2011 10 14 Forgiveness And Rugelach

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Forgiveness and Rugelach

Sandman, Human Torch, Invisible Woman, The Thing

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14 Oct 2011

Baxter Building

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Sandman stops by to deliver his apologies for… well a lot of things. Ben brings home the Rugelach and Sue is left defending Rugelach from the ever hungry Johnny.


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-==[ FF Reception - Fantastic Four HQ ]==------—-

This area is well-lit by natural light and overhead artificial fixtures. Roberta the robotic receptionist is stationed near the civilian elevators. She welcomes everyone into the area and can arrange the schedules of each team member with appointments.



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[O] - Landing - 30th Floor Fantastic [PL] - Private Elevator - Fantastic F

Late Friday night and when most people would be out partying or drinking, that is not the case for the Avengers and in particular not for the newest one to return to the fold. Sandman, not on duty, has opted to head to the home of the first family of heroes, The Fantastic Four. Making his way into the Baxter Building, this is his second time here since his return. After having met with Doc Samson, he realized where he was and remembered his history with this team. While he has made amends and is actually friends with the Thing. One of his earliest enemies was the Human Torch. Realizing perhaps it is time to make amends with the hothead, William Baker stands in the lobby looking around and pondering what to actually say when he sees the Torch. (re)

Sandman has plenty of time to ponder as Johnny seems to be taking his time. Certainly he must be awake otherwise the robotic receptionist would have said something. But alas, there's time in waiting but eventually the private elevator doors open, granting a view of Johnny. Not wearing his fantastic four uniform, he looks quite average… If average looked like he was getting ready to pose for a FDNY charity calendar. No worries, he has a shirt on. A nice navy blue shirt with the letters of FDNY on it. How nice. What's not quite as nice is that the lobby has gotten a tad warmer. Lips set to a frown, Johnny looks over at Sandman. Hmm, guess he's not harboring a lot of fond memories for the newly made Avenger.

Feeling the sudden increase in temperature, Sandman is not a fan of heat, in particular when it comes from the Human Torch. Dressed in his usual green and black stripped shirt and brown pants, his flesh seems to ripple a moment and like a wave goes from sandy to fleshy in milliseconds to adjust to the temperature rise. "Torchy…" He pauses and ahems, "I came by to see ya. And Da Thing, if he's around too. Got some words fer ya. But uh." He looks towards his feet as he kicks up some sand and absorbs it into his hand, "Is Ben around too?"

The temperature does not rise much further but it remains steady as the youngest Avenger steps out of the elevator still glancing towards Sandman. "You just missed him," Johnny replies, "You know us. Always off saving the world some way or the other." He crosses his arms, eyeing the striped shirted newbie to the hero gig, "Kind of a catching urge. I've heard you're giving it a shot now too."

"Uh ok, then." Sandman looks towards the entrance as if to make a quick getaway which the former criminal is used to doing actually. But he sighs and turns back to face Johnny, "Yeah, Iâve become somethin' of a good guy now. 'Cept I don't have to wear the skin tight tights or a cape or nothin' like dat. Just hanging out with the big team now." He offers a wide grin, proud of his place among Earthâs Mightiest Heroes. "Well, I came to see ya too. Got sumthin' to say to ya too."

Johnny's quiet for Sandman's response giving a small nod. "Hmm. Probably a good thing." Johnny considers, uncrossing his arms as he steps around, somewhat circling Sandman, "Only so many people can pull off the tights and you're not one of them. Heck. I'm willing to call foul on Ben's gear but everything on him would probably be tight." He glances back towards Sandman, "So what'd you got to say?"

