2011 10 15 Finally Football

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The Thing, Sandman, Phantasm

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15 Oct 2011

Perry's Bar - NYC

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Ben and Mike meet Sandman at the bar for some chit chat.


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-==[ Perry's Bar - New York City ]==-------—-

A low lit, well furnished, standard English pub. Perry's Bar has quiet music playing in the background, sometimes an actual piano is being played for tips. The bar itself is located in the center part of the room and is well manicured, polished, and decorated. The waitress' all wear short, black skirts, yet still hold the feel of beauty and elegance. The bartenders all wear tuxedo shirts and bottoms and have a smile wanting to serve you.

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The Thing


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[O] - Midtown - New York

It's Saturday and it's the middle of Football season, but sadly for Ben, noone in the Baxter Building really likes to watch football with him, and well… Johnny one the coin toss to watch his favorite racing, or ninja shark-snowboarding or whatever crazy 'Xtreme' sport he's into this week. Ben's already gotten a table, some tall glasses of amber lager, and the biggest plate of pub fries you've ever seen. He's settled in his favorite corner booth, with Mike, who looks utter out of place but is probably happy to be out of lockdown for a bit. Across from the living rock pile is a frosty beer waiting for Sandman when he gets here.

One would think that a former criminal would not do anything suspicious or stupid so that patrons do not freak out. Well, Sandman is one to be suspicious about and some might say he is stupid, but never to his face. So instead of entering through the front door like everyone else, Ben and Mike may notice a slight whirring sound by the window behind their table as sand seems to suddenly just slide in and then pile after pile fall into the bar and like a slinky move from the window to the empty seat as it begins to take a human form. A hand reaching for the beer, Sandman is now fully formed, "Benjy!" He says excitedly and nods his head to Mike, "Hey there. I'm Sandman. Who are ya?"

Signature locks stuffed under a knit cap and wearing the less than spetacular, straight from Goodwill's shelves attire. The Mike seated across from Ben is not really channeling the rock star vibe at the moment as he opts more of a 'just another face in the crowd' look. As for what sets before him, there is a rather large, LARGE mug of beer, the coloration of it so dark that it is hard to see through the clear glass of the mug where the liquid resides. The contents have already been drained of a third of the contents. Also set before him are a notepad and basket of rolls. Because the rolls come free. He's currently writing in his notepad but when the sand starts appearing, the pen drops in surprise as he blinks to the formation. This lasts for a few moments before he remembers the premptive warning Ben had given him. He gives a slow nod of the head to the greeting, "So I see. I'm Mike."

"Ya, nice, Sandy. Yer name is gonna by synom…. synim…." Apparantly Ben is having trouble spitting out the word as he just gives up, "It's gonna be associated with sublty." He takes a nice long hit over his amber lager, buy eyes Mike's stout, "Maybe I shoulda ordered the black 'n tan…" he shakes his head and picks up cheese and bacon and peper slathered brace of Pub friends and pops them in his mouth, "So it's Empire State vs. Notre Dame, Bill. How do you like our chances." and then he looks to Mike and says, "Yeah sorry rude o' me not to do the introductions. This is Mike. He's a friend o' Sue's that kinda became a friend of the family." He doesn't go into why Mike stays with them figuring well.. that's private.

Looking at the screen and giving a large sandy finger, "ESUâs got this. Notre Dame sucks." With that he starts to chug on his beer when he extends a fleshy hand towards Mike, "Nice to meeetcha, Mike, huh? You look sorta familiar." He eyes the rockstar a moment before shrugging and chumping on some of Benâs fries. Snapping his fingers, "Garcon, Keep the food and alcohol comin' Gimme a burger. Best burger ya got. And a plate of des fries."

"Black n Tan's a good choice." Mike agrees, reaching over to take out another good dose of the mug's contents. He gives a satisfied sound as he sets the mug back down, glancing towards Sandman, taking the offered hand to shake it. "I get that a lot. I get around a lot with my job." He pauses, dropping his hand, "Well usually." He turns to his notebook, reaching over to close it.

