2011 10 19 Gramercy Park Action

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Gramercy Park action…

Hydro-Man, Sandman, Kisha, Rianna

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Gramercy Park

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Battle in the park


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Once upon a time, this area was one of the more fashionable in the city. Upper-class residences have slowly migrated away over time, and now - apart from a few names, Julia Roberts perhaps foremost among them - the area is primarily middle-class housing and low-rise office buildings. These days, Gramercy is simply known for being quiet and safe.
The actual Gramercy Park takes up most of a block, at the end of Lexington Avenue. It's the last remaining private park in the city - accessible only to residents of certain townhouses, and available to the public only one day a year. It's also the heart of the area's quiet; since 1831, by law no commercial enterprise has been permitted in the park or on the streets facing it, and to this day there's not so much as a swing set to disturb the green.

Hydro-Man is standing in the alleyway between to building, about 15 feet from the sidewalk. Enough so he can look out, but if the police just happen to pass on by he had time to make a break for it. Counting a roll of bills, then putting it into his pocket. Glancing back over his shoulder at the street dealer he just finished doing business with.

Having stopped off in the area doing a little tech support to make ends meet Kisha idly wanders down the street, her attention split between a chrome smartphone and where she's walking. Of course the smartphone is getting far more of her attention right now. "Crap. Why do they let nutjobs like that broadcast?" she muses. "If they /have/ to let them speak they should at least autotune it and mock them shamelessly."

Hydro-Man is leaning back against the wall, holding it up if you will. Turned slightly, watching people coming and going from the side walk infront of the alley way. He is not above snatching purses, laptops, or such. Seeing Kisha…well, really he sees the shiny chrome smart phone. Speaking up quickly, "Miss…Miss…do you have the time? Don't want to be late for my appointment"

As someone speaks, apparantly at her, Kisha's eyes snap up and she takes a step out further onto the sidewalk. Glancing around to make sure no-one is within arms reach before she turns her attention to the person talking. "No. I don't have the time. If you had an appointment you should probably be heading there and not snuggling up to that building," she points out flatly. "You don't really look like you're going to anything important either. So I wouldn't be too worried about arriving on time." Her fingers trace a code on the screen of her phone and she tucks it into a messenger bag, oddly without removing her hand afterwards.

Rianna comes along one of the sidewalks about this time herself. Though she has a camera around her neck. The teen does have a coat on but it doesn't hide much of what she has on under it. She runs a hand through her blonde hair and pauses to take a picture of something and then move on a bit more.

Hydro-Man smiles alittle, looking at Kisha. Following the chrome phone onto the messager bag she is wearing. "Oh…you are wrong i do have an appointment…its with that message bag of yours Miss!" Reaching out his right arm and it starts to stretch out much longer then any normal arm and changing as it does. Forearm, hand turning blue. Ripples running through it. Clearly moving to grab that bag of yours.

Kisha responds with the speed you only get when someone has prepared themselves for something bad to happen. Paranoia isn't always a bad thing! "Fuck /off/!" she yells, pulling her hand out and throwing a vial of something (in this case a delightful mixture of chemicals used in stink bombs and pepper spray) at Hydro-man. Following which she turns to scram as fast as her legs will carry her, putting anyone she can between her and Hydro-man. Like poor Rianna for instance…. "Help!"

Rianna blinks and for a moment is just stunned as she sees the guy's arm stretch out like that and then the other girl running towards her. She seems to be frozen for a moment and then looks at Kisha as she runs behind her and then looks back at the man, "Well isn't that great." she stutters.

Hydro-Man looks surprised, almost shocked for a few seconds. The vial hitting him in the chest breaking, splashing across his chest, neck, and face. Pausing for a seconds to run his other hand across his face "Bitch..just give me the damn bag!" He comes out of the alley way, turning to follow Kisha. Gaze coming to rest on Rianna as she is front of Kisha now. Walking towards them, changing as he does. Form shifting to water, blue, ripples running through him. "Your day is goign to get alot worse now!!"

Kisha digs around in her bag for anything at all which might help. "Sorry!" she yells at Rianna as she puts her in Hydro-mans path. "Someone call the fucking police!" Then without warning she darts across the road, narrowly avoiding being run over by a car in the process. "Hell call the nutjob preacher who likes killing mutants or the lady from the kitchen roll commercial for all I care!"

Rianna glances at Kisha at her statement and just blinks. She looks back to the now water-man, "Sir, just leave…please.." she says sounding just a little pathetic. Her hands are clenched into fists though and there is this strange look of concentration on her face. As she waits to see what he does, she is worrying her lip just a little. Someone watching really closely, might notice a few cracks form in the cement of the sidewalk right under her feet.

Having heard of Hydro-Man's escape, Sandman has made it goal to recapture the villain after single-handedly defeating him and sending him to jail. Call it a vendetta, if you will. But the Avenger has been using less than savory connections to try to ascertain what the villain is up to. Unfortunately all that is out the window as he was just coincidentally in Gramercy Park, hearing the shouts for assistance and noticing the ruckus as a some passer-bys have fled from the scene. Sandman arrives at the opposite side of the charging water man. "Hey!" He shouts to Hydro-Man, "Panty-waste! Gotta pick on some girls!"

Hydro-Man frowns, watching Kisha darting across the street and growls, "stupid bitch…going to get herself killed doing that…" looking back at Rianna, looking to see if she anything worth stealing. Turns looking away and with something of a gesture of his left arm points at her. From his formarm on, a sudden bursting jet of water bursts out something like a fire hose full open. Blinking, turning to look at Sandman, narrowing his eyes growling. "You…what are you doing here?!?!"