Raising an eyebrow at the tights comment, but then he chuckles a little too much and a little too loud for a funny statement. He ahems when Johnny asks to hear what he has to say, Sandman pauses a moment and then exhales, "Er…I . ..uh." He clears his throat, "Not used ta sayin' this." He offers a hesitant smile and then lets it out, "I'm sorry. Sorry for the time, I nearly beat ya when you teamed with Spidey when Spidey had to save ya. I'm sorry for the time I had you trapped in the jar and ya had no air and Spidey had to save ya again. I'm sorry for the time The Frightful Four and I beat you and your teammates and blew up that island and ya lost yer powers for that lil bit." He pauses a moment as he realizes just how many times this has occurred and notices a trend with the examples he lists and grows a rather knowing grin, "Well, yeah, sorry about all those time and any other I ain't listed."

As Sandman lists off his offenses, Johnny's lips turn into a slow smile, amused… possibly hinting to some thoughts of mischief. "I probably could say the same for all those other times when it was the other way around but, I'm not sorry. To sound a bit like Spidey, you were a jerk back then." The temperature starts to drop, going closer to an average room temperature, "Side note, I reserve the right to take my vengeance out on you later." Oh, that smile CAN'T be good.

Squinting his eyes at the Torch, a sneer grows on his face, "Ya, got to be kiddin' me. A jerk. You're the hothead, hothead…but yer right. I was a jerk and when ya try for yer vengeance, you'll find out just how much of a jerk, I can be." Thee sneer turns to a smile and William moves forward and extends his hand to shake, "So, fer this time around, I guess weâre good." An expression of relief can be seen on his face as he was actually nervous about this and how it would play out.

Well that Sandman has 'just missed' Ben is really one of those 'six of one, half a dozen of another' interpetation. As Just missed is actually code for Ben's been gone all day and didn't tell anyone where he's going. The Elevator from the lobby opens with a sigh and the looming form of one Ben Grimm fills the double doors as he folds himself into the lobby. He's carrying oarry a stack of mis matched cookie tines that are piled high enought to Obscure his face, "Ok… So Aunt Pentunia sends her best and made me promise I'd bring enough of her Rugelach for everyone." He pitches too and fro trying to balance the tins, until he sees Johnny and Sandman standing in the lobby, "Hey you mugs! Why don't you grab a couple of these tins and set them on the reception station fer me. I promised Aunt Petunia I'd bring some back here, and some for the Avengers, and give some to Franklin to take over to Power Pack. It's good to see ya Sandy." He's either oblivious to the palpable tension in the room, or he's choosing to ignore it.

"Yes." Johnny replies, smile starting to fade at the little flash of the old Sandman, "For now." The temperature in the room remains consistent, but Sandman gets a very warm, and yet not health endangering handshake. Be it divine intervention or what not. The hand drops as Johnny looks towards Ben and then to the tins. Ah Food. Sandman ignored, Johnny scoots over to grab a few tins from Ben. "How many are ours?"

Noting the temperature, Sandman shakes the hand with a firm grip and a rather wicked looking grin, "Fer now is good enough." When The Thing enters, Sandmanâs hand and arm elongate in a similar fashion to Mister Fantastic that is though in a pssamic form. A large sand hand reaching out and grabbing a number of the cookie tins from Thing, "Benjy, Torchy here said ya was gone. I came by to make nice with him and the rest of the Fantastics. I'll get these to the rest of the Avengers. How ya been, Ben?"

Susan Richards was actually upstairs, probably getting Franklin settled in for the night. She emerges from the same elevator Johnny did, having been called by Aunt Petunia to 'help' Ben with all of the tins of treats. She steps out of the elevator and her eyebrows bounce upwards briefly in surprise, but she recovers quickly and approaches the others with a smile. A shimmery blue force field deftly scoops about half of the tins out of Ben's grasp.

"Aunt Petunia said she made three tins for us, three tins for the Avengers, and one for Franklin to take to his friends Power Pack and…" And just then the shimmering field lifts four of the tins out of his arms and Ben jumps a little, "Man I never get used to that…." Well that leaves him with the last 3 which are coralled by the Sandman, "Well that's that then…." He dusts his hands off and says, "I'm doin' good Sandy. How's life as an avenger treatin yah? Gotten to fight any Aliens. Fer my money I like clobbering the Kree. Those snotty space romans are always trying to gab givin yah amble opprotunity for a nice uppercut."

