2011 10 13 It S Alive

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It's Alive!

Firestar, Telemetry, Super Adaptoid

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Lab - New Warriors Headquarters

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Telemetry reprograms and reactivates the Adaptoid. Firestar finds new direction with her old team.


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A blank, featureless robot lays on a table. Its skull has been cracked open and a number of cables run from the computer brain just inside the skull to the Crashpad's mainframe. At the main console sits a woman in something of a Tron outfit. Black with blue piping. She's typing rapidly, eyes glued to the screen. "Come on…"

This is Telemetry. Five hours ago she discovered the Adaptoid by following an errant distress beacon into the subways of New York. Three hours ago she decided to make use of what seemed to be a high tech, abandoned facility that she had discovered a week ago. Two hours ago she had finished hacking into the Crashpad's computer system, disabled its security grid, and hooked up the robot to the network. Twenty minutes ago, the secondary security grid came online and sent a warning call to the cellphone of the former New Warrior physically closest to the Crashpad: Firestar.

It's quite a coincidence that superhero activity has been weighing on Angelica's mind lately, what with the few outings she had, and her encounters with other heroes who operate about the city, and now Angelica is getting an alert from the New Warrior's Crashpad. Could it be that Night Thrasher changed his mind? Is this his funny way to get the band back together? The only way to find out is for Firestar to check it out, and after a quick change of clothes, she's painting the skies with a fiery streak as she quickly makes her way to the headquarters abandoned since the New Warriors' outing to Tokyo, Japan.

"Damn damn damn damn." Telemetry stares at the screen, eyes reading over the information. "Whoever programmed you was an utter idiot. Why did they even include all this junk code? Holy crap." She begins erasing large swatches of code that makes no sense. "Your core must be under here somewhere… aha!"

Arriving at the Crashpad, Firestar is surprised to find it most certainly has been accessed, and in a rather indirect manner. Her immediate instinct is to assume this is a test from Night Thrasher, crazy as he is, and she maintains her aura, hands raised infront of her ready to strike. Slowly she moves about, before hearing voices from the lab, and that's the room she proceeds to go into. The voice sounds female, and not at all like Namorita, and with Firestar being the only other female on the team, the conclusion is that the person is actually an intruder. "Who goes there!? What do you want with the New Warriors!?" Firestar demands, heat heralding her arrival to the room as the temperature starts spiking up as a result of her nervousness.

"The what? Who?" Telemetry glances up. Startled, yes. But not the sort, it seems, to go into automatic defense mode. "Oh. Right. The guys who had this base before they abandoned it. I needed your facilities to repogram that." She points to the Super Adaptoid, scourge of the Avengers, over on the table. "I've almost cracked the code. Honestly, its like AIM wanted this bitch to be hacked."

"Hey, the New Warriors didn't abandon anything, it's Night Thrasher…he disbanded…" but Firestar doesn't complete the explanation when she realizes what this weird girl in the Tron-like getup just said, "wait…what is the Super Adaptoid doing in our base? Are you sure it's a good idea to tinker with that thing?"

"Well, it probably can't be destroyed or they would have done that already. So… its either wait for it to wake up and trash the city or try to do something useful with it, right?" Telemetry's fingers go back to the keyboard, flying. "So, the skateboard guy disbanded you? That's too bad. You guys did good work. Seems a shame that you should sit on the sidelines while so many people need help."

"But what is it doing here?" Firestar starts, before frowning as the very team who's headquarters belongs to is being taken lightly. Sure, Night Thrasher can be a total jerk, and she still hadn't fully forgiven him for blackmailing her, but he deserves better than being dubbed 'skateboard guy'. "Yes, he is pretty nifty on the skateboard, but his name is Night Thrasher, and he's a real tough and skilled fighter. I would say he deserves to be called a warrior." Firestar was about to ask what Telemetry is planning that's a useful thing to do with the Super Adaptoid, but she immediately goes on the defensive, her brittle dealing with issues relating to her self worth never an easy thing for her, "hey, it's not like any of us decided to stop helping people. It's complicated, Night Thrasher got into a real personal issue with the Taylor Foundation, we actually went around the globe for a while, and there was a…disagreement in Japan, I think he's cross with me, and that's why…maybe he'll come around."

"What are you, Donna Reid? You wait until the big, bad man decides to do something?" Telemetry doesn't answer any of the other questions. Instead, she drills down into the ethical conduct. "… they actually put in sliders. Wow." She begins making adjustments. For example, she slides the 'amount of force used to subdue the enemy' from the highest level possible to close to the bottom. "Or do you make decisions for yourself. If you want to be a hero, be a hero. If you want to keep the team going, keep the team going. You aren't a mouse. You're a kick ass woman with superpowers."

