2011 10 16 Small Talk

Log Title:
Small Talk

Sandman and Sora

IC Date:
October 16, 2011

Upper East Side - New York

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Sandman spots Sora outside and the two chitchat.


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Sora is coming out of the Grapevine, chewing on something. Could be almost anything really..hard to say. But the best bet, would be some kind of food. She glances around a couple times, a light breeze causing her hair to float around a bit. She stretches out her arms, as she turns and starts walking down the sidewalk humming to herself.

Exiting Avengers Mansion, William Baker stands at the entrance wondering which way to go and what to do. He has a day off and as always, he grows bored easily, but tries to keep himself busy to avoid old habits. Noting the Grapevine, he shakes his head at the last incident that occurred due to the jerk maitre’d, but spotting Sora leaving there. He blinks a few moments as he remembers her from somewhere. Some kids walking by dressed in costumes for an early Halloween, catch his attention and one dressed like a wolf causes Sandman to snap his fingers, “Oh that’s right.” Walking towards Sora, he shouts out, “Hey” in her direction.

Sora hmmms, as she hears shouting. Of course, it is New York and people are always shouting at each other. It's almost like a second language around these part. It's like its every New Yorkers god given right, to hate ever other New Yorker. That too seems familiar to her, as she stops and ponders that a moment. Spying who she believe ininitated the hey then.

Moving in closer, the large Avenger dressed in a green and black striped shirt and brown trousers makes his way before stopping right by her. “Hey.” Sandman offers rather loudly and then pauses and lowering his voice, “Sorry. You were the girl who the werewolf attacked the other day, right? I had to chase after him, so I never stopped to see if you were ok.” Looking over Sora and smiling, “You seem ok, but still just followin’ up.”

Sora looks a bit confused for a moment. "Huh?..oh, the large dog. Yeah, I'm fine….nothing to worry about. Things like that happen…it's a big city, I'm used to it." She says with a bit of a smile. So it was your dog then?"

Blinking a moment as if the woman is saying something utterly strange, Sandman responds, “Um… . lady, there are so many things wrong with what ya just said. First off, that wasn’t a dog. It was a werewolf. Second, even if it were a dog, a dog shouldn’t attack people with mailboxes and street signs. And thirdly, it wasn’t my dog. I chased after it to catch it, but it got away.”

Sora laughs, "Dog, wolf, potato, pataato…same thing in the big picture. And really it depends on how mad it is…was kind of funny though, how it went after that kid. Musta had some meat in his pocket or something." She grins a bit, "Oh so it got away then?…I'm sure it found something else to eat. Don't worry…"

Thinking to himself that either nothing makes this woman afraid or she is nuts. Her concluding sentence about it getting something to eat unnerves him as he hopes no humans were eaten by the creature. His face is visibly bother by the thought and he just exhales before looking back at Sora, “Well, I am glad you are fine at least. I am Sandman.” He extends his hand out.

Sora hmmms, "Sandman?…like as in the song, enter the? Or is it just more, like that you tend to put people to sleep? It is an unusual name, now if it was the profession…that makes a bit more sense." She nods her head, "Oh, I'm usually fine…sometimes better, depending on what I'm doing I guess. But thats most people..myself I enjoy shopping, among other things…so I got that going for me…ya know?" Smiling a bit, "I'm just…Sora."

Forming a smile on his face as she speaks, “You are every funny, Sora. And that is a pretty name.” William ponders a moment as he thinks about how to explain his name, “Well, it’s not like the song though I am a Metallica. And it related to my profession, I suppose. But it’s better to show ya.” His skin seems to ripple a moment as he suddenly shifts from flesh and bone to sand and back to flesh and bone. Even his clothes change as well, “I am an Avenger.”

Sora says, "Oh, one of those goodie too shoes? Yeah…hmmm, though really…I could have sworn reading something in the papers, now that you mention it…more of a black hat type…robbing banks, that sort of thing." She doesn't really seem phased by the demonstration, "Cute trick though, must make it easy to get dressed in the morning""

“Well that was me awhile back. I used to be a baddie too boots.” Sandman jokes as he laughs, but then his face turns serious and he continues, “But yes, I am with the Avengers now. We’re Earth’s Mightiest Heroes or whatever the slogan is.” He shrugs, “And yeah, I don’t have to worry too much about clothes or anythin’ like that.”

Sora awwws, "thats too bad….so what made you give up the good life, and go down the road of do-gooder? Kind of a change, don't you think….great life taking what you want, doing what you want. Now your stuck stopping people, and following all these rules."

Blinking the odd woman has grown even odder now to Sandman, “Well, yeah, I guess it was fun and bein’ able to do what I want when I want. That was cool too. But …” He pauses a moment as he tries to think of reasons why being a good guy is better. After a few awkard seconds of silence, “But it is wrong and doin’ what’s right is the right thin’ to do.”

Sora says, "Guess it depends on your own idea of whats right and whats wrong. Though it doesn't seem like your too convinced, yourself. Me, I'll stick with doing whats fun. Not really big on what somewone else might think about it. The only persons oppinon you need to care about, is your own." She smiles a bit."

“Yeah, well I thought like dat too and eventually sumthin’ happens to change that outlook. OR ya go to jail. Either way.” Sandman offers a rather knowing grin as they continue, “Yer thinkin’ like that makes me think ya done some fun stuff. Maybe a lil too much fun.” Sandman winks, “I’m not gonna have to haul ya in do I, Sora?” He is clearly joking.