Behold the power of Rugelach the hell to you, cheese! Tins in arms, Johnny glances down to the tins and does a mental count before giving up all but one tin for the counter. "Three tins eh?" Johnny replies, already starting to open up a tin, smile forming. "When's the next batch likely to be c-." He pauses, glancing towards Ben.

When Susan makes her appearance, Sandman turns and nods, "Hey Sue…erm…Hello, Mrs. Richards." Trying something he is not good at which is being polite, his sandy hand and arm shrink back to his side and return to flesh as he balances the cookie tins for the Avengers, "I came by to say sorry fer all the bad stuff I did to you and yours, Mrs. So sorry." He sounds sincere and then turns to Ben, "Nah, no aliens yet. Though I laid the smackdown on Hydro-Man and smacked a werewolf around. Ya know, typical stuff." (re)

Susan Richards lets the stack of tins hover as she smiles at Sandman. "Thank you for thinking of us and having the maturity to step forward and apologize." She looks over at Johnny. "You'd better save some of that for Franklin."

"It's ok Suze.. Aunt Petunia put a false bottom in our tins, so there will be a secret stash match stick can't get to." Ben says giving Johnny a crooked grin. He looks to Sandman and says, "Hydro-Man huh? He's a pretty heavy hitter. Sounds like you're doing the Avenger's proud. I ain't been down to the mansion in a while. Who's turn is it to be leader o' the club now." He looks back to Johnny and says, "And 'fore I ferget I need you to help me Speed test the Fantasticar sometime now that Reed's made a few more upgrades.

Johnny looks over towards his sister before glancing back to the tin he was opening. Ah right. He gives a smirk, impish as he pulls out three pieces, holding them in display before closing the tin and holding it out towards Sue so as not to mix them with the full tins. "I'll give you a head start to hide the rest." He glances to Ben, "It's not secret if you say it out loud, Rocky." He gives a bit of a nod, "And sure. Should be fun."

With a smile on his face, "Now thereâs a classy chick who knows how to accept an apology." He hits Johnny on the back in a friendly manner, but with some strength behind it. Looking to Ben, "To be honest, I ain't even sure. I heard Cap just on reserve and Hawkeye is runnin' things. Iâve only actually seen Wonder-Man, Shulkie, Namor, and Vizh. Some of 'em are off-planet." Speaking of which, "I gotta head back to the mansion myself. I'll bring da cookies and let Jarvis know yer aunt made 'em." Turning to everyone, "You should all feel free to stop by, I mean yâall are Avengers. Oh wait. Sorry Torchy I fergot you weren't one." He nods his head, "Itâs been good seein' you all."

!!!!!!!FORGET THE LAST POSE!!!!!!!!




Susan Richards says, "Ben, why don't you let me carry these tins upstairs? I'll make sure they're stored safely." Which means she'll keep them from getting completely eaten by Johnny, Franklin, OR Reed. "It was a pleasure seeing you, William. Do feel free to stop by any time, all right?"

"Sounds like a deal Suze." Turns to catch up to Sandy before he gest to the Elevator, "Tell you chum. I think Avenger Mansion can do without you for a little while. What say we stop and get a few brews and catch up on the way back."

"Not a bad idea," Holding on to the tins, Sandman opts to go get a beer with Ben. Turning to Sue, "Thanks for yer kindness." To Johnny, "See ya soon, Hothead."

"Just don't forget where you hid them." Johnny says to Sue, opting to ignore Sandman, turning his back to the Avenger as he starts heading to the private elevator door, "Nothing sadder than wasted treats."

Susan Richards watches Ben and Sandman leave, then turns to head for the elevator the same as Johnny, the stack of tins floating along beside her with the already opened one at the top. "You know I won't forget, Johnny."