"No, I'm not Donna Reid, I'm Firestar," the girl in the yellow and red costume murmurs, a bit offended by the implication made on her person, "and I don't have to wait for a big, bad man to decide anything. It's just his team, he…well…kinda recruited me, and everyone else." Ignored as far as her questions are concerned, Firestar frowns and edges a bit closer to Telemetry, her aura flickering a bit with her emotions, "I didn't say I was a mouse, or that I couldn't make decisions for myself. I made a decision before, that's why the White Queen doesn't mess with me anymore, I can decide my own fate, I'm special." Well, at least she didn't go as far as to explain to Telemetry how she has this 'M' on the palm of her hand that makes her special. "What's with you barging in our headquarters and then insulting me?" She then realizes how she lost her track of initial thought, and immediately presses, "and I still think it's dangerous you're toying around with that thing!"

"I needed better equipment." Telemetry murmurs. "… he has NO personality file. That's just stupid." She begins downloading an AI she was working on. Nothing too complex. Rather, it encourages the intelligence to search out traits from the more noble aspects of humanity based on their writing. King. Kennedy. Ghandi. Tutu. Sagan. Those sorts of guys. "This was the most advanced lab I knew of that wasn't guarded. I tapped into your security systems weeks ago but didn't bother breaking in until just now."

"Personality file? What, you mean you could decide his personality?" Firestar looks quite a bit surprised, never really having run across someone with such prowess with robots and computers, or whatever it is that's needed for all this stuff Telemetry is doing right now. "How do you even know what you're doing? I mean, there can't be a school that teaches this stuff…" as Telemetry mentions how she easily tapped into the security and only didn't break in as a courtesy, Firestar crosses her arms, her aura starting to dim, "waw…aren't you polite. Thanks for not breaking in earlier. Though, I guess we haven't really been active at all since Night Thrasher disbanded us, I don't know what's going to happen with the team."

Then decide what's going to happen. Step up." Telemetry says, though it is distracted. She ties into a few movie references. Then she lets fly. In essence, as long as the AI sticks to a moral code of conduct, it is allowed to choose its personality and have that personality grow over time. "And there are schools that teach this, actually. Though I didn't attend any of them."

"Me? I've never really been a team leader, I'm not sure if I can even gathers the others, we've only ever met here…only Night Thrasher was really the link keeping everything in tact," Firestar muses, suddenly what Telemetry has been saying starts getting to her, "you don't supposed I could just keep using our facilities and just try and rebuild the team…like, with, I guess people like you?" Firestar murmurs, taking a cursory look at Telemetry, before adding, "but they'd have to be way more polite, obviously, you're really kinda rude, you know that?" Shrugging, Firestar murmurs, "my school never taught that…so how do you learn this without going to any school?"

"Some on my own. Some I learned in the Air Force." Telemetry admits. She hits the reboot program. Not, of course, before she sets in a failsafe shut off switch behind the master program. So she can drop the Adaptoid like a rock if he goes rogue with a simple command from her suit. "And yes. If you want the team to exist make it exist. If not with the old people then with new ones."

"Air Force!? You served in the Air Force?" Firestar repeats rather redundantly, looking at Telemetry with a new light of respect, "I guess I could do that. Hrmmm, Firestar, a team leader," she muses over the thought, wondering if she could actually pull it off. It would certainly be the noble thing to do, help people in need, and recently she's been reminded there's always a need for heroes. "It would certainly be better time spent compared to after school activities."

"I was in the Air Force." Telemetry confirms. "Intelligence, actually. Computer analysis division. By the way, he should be waking up any moment." She stands up and faces the Adaptoid. "I have no idea what he'll be like but I softcoded a weakened version of the three laws into his brain."

The right index finger of the Adaptoid spasms and then raises. The left hand tightens into a fist. Nothing more is evident. However, within the processings of the Adaptoid's internal core, strings of code are being activated.

"Well, that's no surprise, you seem handy with computers. I thought our security systems were supposed to be state of the art, or whatever it is about the Taylor Foundation that Night Thrasher kept bragging about." Looking aside at Telemetry, Firestar quips, "three laws? Does one of them say he shouldn't kill us? That's a rather important one!"

"Asimov's three laws of robotics. A robot can't harm a human. A robot should always obey a human except when it violates the first law. A robot should protect itself from harm except where it violates the first and second law. Obviously, if this thing is going to take on supervillains, it needs a modified version. In this case, its allowed to engage in violence, with what I call the Power Ranger mindset. Minimum force needed and only escalating as the enemy escalates or as is needed to save human lives." Telemetry watches the robot begin to move.

Processes still process silently within the core of the Adaptoid. Then nothing. The system crashes. The tightened fist relaxes and the finger drops.

