2011 10 18 In The Sky

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In the sky

Force and Super-Adaptoid as Monet

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NY City Sky

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Force and SA meeting as both are out flying


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Welcome to the Heart of the City. The central location of the world above the streets of Manhattan, this is where the fun begins. As sort of a central hub for traveling the skies and rooftops of this city, the Heart provides access to many directions that lead to other parts of the city. The buildings here vary in height, though they provide an interesting addition to the skyline, considering how they fit in with the rest of Manhattan.
One building, though, in particular seems to tower high above the rest in this section. Possibly the top of a church or something similar, it's hard to tell from this high up, there's a small and pointed ledge, complete with a stone angel holding it up. Perhaps the sanctuary of a certain wallcrawler?

Hovering amid the skyscrapers (40 floors up), a young twenty something dark featured woman can be seen. Her clothing isn't that of a super suit, more common clothing, denim, designer shirt, jewelry, and such. Her hair is cast around by the wind and it doesn't seem to bother her, in fact she seems to like it as if she is a super model being photographed with a wind turbine.

Her eyes peer down at the city streets beneath. No direction or overt intentions are given; perhaps she's plotting her next shopping excursion or just enjoying the warmth of the midday sun.

Force is flying as well, its one of the nice things about having a suit of armor. Not only can you knock holes in walls or lift cars, but also you can fly like a bird through the air. Its one of the more relaxing things. Doing a twisting barrel roll as dot appears on his HUD. Pulling up, about 100 yards away. Looking at the hovering female. Tilting his head a little, moving into an up right position, crossing his arms across his chest. He hovers closer to her 50 yards, 30 yards coming to stop. Speaking up, loudly, "Nice weather we are having today…aren't we Miss?"

Her eyes rise from the city streets below. Drawn upward toward the call of a voice; a greeting. Monet smiles, her back arches and she returns in kind, "Quite." her voice like honey flows from her lips as she continues, "Tis a lovely day for a flight."

Force knows that woman, its the woman from the other day…she had that brief case, the letter worth a cool half million. Almost, was able to leave with it before Monet noticed. Turning a little to look at you, watching you fly and hover. "I am not so sure you want to fly around however with no mask on…somebody could possibility notice you and see your face…" Keeping his tone respectful. Drifting over to the edge of a skyscraper, dropping down on it to so he is standing.

Monet will adjust her altitude to be on eye level with Force, her proximity within 15 feet just off the edge of the skyscraper he stands, "I've nothing to hide. The world already knows who I am. Supermodel, actress, socialite, honorary member of the United States government team X-Factor. Masks only serve a few purposes, hide blemishes or disfigurement, conceal a person's criminal activities, protect family members, or maybe, just maybe increase one's presence."

Force watches you drift closer to him, listening to your words. Head tilted a little, "yes…i remember from…well, i remember from reading something in the paper about you, Miss" Raising a gauntlet slightly, a crimson energy starts to coalesce around it. "That is close enough Miss…want to keep everything professional if you do not mind"

"Professional? You speak as if you think I'm about to leap atop you and have my way." She smiles, making a joke of his reluctance of proximity. Her hovering remains at 15 feet. "What are you afraid of? Are you a criminal and in need of apprehending?"

Force walks along the edge for a few feet, looking down…way down to the street below. "Me…hardly, ah..no just I have seen you in action and know what you can do" Thinking not really a villain not really a hero, somewhere in the middle, he has managed to take Monet's brief case with letter certainly would have moved him closer to the other side.

Her soft and soothing laughter would make the Hulk giggle. Then she says, "You've seen me in action. Did you enjoy it?" in a questioning tone, one that would make the original Monet proud considering the arrogance behind the query.

Force looks at you, tilting his head a little. "Yes…the other day, when you helped stop some thugs at museum with Firestar and Sandman…" Pausing and chuckles a little, "I am not sure enjoyment would be the word i would bring up. You very handily held your own against the leader of the thugs, before he turned to vapor and flew off…" Thinking back, Monet came off dripping with arrogance.

Her hands are placed upon her hips, feet together and toes pointed downward. She smiles at the descriptors of the event, "Ah, yes. So you were taken with my movements. My prowess and unique nature that would have completely rendered the threat neutralized. Albeit, they always escape. Or go to the revolving door that the American's consider 'jail'. You would know a little about that, wouldn't you?"

Force pauses, turning to look at you fully. "I would not know anything about that…i think you have confused with someone else.." Taking a half step back, "i would agree the American justice system sometimes does not do all it can but i would know nothing about that…i am a upstanding citizen, you can take my word on that…"

His movements are matched by hers, though the proximity decreases as she moves within 10 feet of him. "Of course you wouldn't." she comments on his 'lack of knowledge of criminal activities then expounds, "You've never done anything, illegal, at all. Have you?" Said in a tone of knowing the truth of the matter.

Force frowning under his helmet, looking at you. "I am not sure why it is any of your business, Monet" using your name now. OOC: that is fine :) ""I do not remember…reading…that you where involved with any of that, so perhaps you should not speak of things you do not fully understand"

"I make it my business. As it is my duty to protect and serve the populace of this city, of this world. If there were wants or warrants out for you, then I would be obliged to take you into custody. Albeit, there are none. Therefore, I will not engage you until you demonstrate an action which would violate or threaten others." She maintains the 10' proximity and smiles, "Until then…." and leaves the words hanging as if she's implying that Force will eventually engage in illegal activity and she will be there to stop him.

Force looks at you, "do not think i am some push over…Monet" Pauses, then quickly adds. "Not that you will ever see me on the wrong side of the law…if I was would I even be talking to you right now? I do not think so, would have knocked you out of the sky before you ever got close"

"Knocked me out of the sky. You would have /tried/." She says in a smug tone with the confidence that his ability is slight compared to hers. Yet, her pursuit of conflict and aggressive posturing is only quelled by her next statement, "Though it is good that you're on the right side. Crime never pays."

Force hmmms softly, nodding his head slowly. "Of course it never pays…" Watching you hover in the air. There are more words which he could add to what he just said, but does not finish. "If I see crime in this city, i woudl put a stop to it like any one else…" of course, depending on the haul he may took some home with him.

Monet smiles knowingly as she finalizes her scan, "Now that is out of the way. I will take my leave of you so that you can begin your daydreaming of our next encounter."

Force hmmps softly, speaking alittle softer but still loud enough for you to hear. "You will be nude next time i see you?" Words getting louder at the end, taking on a slightly mocking tone as he finishes.

Monet's laughter is sarcastic in tone, "In your dreams." she retorts before lifting higher with the intention of ascending in her departure.

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