2011 10 12 Kicking Sand

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Kicking Sand

Hydro-Man & Sandman

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Brooklyn Bridge

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Sandman takes down Hydro-Man


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-==[ Brooklyn Bridge - New York ]==-------——

For years after the Brooklyn Bridge was built, its towers were the tallest structures in the Western Hemisphere. That changed more than a century ago. What hasn't changed is that, despite decades and hurricanes and supervillains, the bridge is still standing, conducting automobile and pedestrian traffic back and forth between Brooklyn and Manhattan. Most of that's because the engineer who first designed it, John Roebling, planned it to be six times as strong as anyone thought it would ever have to be. John Roebling died during the construction, and most of the bridges of the era are long since gone, but the Brooklyn Bridge still stands - one of the most well-known landmarks in the United States.

An oversized Hydro-Man can be seen atop the traffic deck of the Brooklyn Bridge. He's wreaking havoc with innocent bystanders and yelling, "WHERE'S THAT PUTZ, SANDMAN?!? COME-ON, SHOW YER FACE WILL YA! WE GOTTA SCORE TO SETTLE!"

He's making it hard for the cars to pass since he's caused a traffic jam by overturning a few vehicles.

By 'oversized', Hydro-Man stands around 14 feet and seems larger than he normally is. He absorbed water from the river beneath and is ready for a fight.

A police and news helicopter are both orbiting the scene and radioing for backup, which is likely how Sandman could have heard of the disturbance.

Having heard through the proper Avengers channels about the idiot, Hydro-Man, making a big stink, Sandman arrives on the scene. Issuing commands to the police via his Avengers card to remain on the fight and work to protect any people on the bridge and cordoned off this section of the bridge, William Baker moves past the already set up barricade and arrives on the scene and literally blows as he shifts, his flesh giving way to grains of sand and spinning around move towards the center of the bridge, a disembodied voice ringing out, "Morris! Yer an idiot! Go home, ya loser!"

Turning, head, shoulders, then torso toward the Sandman. Hydro-Man smiles, "Bout time you showed up, ya jerkface!". It's then from behind Hydro-Man, an unoccupied sedan is lifted by emerging/shifting hands and thrown at the Sandman.

Still swirling about in a small localized sandstorm, the flying sedan hits the storm and seems to suddenly become immersed in sand and is tossed right back at the water manipulator, "Hey, Water Boy! 'Member what happened last time!" The sand comes together forming a giant face which speaks to Hydro-Man, "Ya tryin' to make me look bad to the news people and stuff! I don't think so, unless you want a sandy boot up yer watery ass, get the hell outta here!"

With a splash, the car is deflected off the side of the bridge. Hydro-Man smiles and says, "Yeah. I do remember. And guess what, I'm totally gonna make you pay for it too!" then he lunges toward Sandman, his larger frame producing a watery fist in the attempt to punch Sandman across the chops.

The sandface scatters as the fist comes towards it, some drops of water making contact with the sand and dropping bits of muddied sandwater onto the bridge. The scattered sand comes together and moves towards the poles holding the bridge up and begin to slink upwards, "You schmuck! Yer makin' a mess!" Four sand tentacles climb up the poles hoping to reach the top, "Ya wanna beat me, ya gotta catch me!"

This is where elongation comes into play. Hydro-Man can normally reach 30 feet, but with his added growth he can reach 50. He stretches upward toward the poles that Sandman climbs. Latching onto the pole, his watery self gains some needed distance and nearly catches up with Sandman's sandy wake. "Get back here. I'm gonna rearrange your face!"

Reaching up around the same time, as Hydro-Man reaches the top of the scaffolding holding the bridge, "Ok, now we got somethin'. Away from people and whatnot. Gotta think o' crap like dat being a hero and goodie-good and all that stuff." The four tentacles of sand reach out towards the center to come together and begin to form the more recognizable Sandman, "Ya wanna do this. Let's do it for real. You gonna hide behind your weak water self or do this shit like a man!" The vulgarity comes out as they are now out of earshot of anyone those the helicopters continue to circle them.

Hydro-Man realizes it's a mono-e-mono challenge and sees that powers are off the menu. He smiles and shrinks to normal size. As he does, a wash of water falls from the top of the bridge down onto bystanders and vehicles. He stands atop the bridge and grinds his right fist into his left palm. "Let's do this then." and will glady engage in a round of fistacuffs.

Alright then now fully flesh, William punches fist to another as he steps to the center of the pillar in which they stand. Cracking his knuckles and cracking his back as he moves forward, "Time to get yer ass kicked the old fashioned way…And ya know what, Bench! I'm gonna enjoy this." Nodding his head and gesturing for Hydro-Man to start this. He takes a defensive fighting stance, no particular style, just general stance.

After a brawl that lasted well over 10 minutes, one of the combatants is shown to come out ahead - Sandman. Atop the bridge, Hydro-Man lays stunned and mostly unconscious across a girder. He's down for the count and won't be getting back up anytime soon.

Below, the crowd cheers and police are on hand to receive the downed body of the Hydro-Man. The fight itself was grandiose and well laid out. Sandman truly revealed that he was the better hand to hand combatant and more resilient than Hydro-Man.

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