2011 10 19 Mutant Massacre Part 4

National News Stations:

"Through the acts of the Right, The Holy Lord Himself struck down the demon possessed mutants! It was His fist which smote the tainted, the vile, and the unclean. I pray that the Almighty bring a wave of righteousness down upon all of mutant kind. All of them, demons, tainted in the womb by Satan, corrupted souls that need purification?." - these were the words of Reverend William Stryker today before his congregation of 2000 and countless others who watch his television program.

Reverend Stryker, widower and former sergeant in the United States military, is a self proclaimed born again Christian televangelist with more than 100,000 documented followers worldwide. He claims that God speaks to him directly. When asked what God relays, the reverend said, "God loves all of his creations. But! The mutant is not one of our heavenly father's creations. The mutant is the work of Satan and must be expunged from the face of our beautiful world. God tells me that the future is pure and devoid of mutant kind. That in the future all mutants have been erased from our planet. Praise be to Him. Praise be to God."

Stryker's comments about the tragedy that befell the Massachusetts Academy are not supported by this station or our affiliates.

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