2011 10 15 The Building Owners Really Stink

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The building owners really stink at screening their potential residents…

The Vision and Phantasm

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15 Oct 2011


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The Vision and Phantasm set out to apprehend a criminal. Things go boom and bzap.


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-==[ Chelsea - New York ]==---------

The Chelsea neighborhood takes its name from a single building, now demolished for a century and a half - the birthplace of Clement Clark Moore. Somehow, the artistic element never quite went away - anchored by the presence of the Hotel Chelsea, a residential hotel that's housed artists from Mark Twain to Stanley Kubrick to Jimi Hendrix (and, most notoriously, played host to Sid Vicious's probable stabbing of his girlfriend). These days, Chelsea's back in the center of the New York art scene, as art galleries have started migrating northward from SoHo.

Chelsea is, however, still primarily residential, offering apartments, tenements, and renovated warehouses as housing options. Most of the businesses here cater to the locals.

Friday evening and Chelsea is hopping! The youth scene here in Chelsea is alive and kicking. People are off doing whatever it is kids do these days. The Vision isn't participating in whatever it is the kids are doing this evening, though. The ghostly white Vision is standing on the rooftop of the Tate building. He's staring across the street at a renovated, old warehouse that was converted into some posh flats. His eyes glow brightly as he stares at the building. The old warehouse looks relatively harmless. All the levels aside from the top level are darkened, seemingly vacant for Friday evening events. So it must be the top floor that Vizh is staring at. There are lights on in the top flat, but they are muted and dimmed.

Also not participating in whatever it is the kids are doing this evening is Mike. Instead he is back at the Baxter Building, asleep making his appearance in here as his often-times feathery alter-ego, Phantasm. Wings spread out, the purplish black raven flies along the skyline, seemingly coming from the direction of Midtown. As he comes near the Tate Apartment Building, his flight slows, bringing him closer to the rooftop. As he lands, his first attention is not cast to the building in front of vision but instead to the car parked outside. "Son of a…" the bird mutters. The bird pauses, turning his head to look to Vision, and then to the flats. "Mad scientist again?"

The Vision turns his head abruptly at the words coming from the bird that has appeared. The glowing of the Synthezoid's eyes goes away as the artificial being recognizes Phantasm. He shakes his head in response, "You have a knack for showing up just as I am about to make my insertion. No, this is not a mad scientist. This is, hopefully, the source of some alarming hacking activities." He looks away from the bird and back to the converted building in front of the Tate Building.

"I think I've already told you where I tend to be." The bird reminds, head flicking back to look to the building, "Hacker." The head tilts, "So, this is related to the thing you were looking for on the Empire State Building then?"

The Synthezoid nods, "He had set up a repeater apparatus up there to relay his relayed signal through. An effort to mask his trail." He pauses before adding, "That is to say, if I am right and my investigation has led to the correct conclusions." The Vision lifts up off the rooftop and hovers there for a moment. He glances over towards Phant, "Now I go in to conclude this investigation." Vizh flies off towards the converted building. Odd that a heavy hitter like the Vision would go after a mere computer hacker.

The bird's head tilts, watching as Vision flies off, "Uh ok." The bird murmurs, adjusting his body as he sits on his perch, "I'll, just wait here…" This declaration lasts for all of a couple seconds before he shakes his head, spreading his wings and flying up, and following after. Never know, maybe there's another of those weird light beam thingys…

The Synthetic Avenger flies over towards the converted building across the street. The Vision lands on the rooftop and his eyes glow again as whatever sensors in them are activated. He looks down to his feet and the tarred roof beneath them. He frowns slightly, "My sensors are unable to penetrate." A pause, "How, odd." The ghostly Vision alters his molecular structure and he slips through the matter of the roof and allows himself to descend into the flat beneath.

Phantasm ends up once again on the rooftop, in time to see Vision drop through the roof. "Guess that beats flying through a wall." The bird mumurs. He pauses a bit more as his form turns to nothing before following after The Vision.

The Vision slips into the flat and resolidifies when his feet touch the floorboards of the apartment. The room he enters appears to be a secondary bedroom. The lights are off and it appears to be sparsely furnished. The ghostly Avenger's eyes are glowing as nightvision capabilities are activated and accessed. The inhuman Avenger purses his lips as he looks around. The spare bedroom doesn't have much in it. There are several filing cabinets and old cardboard boxes. Using this a storage room, perhaps?

Then something happens. The lights flash on, there's a clicking noise where the door leading out of this room is and metallic shutters slide down from some hidden sheath and cover over the lone window in this room. The Vision hrms thoughtfully to himself.

