2011 10 17 Vocal About Things

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Vocal About Things

Choir, Monet, Kisha, Super-Adaptoid

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Museum of Natural History

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Choir does her best to make money. Monet shows the world how special she is. Kisha interacts. And the Super-Adaptoid scans.


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It's afternoon in New York City and large crowds of tourists have gathered at the museum today. Pictures are being taken and numerous languages are being spoken in the lobby. In the corner of the lobby a young raven-haired teen dressed similarly to the vagrants with a large overcoat hiding her thin frail form and a large scarf covering her neck and throat despite the warm temperatures outside. She gathers a small crowd around her and smiles as she points to a small baseball cap for money. Surprisingly there is a $20 bill inside. Irina clears her throat and begins to sing. At first low, but then as if backed by a choir, the young girl's harmonies fill the small section of the lobby, enough that more people gather and yet no one gives money.

Michael moves quietly through the museum lobby - as quiet as his squeaky sneaks allow. His interests lie elsewhere as he's more inclined to people watch than take note of the exhibits or affectations of the museum. Hearing the harmonic nature of Irina's voice, his eyes are fixed upon her from half way across the room. He slows in his forward motion and turns toward the girl, thus altering his course and will gradually approach. Yet he'll not close any more than 15 feet. Not yet anyway.

Monet is in a tour of the museum. She walks along with the guide, repeatedly correcting him on various things. It seems like it's probably the main reason she's on the tour in the first place. She pauses seeing some people. "Sorry, I'm going to have to go." She looks at the rest of the people on the tour. "I feel sorry for you all having to get your information from …. well… you know" then she walks off and over to Michael and Choir and Kisha.

When you're basically teaching yourself just about everything there are few things more productive than a day out at a Museum. Especially when you've managed to get hold of a two day pass someone dropped outside! Of course it's not like it's filled with anything exciting so for now Kisha is idly tapping away on her shiny chrome smartphone. "What on earth is that noise?" she asks to anyone who might be listening. "Is there an event on?"

Lilting lyrics sing out from the tiny songstress, her voice appearing to do tricks the most inspired operatic diva cannot. People stare at her and wonder if this is some sort of electronic trick or something, which she dismissively waves her hand at the suggestion. When she is done singing. She gestures towards the hat. The small crowd clap to show their appreciation for the impromptu performance, but will not offer any money. Grumbles from the audience include 'It's gotta be fake' 'No one can sing like that' 'Wow she is really good and should go on X-Factor' but no money. A small group of homeless kids at the entrance to the museum have watched it all and let out a sigh when no money is collected. They rush towards her past security as she reaches to grab the cap with the $20 bill she provided herself. As the kids come closer, she fishes about in the pocket of the coat and attempts to hide from the fact that she has been putting her own money in there.

Monet puts her hands in her pocket. "You know, pretty sure the reason you're not making any money is because of the location. Science museum - it isnt exactly a good spot for panhandling. I think that's usually better done on the subway stations, not that I use them often. Or maybe Central Park?" She looks around at the homeless kids who run in, causing her to scrunch her nose a bit. "Oh good, and now there are homeless children in here. It's like Calcutta." She pauses. "If I put some money in, can you make the cast of Little Orphan Annie go out of here?"

"Natural history museum," Kisha corrects casually, taking a neat step away from the onrushing crowd of children. "While it does contain some real science a lot of it is basically just stuffed animals." She shrugs. "And a better business model would be to sell your music online. Your catchment area is vastly improved."

Caught off guard by Monet and her condescending commentary, Irina looks to the children and offers a feint smile before looking at Monet, "I know the security guard here. In Central Park and on the subway, people are a bit ruder and sometimes dangerous, but yes, if you want to contribute. They go eat or something." Irina smirks as she sings in a lyric from Hard Knock Life from Annie, again the harmony is near perfect as it sounds like more than one person is singing. When Kisha approaches to correct the name of the museum, Irina stops singing and turns, "Um. I have no idea what catchment is, but I don't really have access to online tech." The children gather around calling her "Choir… Choir…" She sighs as she looks to Monet, not quite holding out a hand, but ready to disperse the kids when money is given.

Monet rolls her eyes, then takes out a few hundred dollars and puts it in the cap. "Please get them out of here. I have a sensitive nose, and they havent bathed in forever, I'm guessing."

