2011 10 12 News Unknown Plague Decimates Small Island

"It's as if the life was drained out of them!" says Doctor Phillip Moreau in regards to the tragedy that befell Reutgar Resort island six hundred miles off the coast of the Yucatan in the Caribbean.

The death toll has yet to be established, but it's presently estimated that well over 500 people have been killed by a yet unidentified pathogen. The island has been quarantined by WHOM and clinical investigators are trying to establish the cause.

Authorities noted that Reutgar Island went dark between 6pm and 10pm EST Tuesday afternoon. The pilot, Sam Pool, of the K25 small passenger transport plane in route to Reutgar was unable to raise the airport control tower to help establish landing patterns. Making an emergency landing, the pilot quickly realized that something was very wrong on the island. Sam and his passengers are currently quarantined and show no ill effects from the pathogen.

The CDC is in direct contact with the WHOM investigators and has ruled out airborne pathogens at present. So there is no cause for fear of the disease spreading at present. It is also felt that this was an isolated incident.

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