With the delay adjusting himself, the now unseen Phantasm's drop into the room does not occur until after the shutters slide down. "Hmm… I think he knows you're here."

The Vision turns towards the voice and humphs at the humor that was implied with the statement. He offers a nod of agreement before turning and looking around the room, "And he means to keep me in this room. I doubt he fathomed someone having the ability to disregard solid objects the way I do." The Vision looks up at a corner of the room, spying a camera spying him. The Synthezoid calls out, "Hello?" No immediate reply.

As Vision talks to the camera, the unseen Phantasm moves over towards the wall with the door, sticking his head through to peek on the other side.

On the otherside of the door, Phantasm will see not much of anything. It's incredibly lit up. The walls, floor and ceiling are stark white. There is a grid of gray lines covering the floor, but nothing much else can be used to described the features of the cooridor beyond.

The Vision doesn't get an answer back… though he didn't expect one. The Avenger heads towards the door and phases right on through it. After he is completely on the otherside, Vizh grunts and hunches over slightly. Phasing took a lot out of him, "Curious… I wonder what that door is constructed from…"

Phantasm completes going through, following after Vision's movements. He pauses, looking to the Avenger before looking around the hallway, "What if he was assuming it would be you?"

"Don't believe that could possibly be the case… but perhaps I am mistaken?" The Vision states in response. The Synthezoid seems alright now; recovered more or less from exerting himself to get through the door. He looks down the cooridor and then towards the floor at the grid. The Avenger presses onward down the cooridor and is halted when a pair of doors across the hall from one another snap open. From the opened doors a cloud of gas is sprayed into the cooridor.

Either way they don't like visitors." Phantasm follows along looking down the corridor. As the doors open, Phantasm keeps moving, rushing over towards the doors to peek in and see if there's anything to turn off the gas. Maybe the people who designed this place are helpful enough to have off switches.

There are no obvious switches… but there are no real reasons to fret about it. The Synthezoid walks right into the cloud of gas that's spewing into the cooridor. He shakes his head and comments to Phantasm, "Perhaps he wasn't expecting me… this appears to be a pretty generic trap. I am not affected." He presses forward until he gets to another closed doorway. Vizh grimaces when the handle to the door doesn't move. It's locked.

"Hmm." Phantasm considers, turning away from the gas device, "I guess not." He follows Vizh over to the next doorway. Poking his head on the otherside to peek around.

The Vision taps at the doorway lightly with a finger. He grimaces, "Given enough time I could determine the composition of this door…" Vizh is leerly about phasing through this door if it makes him feel like the last door.

As for Phant, he spots a pair of turreted weapons on the otherside of the door. This hacker sure has a fair amount of protection in his humble Chelsea flat. No sign of the hacker as of yet.

Phantasm pulls his head back and glances towards Vision, "Iiii wouldn't go through that door. There's a couple of weapons on the other side pointed right at it."

The Synthezoid raises a hand to rub at his chin pensively. He shakes his head at the warning from Phantasm, "A little much to protect yourself from the FBI, I think. I wonder what this individual is up to…" The Artificial Avenger phases down through the floor, "See you on the other side." He says just before disappearing beneath the floorboards and to the flat below. After a few moments, Vizh phases up through the floor on the otherside of the room. He remains perfectly intangible as he waits behind the weapons directed at the door.

Phantasm on the other hand, goes through the door. He's not quite as indirect with his route. But being he's not technically there, FU weapons. He strolls past, glancing to the weapons and looking around the room. "They need a better screening process on potential residents for this building."

The Vision steps towards the turreted weapons and reaches an intangible hand towards one and then the other. He partially solidifies his hand in each weapon. There's a rending noise and a pop as Vizh disrupts the matter and destroys the firing mechanisms. Vizh turns and looks at Phant, "I am more concerned about their liberal views on allowing their tenents to remodel and renovate. I am sure this is not under building code." He turns around and looks about. It appears they are in a larger room; A Family Room or Den. It is brightly lit as well. No one is to be seen.

"Yeah, you'd think they'd have heard something when he did all of this." Phantasm glances around, looking for any more cameras or other doors, "Did he get the whole floor?"

"It appears the case." The Vision answers Phantasm. There are a couple of cameras in each of the four corners of this room. They are all directed at where the guns are, lined up to record whoever tried to pass through that door. Vizh's eyes glow a dull red color as stored solar energy is concentrated there. The glowing red erupts into twin, narrow beams of energy. The energy darts towards each camera in turn. Vizh floats up to the closest camera and pulls its remains off of the wall. He examines the wiring, tracing the remaining wires into the wall.