Michael has remained silent while watching the exchange and learning what it is to appreciate music. His eyes constantly scan the people in the immediate area, examining their expressions, their intent, and their physiological nature. With the identification of at least 3 mutants in the general area, Michael will pay closer attention to those. Quickly discerning that only one of the three is if significant power, Michael will move a few steps closer to Monet during her advising of Irina.

For the first time since she arrived Kisha actually glances at her free ticket. "Now that I look it seems I've come to the wrong museum for my ticket. I suppose I'll have to buy one for here…," she makes a few quick keystrokes and speaks into her smartphone. "Research note seventy six. New sleep cycle routine is causing a reduction in my capacity to process data. Suggest reverting to routine Q." An entirely pointless message when you remember everything but it never hurts to be thorough. "Catchment area? I mean you can sell to more people. We're talking ten digit figures. Besides it's not very hard to scavenge some hardware, tap electricity cables and 'borrow' wifi."

Choir's eyes widen as she is suddenly given a few hundred dollar bills. Not wanting to give the kids all that money. She does hand them the money she put in cap herself. "Go to the pizzeria and then to the shelter. I'll give this money Sister Theresa when I get there." The kids run off to go grab some food for themselves and like that they and their odor are gone. Staring in disbelief at Monet, "Wow, that was incredibly generous of you. I am shocked. Um…thanks." The shocked expression carries over to Kisha as she speaks in words that Irina does not understand, "Um ok…Well I will keep that in mind, but I try not to steal things." They all seem to be friendly enough, "I am Irina." She has not noticed Michael.

Monet looks at Kisha while she rambles on. "You're telling me you thought this was the museum of Natural History? I think the only dinosaurs in this museum are in the mainframes and punchcards section." Then she listens as Kisha starts talking into her phone about research notes. Slight pause. "Okay then." Then she turns to Choir. "There. That should be enough to make sure they're not in here invading my olifactory senses for the day, right?" She looks at some of the kids near her. "Shoo? Please?" then looks relieved as the kids run off for pizza with a small portion of the money. "Yeah, I know. I'm incredibly generous, it's one of the many great things about me." She pauses. "And I have no idea what she's talking about either."

Michael remains quiet, his eyes affixed on Monet for some time, though she's likely used to being stared at. Then after a few more seconds his eyes blink and then he turns to Irina to do a passive scan of her nature desiring to understand the condition that allows her to sing in such a manner.

"This is only the entrance," Kisha points out. "And I have been awake since… What day is this? For the record I at no point suggested stealing. Borrowing wifi is completely different and you'd only do it until your business was making a profit." She smiles at the mention of mainframes and punchcards. "Perhaps my subconcious is trying to tell me I need a break from the less exciting part of my studies. For the record I haven't said anything even remotely complicated. I'm just experimenting with my sleep cycles to get the best value for my time."

Smiling as Monet agreed with her, "I'm sorry. I am not very tech savvy is all. So I don't mean to insult you. Computers and I." She grimaces a moment, "Not very friendly." She smiles again, "But I am friendly enough and I will see when things a better about using it. While I don't think I am good enough to sell records or anything. It might be nice to do a recording. Um. Would you be able to help me with that? Oh and I don't even know your names." Turning to Monet, "What is yours so I can let the shelter know who made this gracious donation?" Finally noticing Michael and his staring at the ladies, she grabs her scarf nervously and firmly to keep it in place.

Monet shrugs a bit. "Monet St. Croix. Nice to meet you." She peers at Choir. "Help you with what - selling records? I don't think-" she pauses and looks where Choir is looking, at Michael. Not seeing anything particularly unusual about him, she looks back at Choir. "What, do you know that guy?"

Michael quickly loses interest in Irina and turns on his heel. Steps are then taken toward the nearest exit of the museum. Passing behind a column, out of direct view of anyone in former company and direct line of sight from the otherwise absent-minded museum goers, Michael is no longer as he takes the form of a 'her', to be precise, Monet. Her movements press onward toward an exit while contemplating the nature of her new existence.

Kisha frowns. "I don't usually give my name out to strangers," she says cautiously, glancing at the suspicious gentleman lurking by Monet just as he turns to leave. "From the way he reacted to being spotted data suggests some form of stalker. Do you often receive unwanted media attention Ms St. Croix?" She glances back to Choir. "If you meant would I help you with computer stuff I suppose I could make time if your security guard friend will overlook my incorrect ticket mishap…?"

