2011 10 19 Mutant Massacre Part 3

AP: Cameron Hodge, anti mutant leader of the terrorist organization identified as (the) Right claimed responsibility for the attack on the Massachusetts Academy early this morning.

"Mutations are a violation of the natural order of things. Mutants are abnormal, unnatural, and must be eradicated. They are an impurity within the gene pool and the Right will rectify their tarnish upon Humanity.", says Cameron Hodge, fanatical leader of the Right., "The Massachusetts Academy, under the direction of Emma Frost, whom we suspect is also a mutant, was harboring, teaching, and training mutant terrorists who would one day threaten the freedom and liberties of the United States of America. The Right could not, would not abide by this threat. The Right neutralized the mutant agenda, destroyed the mutant threat, and will continue to protect the people of this great country from any further mutant danger."

Officials are presently seeking the terrorist Cameron Hodge and his militant group the Right for questioning in regards to the unlawful act against the Massachusetts Academy and its students.

Emma Frost, headmistress of the Academy has yet to be reached for questioning.

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