"Asimov?" Firestar's schooling has been a whole different experience than most, she may not be aware of Asimov's three laws of robotics, but she could explain optimal aerial maneuvering when attacked by multiple laser turrets and being pursued by heat seeking weaponry. Emma Frost does have a unique curriculum in her Academy, at least for mutants. "This Asimov must have been a clever guy, but how do you know the robot will actually follow those laws? I mean, can't someone just make him not follow them, like you just tried to make him follow them?" Looking at the reaction of the Adaptoid, Firestar quips with a rather deadpan expression on her face, "I think you broke it."

"He's one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century." Telemetry mutters. Her attention turns back to the screen. "I did, yes. The system crashed. Some of my code is clashing with some of AIM's code. Let me see." She begins to dig, falling down down down down into the very core of the android's programming. "Aha. I see. Something called a MODAK sub-routine designed to resist attempts at reprogramming. Well, let's just get rid of that, shall we?"

"A writer came up with those laws? Not a scientist?" Firestar is surprised to learn that, in a way its enlightening in how one should not limit oneself to just one field. There's always an opportunity to affect the world, hopefully for the better, like the New Warriors set out to do. "A MODAK sub-routine?" Firestar is clearly uncomfortable with all the science going on, shuffling her feet a bit, feeling at a loss where she really don't know what to tell Telemetry and isn't sure whether to stop her, try and help her, or just stand aside as she's doing right now. "Well, why not just leave it dormant?"

"For the same reason you don't leave a plastic bottle in a landfill. It can do more good if you use it properly." Telemetry notes. "Its the green thing to do. Asimov was a writer and a scientist. Biochemist, specifically." She tap tap taps. "There. I've deleted that sub routine and written a new one in its place. I think it was a failsafe."

"I guess," a very uncomfortable Firestar says, looking over Telemetry's work as she continues to alter code on Adaptoid. "I'll take your word for it, I don't know how you can make anything out of that gibberish."

"The same way you understand English when other people don't." Telemetry notes. She makes a few last minute adjustments and then keys up the reboot sequence once more. "Starting up the New Warriors again is a good idea. There's obviously too much trouble for the Avengers and Fantastic Four to handle alone."

Firestar can't help but blush a little, feeling silly as Telemetry manages to put it on such simpler terms, that really, she's a bit embarrassed it hadn't occured to her before, "I guess you have a point." Nodding in agreement, Firestar adds, "I can do it, but I can't do it alone…I don't really know you, but seeing you already made the New Warriors headquarters something of a home, would you like to join in?"

Firestar can't help but blush a little, feeling silly as Telemetry manages to put it on such simpler terms, that really, she's a bit embarrassed it hadn't occured to her before, "I guess you have a point." Nodding in agreement, Firestar adds, "I can do it, but I can't do it alone…I don't really know you, but seeing you already made the New Warriors headquarters something of a home, would you like to join in?"

"Just a place I work. I haven't slept here yet." Telemetry notes with amusement. She keys the activation sequence and then sets it to run. This time, maybe the robot will work. "I hadn't considered joining a hero team before. I have powers. Sort of. I have stopped some crime. It is important to do something…"

"Well, you made it your work place then, that's almost akin to being on the team, work is what we mostly used to do here," Firestar says with a smile. "I am Firestar, what's your name? Or, well, what name do you go by?"

"Telemetry." The black and blue clad hacker answers. She turns, swiveling in the chair to face the Adaptoid. "If it doesn't work this time I'll have to take the code apart completely and start from scratch."

Three seconds later, the fist will be made again. Another spasm within the left thigh and the right hand's index will rise. Processes once again process and they appear more stable. Inside the Adaptoid, things are coming to life - if that is the term for it.

"Nice to meet you Telemetry, that's a nice name, I guess you don't have a plan with any wireless provider?" Firestar asks half jokingly, before suggesting, "you think you could maybe program it so it just serves as a maid around here? The place can use some cleaning up."

"One thing at a time." Telemetry says as she watches the Adaptoid like a hawk. "Right now, let's focus on getting it working. I don't know how intelligent it will be. The core processing power is phenomenal. Easily one of the most advanced I've ever seen."

The torso contracts and the Adaptoid sits up. Hands are placed flat on the table and it will rotate to face Firestar. White expressionless eyes peer from an otherwise desciptless face.

"Fair enough," Firestar says as she studies the slight motions of the adaptoid intently, and when it moves to look at her, she blinks and looks aside at Telemetry, "it's not seeing me as a target right now, right?"

"I don't think so." Telemetry says. She glances at the screen, then back at the Adaptoid. "No combat protocols have activated. Give it a moment for the personality programs to take hold." She holds up both hands, showing she's unarmed. "Hello." She speaks to the robot.

