set time in which stab wounds heal?" Mike asks, "I GUESS I'm healing up alright. The apparances the label booked immediately after the attack was kind of a stupid move probably delayed it a little." He srugs, "Doing alright. I can lean back comfortably now. Brushing against it doesn't hurt. Can still move around."

"I get you," Tom replies with a rueful edge. "Do you know anything else about what's going on in Massachussetts? Chenda wasn't the only student there… did others get away? Anyone dead?"

"They have the body count at twenty six." Mike supplies, frowning, "They were in some sort of hidden basement level. School burned. But the others should be ok." Or at least that's what Mike's going with.

Tom scowls. "Bloody murderers… They're gonna pay for that. You know anything about what's being done? I can't imagine mutants takin' this lyin' down." He scowls again and mutters under his breath.

"Police are looking for the ones who did this." Mike answers, "As for what people are doing around here, I don't know. They might be laying low after the murder of the mutant in Qu-." Mike pauses, "Rev, that guy was attacked in his own building." He mutters a curse. "…if you have people you can stay with. Go there. And if you have 'Chenda's number, go find her and take her with you."

Tom grits his teeth. "I get you, mate. And I'll get her. Stuff takin' a shower - I'm portalling over to her place right now." He sighs. "Thanks for the heads-up, Mike. One of the places I'm visiting is FF base. That way if you need me, you got me. Cheers!"

With that he hangs up. He looks himself over - naked since he was about to have a shower and then goes to get his clothes.

Time to get the girl.

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