Phantasm watches as Vision grabs the camera and then looks to the ceiling area to spot another one. "Ever get the feeling your perp is in another castle?"

The Vision's eyes glow a bright white as scanning tools are utilized as he observes the wiring. Vizh utters out loud, "Standard devices anyone can acquire from an electronics store." He floats back down to the ground and looks to Phantasm, "Ah, another castle? I fail to understand your reference." He pauses and opines, "However, If I try to understand your point, there is a chance that the individual that I seek is in another location."

The unseen figure glances back towards Vision before he just walks over to a wall that is likely an exterior wall. "Yeah. That's what I meant." He pokes his head through to look outside.

Outside its your typical evening. There are a few cars driving past at the speed limit. Nothing out of the ordinary. Also outside, Phantasm might hear the creaking and stressing of metal from above. Maybe the rooftop of the apartment complex. Vizh heads on over towards another door and phases through it. His head pokes back through the doorway to look back after Phantasm, "A bedroom…with a bed; unused. Bed is made like how you'd find a hotel bedroom to be like. I do not know if anyone has been here for sometime." A pause while he duckes back into the room. He opens the door and says, "There is a computer here, though. The monitor is quite warm, there are a couple of fans going." He humphs, "Unusual. The computer tower is missing, assuming there was a computer tower."

Hearing a familiar sound known to those who live in such quality housing provided in places such as Clinton, Phantasm turns his head to glance up for a quick glimpse before pulling his head inside. Glancing around to see if he spots Vision, he takes a moment before he spots Vision near the now open door, "Go to the roof!" Without much waiting, Phantasm glances to the ceiling before jumping up, going through it to make his way upwards.

The sudden command to go to the roof is surprising to the synthezoid, but he does not hesitate. He quickly catalogues in his memory for later perusal all that he sees in the vacant bedroom. The ghostly white Vision flies upwards through the ceiling. After a quick couple of moments, Vizh finds himself on the rooftop of the apartment complex. From across the street when Vizh was staking this place out, it didn't look that much different than the other rooftop areas of neighboring structures. There's a fire escape on one side of the building and a service access door that probably leads to some stairs down.

There is a figure running down the length of the rooftop. It looks like an adult… from a distance it looks male. Its carrying a heavy-looking duffle as it runs along the rooftop. Vizh says, "It appears my target is attempting to relocate to a different castle."

"Looks like it." Phantasm flies after the figure, remaining unseen as he works to get in front of the fleeing figure. With the extra weight likely slowing the figure and Phantasm having, none it's not a matter of if he catches up but when. But when he does, he goes a bit further in front, stops, turns around and holds out a still hidden arm ready to clothesline the man.

The figure that is running along the rooftop turns its head to look in the Vision's direction as it flees. However, it wasn't counting on a hidden Phantasm. The individual, a man afterall, grunts a gutteral grunt of both surprise and pain as he gets clotheslined by the hidden arm. The man's feet fly out in front of him as his upper torso meets the resistance of the unseen arm. A moment later, he finds himself face up and duffle on the rooftop. There's a groan from him and he reaches for the duffle. There's a zip as the zipper is released and he reaches inside.

Vision ascends into the air and flies over towards the now prone possible target of Vizh's investigation.

Phantasm glances down as the guy reaches into the bag and brings down his foot onto the man's wrist. "I don't think so." He bends down, tugging the man's hand out of the duffle while zipping up the bag again. As Vision approaches, Phantasm chuckles, "Is…This your guy?"

The Vision lands next to the duffle, the man and Phantasm. He crosses his arms over his chest and looks down at him, "I do not know. I did not have a description of the individual I sought. I only had anecdotes, IP addresses and a trail through the internet." The man squirms against Phantasm, "Get off of me!" His voice cracks as he tries to sound as menacing as a man at another individual's mercy can sound. The man's free hand reaches to his side and unclips a smart phone from its holder. Blind, deft and agile taps on the phone are made in half a breath's time. There is a shudder, a cracking noise and an explosion that rocks the building underneath them.

Phantasm glances down at the guy, "You have no clue what I'm holding. Ar-" The shake of the building does not alert Phantasm, nor does it affect him as his presence remains steady upon the man. But with the sound of the explosion, there is a growl coming from the Phantasm as he strikes the man's face with the intent of knocking him out. "Asshole!" He glances over to Vision, "What's happening?"

The man that Phantasm has partially pinned down, is struck in the face and appears knocked out. The roof that they are standing on continues to rumble and shake. The Vision, in response to the explosion and question from Phantasm, looks down and around. His movements are quick and precise. He gestures towards the rooftop, "A last ditch distraction, it seems. Perhaps this individual, whom appears to be the individual who resides in the room we were in, has caused some explosions to distract us." He starts to phase through the rooftop, "I have to make sure that there are no people in harms way."