"Whoever you are if you kick his ass I'll do my utmost to set you up with free cable!" Kisha yells, diving behind a dumpster on the far side of the road for cover. Then she begins the serious work of checking her supplies for something which might do /anything/ to a weird stretching… thing. "By the way what the hell is that guy?"

Rianna blinks as she gets suddenly drenched by the stream of water, though it doesn't move her at all. She blinks as she sees the other guy show up and the water man seeming to turn and focus on him. Her fists are still clenched at the moment though. She glances back over to where the other girl is yelling.

"Hey, ya idiot! Why don't ya stay in jail?" Sandman shouts as his body begins to ripple in a similar fashion to Hydro-Man and his watery form. He is now completely in a pssamic form and elongating himself like a snake rising a bit higher and taller. "Guess what, boyo. The Avengers are on their way. And ya are going back to jail!" To Kisha, "Nah thanks girl. I already got free cable courtesy of the Avengers. And old water boy is a two-bit criminal called Hydro-Man. Get outta here, cos this WILL get messy!"

Hydro-Man is not to be out done by Sandman, rippling changing his form fully into blueish water. Raising up in height, looks to be about 10 feet tall. Raising his fists up, both of them growing larger as he starts to Sandman. "You…think that is funny beating me on the bridge?!?" Snarling, "Well Sandy…I am going to show everyone that you are no hero…your just the same two bit crook now that you used to be!!" Starting to charge and then swings out an large watery fist. A left hook, aiming for it to be a body blow.

When all else fails and you don't know what to do there is one course of action. Kisha pulls her cellphone out and begins filming the fight. She might be able to sell the footage to a news company or failing that post it online somewhere and make a few bucks from advertising revenue.

Rianna just stands there, watching them fight and shaking her head a bit. She then looks down at herself, and swears, "Damn now I am all wet." she shakes her head and sighs a bit.

As the watery fist comes towards Sandman, his body acts instinctively and where the blow would land a large hole opens up allowing the water fist to go through. And suddenly scattering and riding the wind, an advantage perhaps the only advantage he may have Hydro-Man. "It's catch you want to play. Then come and get me." The sand scattering in nearly every direction up down, sideways and diagonally as he moves away from the H2O criminal. A disembodied voice yells out, "I betcha can't even do that!"

Hydro-Man snarls as the watery fist only connects with a corner of a building, knocking a large chunk out of the brick building. Turning, watching Sandman scattering himself to the winds if you will. Frowning, "You think you can stall me till your…friends show up?!?" Growling and in a fit of angry lashes out with several random blasts of water from his arms. Interesting, the water that hit Rianna is slowly working down and off her, pooling at her feet and then starting to snake its way back to Hyrdo-Man. "Face me like a man…oh wait, only Flint would do that!!

"Hey camera girl! Do you have any of those little packets which suck up liquid in your camera bag?" Kisha wonders, safe for now in her alleyway just outside the action. "Because if you throw them into this face I bet he'll hate it!" Finally she finds something she /might/ be able to help with. A brand new printer ink cartridge, which she begins preparing for use as an improvised throwing weapon.

Rianna shakes her head a bit, "No." she stutters a little and seems to be relaxing a bit and slowly moving away from what is going on now. WHere she was standing there are two footprints sunk into the concrete and cracks extending from them. She walks away normally though.

"Face it, Morris, Flint is long gone!" All the sand that had scattered in various directions begins to reform behind and above Hydro-Man. Swirling about it take not definitive shape, just one large nearly ten foot tall swirling sandstorm swirling about like a top. "Here's the thing, Bench. I'm better than you. Whether a criminal or a hero. You're just a really shitty copy o' me." The sandstorm rises up higher in the sky, "Let's see how big you can get, bad-boy?"

Hydro-Man is focused on Sandman, forgetting about Rianna or Kisha for the time being. Growling…starting to raise up in height, growning taller, water starting to swirl around inside his form at greater speed. Then it stops, narrowing his eyes "No…no, not today we are going to do this when I want!!" Suddenly, his form starting to turn and spin, swirling forming a 20 foot water spout. Roaring it arches and comes crashing down on a man hole cover. The sound of running rushing water as Hydro-Man pours himself down into the sewer.

Kisha throws her mangled printer cartridge just as Hydro-man is vanishing down into the sewers. Thankfully her throw misses just about everything of note. Although splatters of ink get all over a nearby parked car. "Well. That was lucky," she declares, wiping her ink stained hands against a wall. "Sorry I got you involved in that, only he was about to do unspeakable things." To her cellphone, but they don't need to know that…

Rianna shakes her head and is still a bit damp though not dripping water anymore. She looks over at Kisha, "Its okay, things happen, especially in New York." she shakes her head and giggles just a little bit finally.

The sandstorm still swirling about as Hydro-Man sinks down into the sewer where he belongs. "Just like a rat-finked coward." The storm remains hovering in the air up high as it lowers closer to thee ground, but still in the air and the swirls form into a giant face that starts down at the sewer and then looks to thee ladies, "Are ya alright?" The giant sand face asks.

"I'm fine. A little shaken but nothing a few hours putting together an industrial dehumidifier won't fix," Kisha declares, scowling at her hands and wiping them on the wall some more. "I think I might also try work out a way to make my cellphone explode if someone else uses it. For the ultimate fuck you to thieves."
Rianna turns and shrugs, "Other than being all wet I am fine." she does glance back to where she had been standing but only quickly and then looks at the two, "Um, I prboably should um go." she stutters.

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