2011 10 13 Not Going To Jail

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Not Going to Jail

Siryn, Havok, Viper, Banshee, Val Cooper, Sharon Carter, Nick Fury, Silver Samurai

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Bringing closure to the HYDRA plot, Havok is caught up in the middle of Siryn's conflict with her father and Viper.


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The tiny bell above the door rings often as patrons of the Village Diner enter and exit the establishment. The place is filled with activity, people eating, talking, getting ready for the day ahead. The people themselves aren't of any particular stock. In fact, rarely would these people mingle in social settings. Doctors, lawyers, businessmen, construction workers, drifters, loners, musicians, artists, and even the ocassional super hero or two. Even now, two such super beings, also known as Mutants, are found seated comfortably within one of the many booths that line the side wall.

Alex Summers, AKA: Havok; former leader of a goverment team of mutants named X-Factor, is found seated across from Theresa Rourke, AKA: Siryn, former criminal, former heroine, former member of the Fallen Angels and various other associations including the X-Men. They sit across from one another discussing recent events and possible future outcomes. Between them, upon the table are various breakfast foodstuffs, mostly greasy, but otherwise filling.

Alex states, "So we're going after HYDRA and Viper. Funny, I ran into her some days back when I accidently helped out Spider-Woman. Turns out that Viper is Spider-Woman's mom."

The sheer amount of alcohol Terry consumed should have her not really all there, but after eating a starchy, protein-filled plate of breakfast, she seems fine. She's nursing a cup of coffee across from Alex. "''Ye'' aren' goin' after 'em. ''I'' am," she corrects. And then she quirks a brow. "And isn't it nice t' know I'm no' th' only one wi' relatives on th' wrong side o' th' line."

"Of course I'm goin." Alex re-corrects. "You can't just tell me about some super villain encounter and expect me to sit on the sidelines."

Theresa glowers at him somewhat balefully. "An' who says that?" she demands. "No matter wha' happens, Alex, I'm goin' t' jail. No ''way'' am I bringin' ye int' this. Besides, ye got a relationship wi' me da, an' I'm no' about t' let th' two of ye in a position t' be tellin' me what t' do."

"Telling you what to do?" Alex questions then declares, "I've led a few teams. No one was actually killed. But anyway, why would you think I'd be ordering you around? It's an operation, something that your father would likely be in control of."

Theresa grimaces. "An' how well d'ye think ''that'' is goin' t' go, Alex?" she asks. "He's beyond angry at me right now, and frankly… I'm no' too pleased wi' him either. It's unlikely t' make for all of us comin' out alive."

Alex is noticing a pattern in Terry's behavior. "So the Irish have a lot of anger issues, don't they?" he asks trying to make light (lite?) of the situation with a slight smile.

"Not all of 'em. Just th' ones wi' serious family issues,"Terry fires back. She is, after all, a redhead. "How would ''ye'' feel in my shoes?"

He chuckles, the irony of his previous statement and the very nature of what they discuss. "Terry.." Alex says calmly (for once), "I know all about anger issues, family trouble, interpersonal conflict, and I've even gone to therapy for it. Remember, my last name is Summers. Oh, and I'm a mutant too. You know how trouble follows us like a bad penny."

It makes the redhead grimace. "All right…. yer right. Summers family issues trump mine any day," Theresa admits. She grins a little. "When Da found out we were t'gether at th' bar, he was funny. Demanded t' know if I was sleepin' wi' ye and made snide comments about time-travelin' Summers kids." It makes her grin more. "He really is a bugger. I told him it were none o' his business who I was takin' t' me bed."

"Trouble does seem to follow you both." Viper says as she approaches the table wearing her green leathers with her green hair carrying a blaster pistol in her right hand. A chair is drug from another table, she pushes it in front of herself and lifts her right leg to place the foot upon the seat. "You just have no idea how /much/ trouble."

The rest of the diner seems quiet, a fork is heard dropped. All around HYDRA agents are standing about, fully armed and armored, even out the windows other HYDRA agents are seen, perhaps 20 in all.

Alex looks up at the new arrival, "VIPER!" he says in shock and awe. Almost jumping up and taking action, he notices the people all around and decides it's best not to act.

Theresa glances up briefly, and then she double-takes. "Well, shite," she breathes mildly. "And what would ye be wantin' wi' us, lass?" she asks, giving every evidence of calm. Though it's actually the last thing she's feeling. She's trying to stall until she can get to that cell that's in her pocket to alert Sean.