"YOu bet the got this!" of course… ESU has had 2 and 4 start to their season, but Ben's always a glass is half full guy when it comes to Alma Matter. He eats a few more pub fries and says to the Sandman, "Glad to see you back in town though Bill. The Avengers in particular could probably use a few more plain speakin' sorts to keep them in line. So tell me about this smackdown you put on Hydro-Man? I'm sure Mike would love to hear it too." He looks to Mike and says, "Sandy here is one of the toughest sorts yer likely to find anywhere. Not just anyone can take my Sunday Punch and keep on comin.'"

"Oh really? Well what's your job?" Sandman asks pretty much forgetting it at this point and concentrating more on his beer. When the food arrives, he gets a hearty grin, "Finally, a real meal. I love me Jarvis' cookin' and all, but grease and fat and oil. The stuff of champions!" When Ben asks him to recount his story, a even bigger grin forms, "Well, that idiot was causin' a stink at the Brooklyn Bridge. Callin' me out and crap. Well, I showed up and we basically kept chasin' each odder water and sand all over da place. Finally I told him to be a man and fight mano a mano." He makes some boxing gestures, "Finally after our lil brawl I showed Bench, the old TKO. Ya don't mess with Sandman and ya don't mess with Bill Baker."

"I'm a musician." Mike answers, glancing towards Ben as he endorses Sandman's fighting capabilities, he gives a nod, "Sure." Looking over to Sandman has he's starting into the story, he listens attentively as he reaches for a roll. He takes a bite, chewing quietly, brow raising near the end of the story, "Wow. Kind of nice you got him to stop without doing any major damage. Does Hydro-Man call you out a lot?"

"Y'could say that Hydro-Man and Sandy have a bit of a History." Ben interjects, but of course leaves the rest of the story to Sandy to tell. He looks to the TV screen and says, "Ok good return.. now just keep marchin' it down the field guys!" He takes a few more pub fries and washes them down with a chug of beer. "Yeah Jarvis means well, but crime fightin' runs on junk food."

"Eh, he's a panty-waist. We got a history when we used to work for some shady underworld types." He looks to Mike's a bit as he shakes his head and hmmmmns, "Nah. Can't be." When Ben yells to the screen, he turns his body, well just his head and does a sorta of Exorcist type move. His head becomes sand and turns to face the TV while the rest of his body faces his pub-mates. "Alright, ESU!" He claps and turns his head back to face the others and once again become flesh. "Yep, bein' a hero requires a lot of crap food. So Benjy, howâre things with the FF?"

"Oh same as it every was. Franklin is growin' like a weed, and Johnny's still Johnny as you saw yesterday, Reed is in his lab more and more. Probably close to some big break through. I'll admit I've been workin the Avenger's more recently than the FF. We're mostly keeping the Negative zone in check and from spillin' into this dimension." Translation.. Ben's been restless recently. "All 'in all can't complain. Learning to move forward with life and all."

Got to hate it when people just can't seem to let things go. " Mike empathizes, "There are these two guys in Clinton who I had a few - uh - skirmishes with growing up, anytime I ever wander down there to visit the old home they just pop up and keep wanting to start a fight. Irritating as hell." Mike glances over to Ben, "A lot of things run on junk food." Mike comments, "Probably a lot of poorer income groups too since junk food tends to cost less too."

"Oh the negative zone, huh. I should probably play ole Blastaar a visit. Kick his space butt from there to here." He chuckles as he slams his beer down and his Avengers id starts beeping. "Crap." He looks up to Ben and Mike and sighs, "Gotta go. There is trouble somewhere, so off I go." He stands up and nods to the two before eyeing Mike a little more, "You know. Ya kinda look like someone I knew back in my evil villain days." He shrugs, "Well, thanks for the break, boys." With that, his body shifts to a pssamic form and he flies past everyone in a sandstorm form

And as the sand retreats and Sandman heads to the Avenger's call, Ben calls after him, "If ya guys need back up… call me!" Then a sigh as he's out of earshot before he can spit it all out, "Awww."

Mike blinks at Sandman's comment, frowning a little as he watches the reformed villain head off. "The hell?" Giving a shake of his head he reaches for the mug, lifting it towards his lips to finish the contents.

As the game heats up, Ben orders more pub fries and becomes pretty engrossed with what's on the screen. Yup he's gonna be tuned out for a couple of hours.

As Ben gets involved in the game, Mike turns his attention back to his notebook, drinking beers, and eating lots of refills of rolls. He's set.

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