Everything is a target for the Adaptoid. It's primary function (aside from destroying Captain America) is to duplicate powers and identities of other beings. In this case, the robot's eyes glow and the Adaptoid is presently scanning Firestar. It makes no other moves.

"I don't like how it's looking at me," Firestar comments as she waves a friendly hand sheepishly at the Adaptoid, murmuring a hesitant, "h-hi there, Mr. Adaptoid…erm, we're friends right? I'm Firestar…"

"Just a little creepy." Telemetry preps the shut down protocol. Just in case. "And I'm Telemetry. I brought you back online. I'm pretty sure you can understand us and your personality programs should be online…"

When 10 seconds have passed, the Adaptoid has completely scanned Firestar and then takes the form of the redhead. It then slides off the table and stands before Firestar. The voice is as if Firestar herself speaks, "Subject pattern acquired; Firestar. Powers: Microwave Manipulation. Threat assessment: Unearthly."

"Woah." Telemetry knows which one is the real Firestar, of course, but still it is impressive. "Very interesting. You've got programming beyond search, duplicate, and destroy now. Access your other routines. I know I connected them."

Although she only stands at a diminutive 5'2", and appears to be in the later half of her teens, a simple glance would suggests this girl embodies fire. Her vivid red hair is tousled and wavy, vibrantly flowing down her back, with several strands wildly sneaking at the front over her shoulders. Her green eyes provide a strong contrast to he red hair, and they seem to stand out in a lively gaze from behind her unique mask — a red domino mask with a flame motiff extending upwards and to the sides of her head. Her fair complexion is blemishless, and her lips are touched with red lipstick, matching the color of her mask. An oddity about her gaze is that her eyes seem to bear wisdom that belies her age, as if she has been through an experience that made her grow older than her years.

She is without a doubt a superhero, a mutant, or what have you, dressed in what can only be a flamboyant costume. It consists of a skin tight, yellow spandex bodysuit, allowing for perfectly fluid mobility. Over her arms are a pair of fire red, spandex opera gloves with an intricate cuff that seems like orange flames rising up past her elbow. On her legs she dons low heel red boots , similarly cuffed with an orange trailing flame design, rising towards her knees.

Firestar takes a step back, her caution has gotten the best of her. Facing her self is shocking enough, hearing herself talk and then the further emulation… it's a lot for a girl to handle.

The Adaptoid/Firestar looks to Telemetry. Her torso following her gaze. Eyes glow again as she scans Telemetry. She notes, "Primary function, duplication. Secondary processes being brought online. Personality traits: itemized. Processing."

Telemetry waits. There's a lot of data to process. Being patient is part of being a hacker, despite what anyone thinks about the internet generation. She watches the android warily, waiting for some sign that she should shut it down.

Firestar remains silent, trusting that Telemetry knows what she's doing. Hoping so.

The Adaptoid/Firestar then takes the form of Telemetry, having copied all of her suits powers and Telemetry's traits. Her demeanor softens, her posture not so rigid, her voice takes the pitch of Telemetry and states, "You've nothing to worry about." is stated in a calm tone.

"I'm pretty good, as programmers go." Telemetry notes with a smile. "That doesn't mean I'm not worried. You're your own person now. Sort of. It'll take time for your AI matrix to grow but I'm confident it will."

It takes a moment for the Adaptoid/Telemetry to process as so much is going on inside the synth. Then seconds later in Telemetry's own voice, "I must learn what it is that you have made me into." and it shifts back to the blank white base form of the Adaptoid.

"Exactly right." Telemetry agrees. "And then figure out how you want to grow from there. I provided a basis. You have to build on that. I'm hoping you decide you want to help people. And not in a creepy 'humans need to be saved from themselves' way."

"Query." states the Adaptoid, "If I am unable to harm humans, then how am I to protect or help others?" then projects the question of the three initialized commands.

"I… or I guess I need to program it so other New Warriors… can override those protocols." Telemetry explains to the Adaptoid. "In that case, you have a secondary mandate. You calculate how much force is needed to subdue an opponent while causing the mimimum in property damage." And no damage to civilians, of course, "And apply that force. If needed, you add to the level of force depending on the confrontation."

"Understood. Minimum force and damage to subdue target." The Adaptoid reiterates the instruction. "Please define my primary function." it questions, needing some sort of direction or goal to achieve. Just having personality protocols is one thing, having direction in their usage is another. It needs 'desires'.

"Your primary function is to preserve and protect life." Telemetry answers. "Access files on Captain America, the Avengers, fire fighters and paramedics." She sits down. "I'll help you compile a list of traits to examine and emulate."

"Understood, accepted.' the Adaptoid states in affirmation of his direction. "These files will be accessed and templates acquired." It then shifts back into the form of Firestar and will flame on and fly out of the room for destinations unknown.

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