"What else, my dear Siryn. I am here to put a stop to your father's senseless quest. He, and his friends at SHIELD have yet to see the writing on the wall. HYDRA is here to stay and we do what we wish. What I wish. Right, now the two of you will be accompanying my minions to a secure location where you will be used in a hostage like situation. SHIELD will turn over the control keys that I desire and I will turn the two of you over unharmed."

Entering the diner is the Silver Samurai (mercenary of Viper), he states, "Mistress Viper, we've less than 30 seconds to evac."

Viper states to Havok and Siryn, "Now now, let's not be late." as she steps back and waves her weapon around as a directional indicator.

Seeing the arrival of the Silver Samurai, Alex's jaw tightens and he begins sliding out of the booth as directed. He notes quietly, "This will be the second time this month that I've been taken hostage - you know, I'm sick of it." <see HAVOK: FLAW: EASILY USED>

Theresa glances at Alex and murmurs, "now, now, boyo…. tisn' like th' woman is threatenin' ye, is it?" She turns a bright smile on Viper, sliding out of the booth and shoving her hands into her pockets. Sean on speed-dial 1, ohyeah. If nothing else, it'll alert him to what's up. "Ye do realize, o' course, tha' me Da? He's a bastard. Takin' us isn' likely t' make SHIELD do a damn thing except say good riddance t' bad rubbish."

"You underestimate the power of familial love and the pathetic nature of SHIELD, Siryn. It is irregardless whether or not your father is angry with you, he is your father and will do anything in his power to help you. If it means convincing SHIELD to turn over the key, he will do it." She steps back a little farther, giving the two of them space to emerge from the booth. Two HYDRA agents approach, one with a device that will fit over Havok's hands/arms, another with a device that will encircle Siryn's neck.

Alex has little to say, he's just pissed that he's caught up in another hostage situation. He's been in more than he can count since even before he was an active hero. Poor guy. He also knows there are too many innocents in the diner to take action. Too many people could be injured or killed. As the HYDRA agents approach, he offers his hands for the shackling.

"No, lass… I'm thinkin' ''ye'' are the one overestimatin'." Terry too is showing no sign of resistance, letting them slip the collar over her neck without taking her hands from her slacks pocket. She hopes to God that it wasn't Sean's voicemail that picked up and that he's listening at this point, but she has no way of knowing what's happening. "Ye shouldn' use yer own parental concern t' measure other people's. Th' man barely knows me. O' course… ye must have decided we were a right big threat t' bring 20 armed guys t' a diner in th' middle of the day. Not t' worry… we aren' goin' t' do anything t' let th' nice people here get hurt. Where are ye plannin' on takin' us?"

"An undisclosed location. One that you need not worry your pretty head over." Viper answers as things go dark and a hood is placed over her and Alex's heads to obscure the nature of their pending excursion. They are then forced forward and toward the tiny bell that rings a few times before they pass through. Then outside and the sounds of air vehicles are heard (jetlike hovering sounds).

Alex goes quietly, he knows now is not the time nor the palce to take action. He walks where he is directed and offers some resistance, but not overtly - just enough to slow people down.

In the distance, police sirens are heard.

"Oh dear…" Theresa's face takes on a bit of an ill look. "Alex….. I think I shouldn'a had tha' last bit." In the back of her head, she wonders if she can vomit on command, slow them down a bit further. But if she does that, she keeps the hostage situation in the diner. And that's not good. Still, Alex is stallling as well, so… "Me stomach's been a little off lately. 'mafraid I might disgrace us all soon."

Outside, the heroes are led off the sidewalk and toward some hovering aircraft. That's when everyone seems to freeze as over a loudspeaker the director of SHIELD, Nick Fury, is heard, "VIPER! You're surrounded, tell your men to drop their weapons and put their hands up."

Viper yells her response as she starts firing her laser pistol, "NEVER! YOU WILL NEVER TAKE ME DOWN!".

All around laser fire is heard, it would be best if Havok and Siryn hit the deck since they're pretty much useless and blind.

Pew Pew, Pew Pew goes the laser fire, yells of stunned pain, blasted debris is scattered around, other sirens and various individuals cross through the area.

Havok drops like a potato sack, knowing what's best for him and not wanting to get shot. He says while going down, "Terry, get down!"

She's no fool. Gunfire and blind do NOT mix. Terry drops like a rock, her hands behind her. She curses under her breath, hoping she and Alex aren't killed in the crossfire.

The operation takes no more than 2 minutes before all of HYDRA is captured and the pew-pew stops.

SHIELD agents stand Alex and Terry upright and Sean pulls their hoods off. The sun is really bright. "Figured I'd be findin ye two togetha." he scoffs. Then looks directly at Alex, "Summers, good to see ya again, albeit it would have been preferred under differen' circumstances."