Phantasm nods, although it is still unseen, "Right. I'll work on getting this guy down to the ground." Hopefully he won't wake in the process. Dropped perp from the roof might be bad.

The perp will not be hard to remove from the rooftop as the perp doesn't wake up… or at least he doesn't move.

The Vision flies throughout the building. The Synthetic Avenger flies through the walls and ceilings of the various rooms of the apartment complex. The perps room is hit the hardest in the rocking and explosions, as the booby traps must have been set in there. As fire erupts from the explosions, Vizh sends a messege to the local fire company to respond with trucks. Luckily this apartment complex is either lacking in residents or it's a young crowd out to enjoy Chelsea's nightlife; Vizh doesn't need to save anyone from the falling ceilings, walls and fire. Vizh flies out through the wall and lands near the the perp. The perp groans.

With the groaning perp not at all helping with his own evacuation, Phantasm's resorted to dragging the perp towards the fire escape. This makes for an easier time finding phantasm as the man is tilted at a bit of a 45 degree angle with nothing visible supporting him in that odd feat. As for his bag and phone, it remains where the perp had been dropped earlier. The dragging pauses as Vizh becomes visible again. He grumbles. "Okay, how about YOU get him and I grab his stuff instead?"

The Synthetic Avenger grimaces at the request by Phantasm, "Very well." The Vision moves himself over to where the downed perp is and resolidifies himself. He reaches down, grabs the man by his shirt and pulls him up with little effort. Vizh starts down the fire escape, bringing his target with him. The duffle bag lays where the perp left it.

With the actual life in Vision's hands, Phantasm moves over to collect the duffle bag and phone. Allowing Vision a bit of space, Phantasm descends down the fire escape with the newly aquired items. What an evening, what an evening.

When Phantasm picks up the duffle and phone, there's a slight rattle within the duffle and the smartphone vibrates and there's a quick jolt. If Phantasm can feel anything, it would feel like a strong static shock. If not, than it sounded like a loud snap.

The Vision reaches the bottom and drops the man uncerimoniously on the ground. The ghostly Avenger stands there looking over the man, "Not quite what I expected. I will need to peruse this individuals bag. I will need to go through his apartment when everything has been taken care of from a fire standpoint."

Phantasm's head tilts as he hears a sound. But having no clue what it is, he continues down the steps, As he reaches the bottom he hands the bag over towards Vision. "The phone and bag made some sounds."

The Synthezoid looks away from the man and turns to regard the phone and the bag. Vizh, first, accepts the phone. As he's looking at the smartphone, he grabs the duffle from Phantasm. He slides the device open and a quizzicle look appears on his inhuman face. He shakes his head, "Non-Functioning. I can not interface with it, either. It appears 'fried'." He frowns a deep frown and kneels down. He places the phone and duffle on the ground and slides the zipper open. There is a waft of smoke coming from the duffle now that the zipper has been opened. He reaches in and pulls out a computer tower, which is the apparent source of the smoke.

Watching the smoke, Phantasm stoops over to look at it. "Can it be fixed? And who the hell rigs up their apartment and stuff up like this?"

The Vision heaves his shoulders in a shrug, "Good questions; Both of them. Unfortunately-" He puts the computer back in the duffle and tosses the ruined phone in as well. He continues, "-I do not have the answer to those questions presently. I will have to get back to the mansion with these devices and work on them there." He glances over towards the perp, "The police can hold him… as it is easy to deduce and prove that he is the cause of this tragedy." he gestures towards the ruined apartment building.

With the building indicated towards, Phantasm looks towards the burning building. "There are going to be some very unhappy people when they come home tonight." He frowns, looking back towards Vizh. "Um. If you need or want any help with this…" He pauses, "Well, not with the computer thing. I suck at those."

"I will keep you in mind. I appreciate the assistance and second pair of eyes." The Vision says as he grabs the duffle and reaches to grab the man. He glances in Phantasm's direction and offers him a nod, "I am going to drop this man off at the local precinct and resume my research at the Mansion. I will keep you in the loop as I learn something. I assume I will run into you again in this area of the city?"

"Usually." Phantasm confirms, "Or you could probably ask Sue Richards to pass the message. She seems to know everybody." There's a bit of humor to Phantasm's tone to this general observation.

"Noted. Have a good day." The Vision says as he lifts up off the ground with the man and duffle in tow. With that said, the Avenger goes about what Avengers do!

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