2011 10 19 Mutant Massacre Part 1

AP: Tragedy befell the Massachusetts Academy in the early hours of Wednesday morning. Fire and rescue teams were summoned to a four alarm fire at 3:50am and arrived at the academy to discover every building ablaze. Fire fighters from 4 local towns were called in to help fight the inferno.

Students and teachers alike were on hand to comment about the terror that woke them from their sleep.

"It was horrible, we heard explosions and what sounded like machine gun fire.", says Gale Porter, English instructor.

"There were definitely gunshots. Automatic fire. Totally. Then all of a sudden, boom, boom, boom. The administration building, the clock tower, library. Cafeteria. It was like the Fourth of July." Stated Timothy Danielson, Sophomore.

"They were all over the place." States security officer Wayton Reynolds, "They looked like some sort of power armor with large .50 cal BARs mounted to their shoulders and these horrible smile faces painted on their helmets." Mr Reynolds was taken by the police for further questioning. As were others who described similar events.

Initial reports are coming in that it was some sort of terrorist act against the Academy. However it has not yet been established who is responsible or why the attack happened. Fire officials have stated that all of the common buildings of the Academy have been set ablaze. Students and instructors have been evacuated and only minor injuries have been sustained. No fatalities as of yet.

At present, Emma Frost, headmistress of the Academy, director of Frost Industries, has yet to be reached.

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