"There's always a first time." Johnny replies, sneaking a glance to the other elevator to make sure Sandman indeed does leave. "Perhaps to be safe you should just, tell us the hiding places." Did he just-? But didn't he sugg-? Gah. He stuffs a piece into his mouth, chewing a few times before making an observation, "Mmph-mybth y chud f rebbed fife."

Susan Richards sighs and shakes her head. "I'm out of practice deciphering what you're saying, Johnny. Swallow, please."

Johnny nods, chewing away before he finally does indeed finish off the piece. "Maybe I should have grabbed five." He repeats, "These are good."

Susan Richards hehs. "Good thing you didn't. Greedy." She turns back to the elevator when it dings and sends the tins in first. "What are your plans for the rest of the weekend?"

"Hey, I have a very, VERY good metabolism." Johnny points out, "I'm just making sure I'm all fueld up." He takes another bite, starting to follow in after the tins, "Mmp-Bhen-ashed-e-o-o-um-peed-ests."

Susan Richards steps into the elevator after Johnny, crossing her arms and looking at him with a raised eyebrow as he mumbles around another biteful of food.

And the biteful is so goooood. After finishing up his bite he lifts up the piece to take out what is left of piece number 1 but the sisterly look of doom has it's power as he glances up. Brows lift, "What?"

Susan Richards says, "Ben asked what, again?"

"He asked me to help him with a speed test for the Fantasticar." Johnny repeats himself, giving a shake of the head, "Really sis. You need to listen more. I just said that."

Susan Richards reaches out to swat Johnny on the arm with the back of her hand. "And you need to stop being such a mushmouth."

Johnny brings back his arm as Susan swats it, the other hand reaching over to secure the remaining pieces of food. "Oh hey, don't make me drop them," he gives a bit of a complaint as he looks to the floor indicator of the elevator as it makes it's ride up, "That and go down to the department for a bit. Hot date after that, why?"

Susan Richards shrugs. "Just wondering. And at the very least you should take a moment to call Aunt Petunia and thank her for the Rugelach." She also looks at the elevator's display idly.

"I'll do that later," Johnny promises quickly, holding up the remains of his first piece, eyes glance towards the top tin, "You know what'd help make for a very inspiring thank you? Five back to back pieces."

Susan Richards hmphs faintly. "Keep dreaming." When the elevator dings again, she steps out, the stack of tins following her.

Johnny watches as Susan leaves the elevator, allowing her a few steps before he exits as well, following his sister to see where the tins may end up. "Rugelach may be great to eat but I'm not sure they make for great dream material."

Susan Richards chuckles softly, stopping to watch Johnny and let him go about his way. Sorry, no snooping allowed. "Yeah, true. and another reason to not stuff yourself silly. The dreams would probably be all kinds of wrong."

As Susan stops, Johnny stops. "But it's Rugelach," he protests, "And if I'm going to dream of it I may as well eat more of it."

Susan Richards stares at Johnny for a long moment, then sighs. "Fine. ONE more piece. But only one."

With the consent, Johnny does a small fistpump with his non full hand "YESsss." Victory achieved! He pops in the last of piece number one before moving closer, reaching for the opened tin in order to replace the piece he just finished off.

Susan Richards blocks Johnny from the tins with a force field and steps over to open the tin herself and take one piece out for Johnny.

Johnny's hand bumps the field and a look is given towards Sue. OOoohhh you, you, you TIN-BLOCKER! Wait, was that right? There's a bit of a half smile to this, his free hand turns, palm side up, waiting for the piece to be handed to him. "Thhhkuu."

Susan Richards rolls her eyes at the additional mushmouth, but sets the piece into Johnny's outstretched hand readily enough. "Yeah, yeah. Now shoo. Didn't you say you have a hot date or something?"

With the piece aquired, Johnny shifts it over to the stack of other pieces already in possession before he gives a nod, gives a wave and heads to his room with the food.

Susan Richards shakes her head amusedly, then turns to 'hide' the rest of the tins.

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