2011 10 13 Simulating For Sandman

Log Title:
Simulating for Sandman

Sandman, The Vision

IC Date:
October 13, 2011

Simulator - Sub-Basement - Avengers Mansion

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The Vision gives Sandman some words of advice


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The Simulator is currently being used by Sandman, but anyone outside can hear yelling and screaming. Upon entering, they will see the setting is the top of the Brooklyn Bridge and Sandman locked in heated battle with Hydro-Man. Water and sand strewn all over. Sandman lets out a loud yell as in his pssamic form is dodging a water blast hurled in his direction. Unable to dodge it quickly enough, the water strikes his sand form, hardening it and making into a muddied mass of hardened wet sand which only makes William Baker yell out even louder. Then the simulation ends and Sandman appears standing in the middle of the empty room.

The Vision did, indeed, enter the simulator room just before the conclusion of the epic, holographic encounter. The Ghostly Synthezoid entered through the door and strode a couple of steps into the simulation before realizing that he was on the Brooklyn Bridge. Vizh reached down, grabbed the ends of his cape and pulled them around him. His eyes started to glow as he actively scanned to dertermine what was happening. However he does not need to scan long before noting the heated conflict. When the simulation ends, Vizh continues to stand there in a statuesque posture.

Not having noticed the Vision enter, Sandman curses to himself as with each simulation of his battle with Hydro-Man that involves using powers, he ends defeated or turning into some sort of mud monster. Cursing to himself, he finally looks up to see the ghostly synthezoid and moves back in a defensive stance. “Holy sh…um…holy crap. Jeez, Vizh, coulda warned a teammate you were here.” He shudders a moment as he has still not gotten adjusted to Vision’s manner of entrance.

The Team's resident Synthezoid tilts his head slightly to one side at the reaction and words directed to him. A curious expression forms on the inhuman face of Vizh. He's silent for several moments before he asks, "Why?" The inhuman, ghostly Vision continues as he steps forward in approach, "I did not intend to startle and did not imagine that I would by being in here."

“Um yeah. Sorry. I’ve been trying a way to defeat Hydro-Man using my powers. I encountered him yesterday and had to defeat him the old-fashioned way.” Sandman smirks as he takes a boxing stance imitating Mike Tyson. Realizing that is wasted on the synthezoid, he frowns, “You scared me is all. You did nuthin’ wrong.” He offers a smile, “Did ya want to use the simulator? Maybe we can do trainin’ together?”

At what Sandman says, the Vision arches his slightly pronounced brow. He looks past him to where he last saw the holographic image of Hydro Man. As he stares at the blank space, Vizh says, "There are any number of ways to eliminate the threat he would pose to you." He pauses, "Do you require assistance in determining the best possible course of action?" And then to answer the man's last questions Vizh says, "I was going to utilize these facilities to run a simulation of my own. Nothing too important; More to just alleviate my own curiosity in regards to something."

When Vision states that there are numerous ways for Sandman to deal with Hydro-Man, he shakes his head as he cannot think of any. “Other than a straight street fight, I can’t think of nothin’ powers-wise.” He frowns, “You are the resident brain of da team, so I guess that would be perdy helpful. Uh, how bout dis? You help me wid mine and I help you with yers. What do ya think?”

The Vision quirks his brow again at the response he gets, "I would certainly question what you referred to me as; As that is certainly an argueable statement to make. There are plenty of people, past and present, that could also be described as 'the brain'." He shrugs his shoulders and releases his grip on the ends of his cape. This allows the garment to flutter to his sides. The Ghostly White Vision says, "However, that is beside your point I am sure. I am all to willing to provide you some assistance."

Continuing to shake his head as the Vision speaks, Sandman shifts his hand into a sand form and elongates it into the control booth and pushes some buttons as the Simulator darkens and the two heroes find themselves atop the Brooklyn Bridge. Moving to stand next to the ghost, Sandman points out, “So this is what actually happened yesterday.” Sandman in his pssamic form and Hydro-Man in his watery form stand ready to confront each other when Sandman shifts to a human form and challenges Hydro to a brawl without powers. After ten minutes of a brawl, Sandman stands victorious over a bloodied and beaten and fleshy Hydro-Man.