Nick Fury is seen hauling a handcuffed Viper off into some transport. HYDRA agents are down all around, being handcuffed, and hauled away. No sign of the Silver Samurai, however.

Havok states, "Oh, hey there Sean. It's been a while." trying not to bring up anything - or avoid the subject entirely - of his current involvement in this situation and so proximal to Terry. Havok smiles, awkwardly.

Once she's on her feet and the bag gone from her head, Theresa's eyes on her father are sparkling with … something. "Nice, Da," she tells him sharply. She clearly took what just got said personally. "Alex, 'm sorry ye got pulled int' my mess. But since I'll be rottin' in a cell, I doubt me da'll have t' worry about me corruptin' ye anymore. Thanks fer breakfast."

Siryn's bonds are cut from behind. Agent Carter comes into view, "That's not quite true, Siryn."

Another agent works on removing Havok's bandings, they come off with a klank.

Carter continues, "You may have committed a few crimes, however it is believed by the Office of Special investigations that they were performed 'Under Duress'. Your father explained that your relationship with your uncle is quite complicated and needed special dispensation. With this in mind, you will be offered a deal, with which I recommend you take."

Sean seems pleased with himself that he was able to convince them not to take Terry in. He nods, affirming the statement of Carter.

Theresa looks at Carter as her hands come free. And despite whatever she may think, she studies the agent and nods slowly. "Aye. I understand." She slants her father a glance, one that holds equal parts wariness and hurt that she tries to keep covered by the neutrality. "Thank ye," she tells him stiffly.

Another blond emerges and approaches Terry. She carries a atache case and offers her hand to Terry, "Siryn, I'm Val Cooper. NSA. Director of the X-Factor project."

Havok sighs and greets Cooper, "Val." in his own dry tone. - Which will be returned in kind, but not for a while as she is going to professionally stick to Siryn's interests.

There's a frown at that introduction. Terry slants a glance at Alex, not sure she likes the way he said that. "Charmed, 'm sure." Her arms cross over her chest defensively as she waits for the other shoe to drop.

Cooper says, "I have a proposition for you… actually for the both of you." indicating Alex is a part of this.

Carter walks away taking Sean with her. Leaving Alex and Terry to deal with Cooper. "As you may well know, Alex is .. rather was leading the government mutant strike team called X-Factor. It went horribly awry and at present is quite defunct. It wasn't until two days ago that Alex called me - having left me in the dark for 3 months as to his situation. It seems that he's trying to 'get the band back together', his words, not mine."

She shifts gears from past events to the present, "Now, your situation has presented itself to be rather unique. Additionally, you and Havok seem to know one another. So, my proposal is simple. You continue doing what you're doing, where you're doing it, and from time to time you will be assigned various missions from my office that would be in the best interest of national security handled by Havok's team - a team not actually on record and not government funded. Understand?"

"Why th' hell would ye want …." Theresa trails off. "What happens if I say no thank ye?" she asks instead, her posture still defensive.

"I think you know as well as I do what happens, Siryn." as she glances over to Agent Carter and Sean talking off in the distance. "If you don't take my offer and join Havok's new X-Factor team, well, let's not discuss that." she pauses and continues a second later, "The team will operate out of the X-Mansion, I've cleared this with the Professor. You will be allowed to come and go as you would normally, exist normally, act normally (even as a hero team) just be on my speed dial when needed."

The redhead shakes her head a little and murmurs softly, "Aye…. I know what happens." There's bitterness in Theresa's tone. It's not really an invitation, it's an order — do it or go to jail. She should be grateful. And part of her is. It's the other part that feels manipulated by her father that is angry. "Tisn' really a choice at all anyway, so I guess ye got yer answer, don't ye?" she comments, her eyes focused over Cooper's shoulder so that she doesn't have to look at Alex *or* her father. "'m sure ye'll be kept well informed as t' my behavior," she snarks under her breath.

Alex realizes that Terry may see him having a hand in this, and he'll have to address that later.

Cooper smiles, nods and says, "My office will be in touch. Welcome to X-Factor, Siryn."

"Thanks." The single word is tight. Theresa doesn't know ''what'' to think right now.

Cooper looks to Alex, "Havok, let's talk." and will pull him away to get details worked out.

Sean breaks from Carter and walks toward Siryn, "You okay?" he asks in a peaceful tone while SHIELD agents continue cleaning up the area all around.

"Sure, Da," Terry replies, her voice carefully controlled. "'m just fine. Got off wi' a slap on th' wrist. Thanks fer helpin' out." She can't look him in the eyes, but her words are sincere in spite of the fact that her arms are still crossed as tight as they can go across her front.

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