2011 10 19 Mutant Massacre Part 2

AP: 10:15amEST, Massachusetts Academy, Snow Valley, Massachusetts.

Twenty-Six bodies have been discovered in what officials have identified as a 'secret instillation' beneath the Academy. The bodies were victims of the tragedy that befell the campus early this morning. It has been confirmed that the victims were killed by large caliber gunfire and not the fire or smoke itself. Though the bodies have yet to be identified, the medical examiner states that all of them were of school age (below 20 years old). Truly a tragedy has befallen the Academy and the small community of Snow Valley.

The Massachusetts Academy was a posh and private preparatory school located within Snow Valley, a small community just southwest of Boston. Fire officials have determined that an incendiary device and accelerant was used on all the common buildings. The dorms were also targeted, however thanks to on site security, the students were evacuated prior to the buildings being engulfed in flames. No other bodies were discovered beyond those in the underground facility. It is the hope of the community that no others will be found in this - what is called the 'greatest tragedy to ever befall the community'.

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