The Synthezoid humphs as he observes and watches the simulation. When Sandman stands victorious, Vizh looks towards the other. He asks with a slight curious tone to his voice, "Why did you challenge him to an encounter without powers?" He pauses before adding, "And curiously enough… why did he agree?"

"Well answering your second question is easier. Morris Bench, aka Hydro-Man is an idiot!” Sandman laughs to himself as the simulation ends and the two Avengers find themselves standing in a construction site. “And this will answer your first question.” Suddenly, Sandman and Hydro-Man appear in battle against Spider-Man and during the fight, their altered bodies are suddenly merged. The sand and water mixing to form some mud-like creature running rampant and being defeated by Spider-Man. Thee simulation ends and the two are once again atop the Brooklyn Bridge, “When using our powers, if we become merged. We both become trapped in that monster form.” He looks down into the East River, “It was horrible being trapped like that for months.”

The Synthezoid observes what the Sandman has to show him. He raises a hand to his chin and taps a finger against it as he watches. He considers what is said, "I can imagine that it would be disconcerting to be in such a position." To say the least! He cuts his eyes to the side and regards Sandman, "If he is an 'idiot', than why not simply take advantage of that to position yourself to have more of an advantage? Drawing him off the bridge and away from the water, perhaps?"

“Well, it’s not a simple as that. His powers work like mine. I do not have to be around external sand to use my powers. Same with him and water. His main water source is himself. I could draw him away from the river, but water exists nearly everywhere. Where as sand…” Hydro-Man and a simulated version of Sandman appear in their elemental forms. “He was calling me out. If I tried to draw him out, he could have hurt someone. The threat had to be dealt with at the time.” Shaking his head, “Sometimes, I think it was easier bein’ a baddie!”

The Vision tilts his head slightly to one side once more as he regards Sandman. He says, "So; I believe I understand your issue and problem. You feel as if you believe the major problem with this particular rivalry is that the two of you possess similar powers that have an unfortunate side affect when you become intertwined…"

Nodding his head, “Exactly, Vizh. It would be like if you fought…um…if you tangled with…” Sandman appears perplexed as he has to encounter anyone with similar powers to The Vision, “If you fought another version of yourself. Except with me and Hydro, he’s water and I’m sand.” He shrugs, “And trust me, Bench has a major hard-on to beat me. So, a street brawl worked this time, but knowing him and every other villain, he’ll come back and could hurt anyone to get me to…including you and the other Avengers, so best I figure this out while he is still jailed.”

The Vision shakes his head, "You do know that you do not have to face Hydro Man alone, right?" After posing the question he, once again, grabs the ends of his cape and draws the garment around him. He takes a couple of steps to circle around Sandman. He elaborates, "You do not need to be the only individual to face him. You have a team of Avengers here to call upon for assistance." He grunts as if even the Vision finds humor in this, "It is just Hydro Man."

Not sure whether he should be offended or laugh as he notes the humor from the Vision, “Well, I haven’t been long enough with the team to battle the big guns, other than when you and I teamed up to take out Dr. Doom.” Thinking over Vision’s words, “I guess. I’ve been part of teams before, but those have always blown up in my face. Sometimes literally.” He offers a smile, “The way to defeat the just Hydro-Man is to rely on my friends, huh.” Shrugging, “I’ll give it a shot then.”

"It is a way to do it, certainly." The Vision states matter of factly. The Synthezoid continues, "Spider-Man has found a way to take him on solo, so certainly and Avenger can do it. However, being able to do it by yourself does not mean you have to. There's always an Avenger to Assemble when you need them." He pauses, turns his head to look off to the side and then states, "My simulation will have to wait. Something has come about that I must pay some attention to."

“Well, I know you lost any sense of emotions or anythin’ like dat. But thanks for the etalk and the help with thee simulation. You’re a good pal, Vizh.” With that the Avenger turns to leave the Simulator and relax after the numerous sessions.

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