Clutching her scarf as if her life depended on it, "Um. No. I just get nervous when someone stares at me like that." She frowns, "Bad experience is all. Not too good around people who stare, which is weird being in New York City." She exhales and as he leaves she smiles again, "Monet St. Croix. Nice sounding name." She repeats it again with a different sounding voice and then smiles to Kisha, "Oh sure. I think he will. Whenever you want I can go into the museum with you and I donât think it will be a problem."

Monet tilts her head. "Well, considering I'm rich, famous, obviously gorgeous" she says, motions at herself, "Yeah, I receive media attention all the time." She looks back at Michael as he's leaving, then back at the other girls. "Wouldnt be the first time I had stalkers though." Taking a minute, she asks, "Is it because you're a mutant that you get nervous at being spotted?" she asks casually.

"That hardly sounds like the attention is unwanted," Kisha notes idly, taking the time to get a proper look at Monet and Choir. "She's a… that would fit with available data regarding the music and unusual attire." Hardly the most tactful comment from a girl who looks like she came here part way through some kind of oil change. "I wonder what happens if I search for you online then." Which she does, because she can. "I'm not an expert on the conventions behind that sort of question, but isn't asking infront of strangers a little…"

Monet v2.0 moves through the crowd and exits the building. Outside, her feet leave the ground and she ascends into the sky. Not concerned with who sees or takes pictures of her actions.

As Monet lists off her attributes, Irina blinks. She supposed it cannot be arrogance if it is true. "Well, I am sorry. I didn't realize you were famous." She stares at Monet as she loosens her scarf once the stalker has left. "I am so sorry. I cannot place it." When her mutancy is mentioned. She clutches her scarf again. She grimaces at the two, "Do I even look like a mutant?" She makes a semi-disgusted, semi-innocent enough look.

Monet peers at Choir. "Er… no, I'm just able to tell." She motions with her finger casually. "Mutant" to Kisa." then points at Choir. "Mutant." then points at herself. "Incredibly fabulous mutant." She taps her foot. "Yeah anyway, I wouldnt expect you to know. I run in very high society anyway." She puts her hands on her hips. "What's with the scarf anyway?"

Kisha quirks an eyebrow with distaste. "If you're famous then no doubt you'll have a wikipage," she murmurs typing away with the fluid grace of someone who spends most of her life using touchpads. "I again note that social conventions regarding that kind of revelation state clearly that you shouldn't discuss it in public. Especially for Irina's sake. I'm more than able to protect myself thanks to the wonders of science." Or in more common terms she's packing homebrew pepperspray and isn't afraid of using it on people.

Surprised by the fact that she has just encountered two other mutants…and they are not deformed or anything. She blinks and loosens her grip on the scarf but still holds it. Eyeing Monet, "Are you a mind reader or something? How could you tell I was a mutant?" And then she looks at Kisha, "And her?" Shaking her head in disbelief, "You're both too pretty to be mutants." She sighs as she tucks at thee scarf and loosens it. After Kisha pretty much confirms that she is a mutant, she sighs, "If I need to I can fight, but I'm not a science mutant or a mindreader." She loosens the scarf enough to reveal one extra mouth on the right side of her neck. The scarf loosens more to reveal another mouth on the center of her neck directly under her chin and then the scarf is removed enough to reveal a third extra mouth on the left of her neck, but then she quickly wraps the scarf around to cover them. "I don't suppose either of you have weird or extra body parts on yourselves, huh."

Monet rolls her eyes, waiting while Kisha looks her up on wikipedia. "Well unlike you people, I'm not in any way ashamed of being a mutant." Monet's entry comes up on wikipedia. Child of Cartier St. Croix, Ambassador to the U.S. from Monaco, Algerian royalty, model, supposedly a genius, and yep - it does say she's a mutant right in the wiki page. She pauses. "Well, yeah I read minds but that's not how I know. I can just tell that sort of stuff." She scrunches her nose a bit at Choir. "I'm too pretty for most things, but…" She motions at herself again. "Here I am." Then she pauses. "Er… no, I don't have extra body parts. I can honestly say I've never been asked that question before."

Kisha yawns as she trawls the list. "I never said I felt anything like shame. I noted that it went against social conventions," she corrects. "This explains a lot. I wonder if mutations are common in royality. You would think all the traditional inbreeding would concentrate the genes for it." She nods to herself, then tucks the phone into a pocket. "I never claimed to be whatever a science mutant is. I simply carry a few bits and pieces commonly available in stores for self defence. Can never be too careful in a city like this."

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