Sora says, "Oh, I've done lots of fun stuff…you know, theres a party going on somewhere at all times, no matter what. You just need to know where they are. If your not having fun, your wasting your life." She smiles, "If you do what you enjoy, you'll never work a day in your life. You know that? So do you enjoy what you do?""

Listening to her words, odd woman is a wise woman, or at least Sandman seems to think so. When directly asked if he enjoys what he is doing. He pauses again. And then exhales, “Yeah, I do. There are crappy moments.” He looks to the Grapevine where he experienced one type of moment. “I do enjoy it. It beats being in jail or getting my butt handed to me by Spider-Man or the Fantastic Four.”

Sora hmms, and eyes you for a moment. "What it falls off?…that must get annoying…your butt fall off, and someone having to give back to you. I guess that just goes with everything though, right?"

Letting out a loud guffaw of laughter, Sandman presumes she is joking so will just go with it. “I suppose so. But the good thing is most of the time, I can reform parts of my body, especially if there is sand nearby.” He offers a smile, “So what do ya do, Sora? Other than shop, party, and have fun whenever you want.”

Sora crosses her arms in front of her, "hmm,…I..no that falls under fun…lets see…video games…no, no..also under fun….banjo? You know, I think that actually pretty much sums things up." She smiles.

“So all that and ya play the banjo. Are ya any good? Any chance I can catch ya playing the banjo at some shows in the city?” Sandman asks as he starts to hum the “Dueling Banjos” theme from Deliverance. He starts to chuckle again, “That might be a nice way to pass the time when I am off duty and actually give me something to look forward to.”

Sora says, "Shows?..no, no…I'm more of a street performer, you know. Play for the crowds, get a little money. That sort of thing..you know, just when I'm in the mood. There is no such thing as a sad banjo tune, did you know that?""

“Oh well maybe then I’ll catch ya buskin’ on the streets one day. Do you have a usual spot that ya perform at?” William asks before furrowing his brow in interest at the no sad banjo music, “I didn’t know that. I don’t know too many banjo tunes.” He shrugs, “But happy music is always good. It’ll get ya more money.”

Sora says, "no…no usual spot, just where I feel like it. I tend to do what I like, where I like….so no real method to my madness…muhahahah" She smiles, "And money is always a good thing…"

“Well, it seems you got a good general philosophy on life ya got there and if it has worked fere ya this entire time then there is no need to change it.” Sandman offers with a smile.

Sora laughs, "Well, thats good…cause I wasn't planning on changing anyways. Nope, not one thought about it. Can't ask a cat to change it's spots after all. Sides, the cities got you to deal with a the big dog problems now..so it should be safer…

Shrugging his shoulders, “Well, I hope it’s safer. Unforunately, ya never really know. If it’s not a big dog, then it’s a robbery or a murder or some crazy supervillain going bonkers or gettin’ revenge for some stupid fight.” Sandman shrugs as he speaks from experience.

Sora hmms, "ok, here's a question for ya…what make someone a" she does the air quotes, "Super villian? I mean, whats the procedure to go from villian to super villian. Is it like some form of application? Is there a chart perhaps?..and what other titles are on it. Do you start as a thug, and work your way up?"

“I never thought about it. I think the difference between a regular villain. Those are your ordinary robbers and stuff. They become super villains when they have powers or some fancy technology or something. The average Joe or Joan ain’t super unless something about them stands out.” Sandman shrugs his shoulders satisfied with the answer.

Sora says, "So, then the fancy suits super villians tend to wear. Is that perhaps what makes them a super villian, or is that like a dress code super villians have. You know after they achieve super status? Just wondering..you know."

Sandman says, “Well I never got the whole costume thing. I tried it for a lil bit. It was kinda helpful, but looked bad. That’s the problem with the supers in general. All those funky tights and costumes. What’s the point of a cape if you can already fly? It doesn’t help. And those tights, sometimes you can see a bit more than what you want to see.”

Sora nods, "Yeah…prolly best to just wear normal clothes, right?…Something nice, but not to fancy. Depending on what your doing, maybe some pockets. I mean really, You see people on the news and such, and these outfits…no pockets. Where do you keep your stuff?"

“What stuff? I don’t need stuff.” Sandman shrugs and smiles, “Yeah and some of the costumes just ain’t practical, if ya got me. But who knows some people like to look weird and stuff. Just look at that singer, Lady Kajagoogoo.”

Sora says, "really?..so you don't have keys, or a wallet?..how do you pay for things?"

Sandman says, “Right now. I got nothin’ if I need to carry something that I do have pockets. Don’t like to carry stuff on me, if I don’t need to.”

Pointing to Avengers Mansion, “If I was broke, I wouldn’t live there.” Sandman gives a little grin. “I don’t need money for the moment as in right now.”

Sora says, "really?…oh, ok…well then, I guess since you have no money, and don't need any….you don't want to go to the cafe and get some coffee. Nope, now me.." She grins, "I like coffee and always have money.""

“Actually, not today. I’m actually gonna head back in, but it was nice chattin’ with ya.” Sandman bows and then his body shifts into a sand form and drift away in the night wind carrying him towards the mansion.

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